The Misfits, Series 1 Bios:

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Misfits/Main Characters (21)

Nina: The Curse of Windia Clint: Technobabble Extraordinare Alex: Prideful Incarnate Jason: A Wide Head of Grandeur Vernon: The Athletic One
Devin: The Hard, Devious Worker Dusty: Protecting the World one Power Bomb at a Time! Dan: Mr. Fixit and Al-Queda's Worst Enemy Paula: Possessor of Psychic Powers Goku: Champion of the Universe
Vegeta: The Prince of all Saiya-jin Heero: The Wing of Zero Hour Radditz: Seeker of His Brother's Approval Buu: The Strange Creature of Play and Joy #17: Deadly Cyborg, Motorcycle Rider Moreso
Piccolo: Protector of Life and Nature Dwayne: The People's Champion Steve: The Texas Rattlesnake Virgil: Struggling to Grow Teresa: Deliverer of Change
#18: Deadly Beauty and Shop-a-holic

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Secondary Characters (12)

Tertiary Characters (2)

Villains/Antagonists (1 Antagonist, 7 Villains)