The Misfits: Series 1 - "The End of Mediocrity & The Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives"

Rating - PG13/R [Moderately-Frequent Bad Language, Moderate Violence, Occasional Sexual References]
Total Words so far: 325,795+
Total Parts so far: 12ish
Average Words/Part: 27,483+

Character Bios (Under Construction)

Prologue: (Complete!) [2,885 Words] [REVISED 6/4/14]
Prologue Powerlevels
Saga 1: Fate Begins Anew (Complete!) [41,168 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Saga 1 Powerlevels
 Part 1: Enter the Mantra (Complete!) [28,514 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13] (Shift-JIS font is needed to read the Japanese writing in this part)
 Part 2: A Rouge Cell of Problems (Complete!) [12,654 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13] (Shift-JIS font is needed to read the Japanese writing in this part)

Saga 2: Getting to Know Each Other (Complete!) [143,012 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Saga 2 Powerlevels
 Part 3: A Long Road Begins at Last (Complete!) [5,767 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 4: Training Until Our Heads Fall Off (Complete!) [13,041 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 5: The War of the Pranksters (Complete!) [8,245 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 6: We Will Never Forget... (Complete!) [36,780 Words] (WARNING: Major 9/11 References Galore!!) [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 7: Pissing the Depression Away (Complete!) [11,874 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 8: Piccolo's New Hobby (Complete!) [11,605 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 9: Weighted Clothing and Chicken McNuggets?! (Complete!) [29,187 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]
Part 10: Weak of Will, Strong of Mind (Complete!) [26,513 Words] [REVISED 11/8/13]

Saga 3: Meandering Along Our Way (In Progress) [138,731+ Words so far] [REVISED ?]
Saga 3 Powerlevels
 Part 11: Experiments, Discoveries and Artifacts (Complete!) [40,100 Words] [REVISED 11/9/13]
 Part 12: Repairs, Power Bombs and Secrets (In Progress) [98,631+ Words so far] [IN PROGRESS: 11/12/13]  
 Part 13: Shadow of the Monkey (Coming Soon)
 Part 14: Devin's Shocking Change! (Coming Soon)
 Part 15: Chaos Soars From Above (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)

Saga 4: The Demons of Pleasure (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: The Newest Threat to Mankind (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 5: The Trio of Terror (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: Ugly is as Ugly Does (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 6: Continuing Down the Road to Destiny (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: Being Prepared is an Oxymoron... (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 7: Finally a Vacation!... Or is It? (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: The Man of Many Deceits (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 8: The Tournament of Deceit (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: The Trap Springs (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 9: The Twenty-Third Hour? (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: Circles of Darkness (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 10: The Insurrection of Hell! (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: Hell on Earth Again?! (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)
Saga 11: The End of the Beginning... (Coming Soon)
 Part ?: Unison of Hope and Despair (Coming Soon)
 (More to Come...)