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Prologue: Destiny, Meet the Misfits

(August 28, 2001 A.D.; 2:25am EST; somewhere over California on an airplane)

The skies over California where mostly cloudy, mainly overcast, creating a haze of darkness in the air. Only few things could be detected by a person standing on the ground below. One such object in the sky would be an American made plane which looked much like any other from so far below. Its wing lights easily showed up in the sky to alert people and other planes in the air of its presence. No one would really think this plane is any different from other planes flying at this time. However they are not aware at the time that aboard this very plane are several occupants whose lives are about to change, and change the lives of all those around them, and then some.

Up and inside the plane itself, there was of course the normal cabin area in the middle of the plane, and then the first class in the back of the plane. 8 specific occupants where actually in the first class section. As we go inside, of course we know they are not the only ones in first class, but it is worth nothing that they are also in the front row.

'Why?' would one ask? Because one of the 8 in the front has won an important contest where he could take up to 7 friends with him on an all expense-paid, first class trip. And where was this trip going you ask?

"Man, how much longer do we have before we're at Japan?" asked one of them. We can't see what he looks like directly, but from his silhouette, we can tell he is roughly 6 feet and 4 inches, with a slightly wide head, and appearing to show the frames of a pair of glasses over his ears.

"Dude, calm down and shut up. We've still got roughly 12 hours or more." grumbled another kid sitting next to him, much smaller, about 5 feet and 8 inches, a bit round on the sides, and appearing to wear a small grey hooded-sweatshirt. He considered the taller kid to be his good friend despite his grumbling.

Another kid sat next to the taller of the two boys. This one appeared to be about 6 feet even, and was a decent amount round on the sides and front, and he appeared to be wearing headphones on his head. What he was listening to on those headphones were unknown to us, but he seemed to be doing it to ignore the people on his right, including the other two aforementioned boys.

Sitting next to him was yet another teenage boy, with a much less wide frame than the other boy, about the same minor amount of roundness as the other shorter kid, who was about 5 feet and 9 inches in height, and he was also wearing headphones, but again, we cannot tell what he is listening to at this time.

Further down the row next to him is a boy around the same height, but much thinner than the other aforementioned boys, and also appearing to be wearing glasses like the tallest boy, and with a closely shaved head, almost devoid of hair. He appears to be talking with yet another tall and somewhat round boy next to him. The taller of these two boys were 6 feet and 1 inch.

"That's actually a good idea. You oughtta keep practicing that move." the smaller kid said to his taller and slightly older friend.

"I wish I was doing better at it though. It's not easy to practice entire move sets of various WWE wrestlers when you're just starting out." the taller kid replied back, referencing a popular media form in the world.

"I just hope this trip will relieve some of the stress of school." the smaller kid replied.

"Yeah, like the stupid freshmen under the command of 'jackass'." the taller kid grumbled, not happy with a few select students from the school he, the smaller kid and all the others mentioned came from.

Back at the right end of the seats, next to the 5 foot and 8 inch boy in the hoodie was one other tall kid, about 6 feet and 2 inches, sitting in a lone seat right across the isle. He wasn't sitting there because he was an outcast from the others mentioned so far. Far from it, actually. He was using the seat to scope out the flight attendants coming around up front. And boy was he looking on good.

The smaller boy in the hoodie looked over to him, "Hey retard, are you still perving on the attendants?"

"Look at her, and tell me you couldn't." the taller boy replied back, pointing to a tightly dressed, red-headed flight attendant in her young 20s, about 5 feet and 7 inches, with a tight bosom and all the other good features.

The smaller boy looked over and replied, "Well yeah, I can see why you like her, but must you be so obvious?! You're gonna get burned again if you keep it up!"

"Well, I still don't see YOU with a girl either, so we're still even. Talk to me about this again when you actually pick up one." the taller boy replied back in a voice that feigned hurt.

"Whatever, you're never gonna get anywhere that way." the smaller boy said to the taller one, and ready to turn away from him in annoyance.

"Does she have an ass or what?" the tall one asked suddenly, ignoring his friend's last comment completely, and reigniting said friend's attention.

"Well yeah, I'm not denying that! I'm not gay, you know!" the small one replied, annoyed at how too blunt his friend was.

