Duke Nukem: A veteran of the Gulf War, former CIA agent, and currently a member of the EDF who is considered by many in the world and in the EDF to be the "Ultimate Alien Ass Kicker"! Jack Walker: A 13 year old, fresh young face to combat, but quick at learning the ropes. His outlook to alien combat is a fresh breath of air compared to the tried and true methods by Duke and most EDF personalle. Bubsy Bobcat: An unique, anthromorphic bobcat with wit, attitude, movie deals, tour-guide experience, and a sizable ego to boot. However he also has real experience combatting aliens and history-tampering vandels. Ami Mizuno: The Sailor Senshi of Water and Ice. She is the strategist of the Sailor Senshi, and although she is not the most combat-heavy of them, she can hold her own against many enemies with surprising fortitude. Higa Hakaisha: A man known only as THE "Shadow Warrior" to most, he seeks the final vengence against a former employer who turned back on his promises and tried to rule the world through corruption and monopoly. ESSence Margalan: The youngest son of a Triocladiar war hero of the Rigelatin conflicts. He seeks the truth about his father's final battles and his fate, and the true nature of both his older brother and queen. Ted Maldoras: A young demolition expert by official trade, but a powerful and skilled crime-fighting vigilante off the record working with a group of others to protect his home of Santa Monica from threats, human or NOT human. Lisa Bates: The rich young daughter of a fashion artist and a scientist, she inherits both her parents traits in spades, but also holds immense talent at fighting and leadership in her hands, leading a vast group of young crime-fighters. Cybanis Morgandos: The son of the first Cycloidian to die at Duke Nukem's hands, he has trained himself to face the Ultimate Alien Ass Kicker in combat one day, but must get to the bottom of a conspiracy by his own race to sully his name first. Christina Mitchell: A young and very energetic girl with immense physical strength and agility who likes to torment Triocladiar attempting to invade Los Angeles. She has a bigger record of crimes on her plate than Duke himself! Paula Polestar: A teenage psychic with prior experience fighting aliens herself. She feels she must do her part in saving the world yet again, even if others think it too dangerous for her to intervene. Lori Stephens: A shy, but extremely determined young lady with an unbreakable spirit, a firm belief in justice, and a very big stick! A great tragedy caused by the Triocladiar has forced her to show that even nice people can be deadly. Minako Aino: The de-facto leader of the Sailor Senshi, she is likely the most combat-experienced of all of them, and while she is generally nice and perky to her friends, she can be a deadly threat to her enemies to not be messed with! The Mysterious Lady": This mysterious lady's intentions are unknown, but she can only be trouble, judging by that smirk of overwhelming confidence she has on her face. Maken Shinkara: A young and very techno-savy woman who hides a dark share of secrets and losses, and a lot of grudges and dangerous ideas in her mind.


President William "Bill" Clinton Donald Harrison Palelenas Margalan George Broussard Stephen A. Hornback Jim Norwood Frank Maddin Stephen Cole Joe Siegler Lee Jackson Chuck Jones Keith Schuler Randall "Randy" S. Pitchford II Brian Martel Usagi Tsukino Rei Hino Makoto Kino Tensi-Yoka Haikaisha Tori Stevens Kristen Morrison Larry Cameron Anthony Reimos Katrina Anderson Jennifer Maldoras Edward Maldoras Victoria Bates Harold Bates Jesus Medina Marcus Collier Malkavion Margalan Kasey Shinkara Emilia F. Alcanett Drann Carnmothas Lisa Kitsana Popourri Vanpu Parrot Kain Seria Hasselbag Jamison-Michael Hasselbag Shiza Kanagusuk Wendy Wilkinson Mardock Hooper Samuel Largarris Tankanori Zilla, Emperor of the Darksiders Natsuken Zilla, Son of the Emperor Matei Haikaisha, The Dragon Emperor 'Hung Lo' Ion Zerman, Commander of the Predatar Kennith Fertang, Commander of the Anfaciar Baalo the Colossus, Commander of the Gultasimo Ramone Deggaris, Head Colonel of the LARD Hanomothas Morgandos, Father of Cybanis Malkavion Margalan, Father of ESSence Elektrovaren Markarano, 'King' of the Triocladiar Nethra Maboroshi, Princess of the Triocladiar Naferia Maboroshi, Queen of the Triocladiar