On the left side of the room, a similar lone seat rests. Sitting in this seat is the oddest looking of the whole eight friends. She is the only female of them, however standing at an abnormally tall height of 6 feet and 6 inches, it makes her taller than any woman on the whole plane, and most if not all of the men on the plane. Her figure is slender however, and similar to most attractive girls and woman, despite her abnormal tallness.

However her height is just the beginning of her abnormalness. By all truth of it all, if she had known where Japan was on the world map, she could've likely flown there on her own without boarding the plane with her friends, as told by the two large, purplish-black wings that easily reached down almost to the floor. The form of her shoulders from the back also made it appear she was wearing something almost like a shoulder-plate.

She did look attractive, at least for the most part, but her wings and height made people fear and shun her to an extent, and she had been a target of unwanted harassment at her school for her appearance. There had once been a time she had attempted to use a cloaked mantle of sorts to hide her wings from normal onlookers, but that had only lasted a few weeks and once the secret had come out, she felt like it was unnecessary to hide them anymore, in spite of the harassment and attention she received.

However, little did she or most of her friends realize, but the one tall kid with the wrestling obsession had been referring to that harassment as the reason he was so mad at the aforementioned freshmen from their high school. This was because he was in truth in a full crush with the girl. Only his friend with the glasses had known anything of the crush, but kept it between both him and his older friend since neither knew how the woman would react, nor did they want their other younger friends taunting him about it or tattling to her.

The girl had however been listening with her semi-sensitive ears at the antics of the tall boy in the lone seat at the end of the row, and the small boy in the hoodie, and as she heard them, mostly the taller one, blabbing something new about the flight attendant, anyone looking at her would've now see one of her eyes visibly twitching. She had gotten a little used to it by now, but it annoyed her nonetheless.

Oh no they didn't.... she grumbled to her self mentally. She looked at both of them tensely, and the wrestling-obsessed boy had caught her glare out of the corner of his eye. He sighed inwardly with relief when he realized he wasn't the target.

But soon he realized who was as he saw the girl grumble, "Hokaku!1" as two greenish beams snaked from her hands, one each aimed at the two boys.

The wrestling-obsessed boy, as well as anyone else who saw the beam go past them, watched in a combination of amusement and personal relief as the boy in the hoodie and the taller, lecherous boy where hit, and suddenly begin to get smaller in size, shrinking down to about the size of mice!

"What the hell?!" asked the taller boy.

"Aw shit! Smooth move, 'Abercrombie and Bitch'!" the hoodie-wearing kid replied with a mocking anger.

"Hey, if you two don't knock it off, I'll might decide to keep you that way, and maybe I'll even feed you to Oscar!" the winged girl grumbled, referring to a cat she kept at her home, but not really intending on doing it, only saying this to scare the two boys.

The taller boy went slightly white, and the hoodie-wearing boy grumbled obscenities at the taller one for his idiocy and getting them both shrunk again. Apparently the girl had used the power on them before.

The taller, more round kid with the headphones near them took them off and spoke to his two shrunken compatriots, smirking, "What did you do this time, you clowns?", although he had mostly been directing it at the smaller kid in the hoodie.

"Shut up, fatty! I didn't ask for your comment!" the shrunken, hoodie-wearing kid spoke back in anger, in what to the other kid sounded like a chipmunkish voice.

The smaller kid with the headphones just sighed to himself, not bothering to speak out loud and instead just thought to himself, Not again... when will those two learn not to piss her off?

(Unknown Date; Unknown Time; Unknown Location)

The unholy cathedral glimmered with evil energies as a strange figure in a long blackish red robe with it's own hood walked up the steps. His robe was inscribed with demonic writings and runes, and underneath his head, his face, human in appearance, but devilishly evil, snickered in approval. Apparently things were going according to plan. Whatever that meant...

He entered through an archway into a room full of what appeared to be Hell-born horrors. Undead, zombie-like creatures, skeletons of many different types of creatures, demons of large and small sizes, and other evil spirits and unexplainable apparitions alike were crowded around an alter, on which sat a large silhouette on a throne. He was around 10 feet in height, and easily their most powerful. The man in the long robe walked all the way up to the alter, and kneeled in front of it and its occupant.

"My lord, your plan is working excellently. They are on their way to the nexus point. They should arrive there within another 10 to 15 hours. Once they are assembled there, the restabilization of the worlds should finally begin once again. Your enemies' attempts to stop you will finally be undone!" the robed man spoke up.

The giant-looking figure on the alter, still in a shadow as black as night, began to arise from his throne, as his eyes glowed a bright and unearthly red, striking fear into any normal creature with ease. His body's outline was also revealed by the burning white-flaming aura around his body, giving off such heat mere mortals would melt into puddles by even being within miles of. Despite this though, his body will still black as night.

"Excellent, my loyal follower. It will only be a matter of time before this Hell of a prison is rendered useless to me. Then I will wage my original campaign. I will show my brother who is truly the wiser among us, as he sees his... no... OUR universe crumble before him at my power." the figure of their master spoke up. Although his voice was loud, it was a naturally loud boom instead of an actual attempt at a scream or yell. The voice would easily unsettle even a braver soul who was near it.

At this, the many demons, spirits, undead, and the 'follower' in the robes began to cheer and dance as most bloodthirsty creatures did in anticipation of blood and violence. They could taste it already. Blood, power, killing, torture, combat, and annihilation where their goals, and they would not be stopped, as no being in the universe could imagine what they were capable of, or of what they were preparing for. When the leader of the demons had said "Hell of a prison", he had literally meant "Hell", as that were where he had been imprisoned.

Cocytus, the center of Hell was not considered a pretty place by far, for not even Lucifer, the supposed "Satan" of biblical mythology had ever imagined the center of Hell would've been this desolate. The skies literally rained the blood of the damned and those unlucky enough to be unworthy of the demonlord, staining the ground and making giant, flesh-like carnivorous plants grow from the ground on the little soil that could grow. The blue-hot lava flows stained the landscape like scars that could never heal. And even the lava itself could occasionally give birth to demons of the molten flames called "Chthonites".

Yet another ironic property of Hell was that climates in various sections where vastly different. Most humans would've never imagined that the very heart of Hell, where the temple of the demonlord stood could've been erected of ice and snow, a vast contrast to the rest of Hell2. Only few, such as the human poet Durante degli Alighieri3 would have any idea how true their theories or stories really were. The demonlord's power over the climate was not to be denied, he himself having personally commanded the atmosphere to create a vast mountain of ice and snow for the temple to lie on.

The demonlord walked back into his personal chambers, and sat down on the floor, in a cross-legged position, much like masters of Buddha and Zen would do, and began to meditate in a similar fashion to the same so-called 'religions'.

He thought heavily to himself, ~My minions are extremely pleased phase one is almost over, and even my newest and more powerful recruits seem eager to exact vengeance on the mortals that destroyed them long ago. But why do I have a feeling my brother has yet to show his final trump card? Does he really expect that any mere mortal can defeat me?! Preposterous! My brother and I are equally the most powerful beings in all of known existence! The only difference between us is that I'm evil, and he is good, and good is stupid, and too honorable to break their own rules. Then again, perhaps this can't hold completely true. My brother DID banish me to this 'Hell' with no real reason. However that was all I needed to be convinced... REALITY MUST BE PURGED. I MUST SHOW THAT IDIOT THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS! I TRIED TO WARN HIM OF THE APPROACHING DISASTER, BUT HE SHRUGGED IT OFF LIKE THE OVERCONFIDENT "GOD" HE THINKS HE IS.~

Not able to take the thoughts of his brother anymore the Demonlord opened his eyes with a feral scream that easily shook the entire foundation of not only Hell's heart, but the quakes of his anger would easily reach the outer borders of Hell. Any other occupants there would more than likely be in fear and awe of the energies he gave out.

~Just as they should be. Just as ANYONE should be. I will show them all! My brother and his pet mortals will pay for this, all of them with their lives! Just they wait!! Not even the greatest heroes of all the shattered, soon-to-be reunited universes combined will even be able to scratch me! My brother's plan to keep me here is about to shatter, and it's all because of his own precious mortals and their sins, faults and desires!~

He then floated upwards, out of his own personal chambers, placing himself on the top spire of his temple, as he looked out over the entirety of Hell, even places his other generals and minions would never be able to see from the same position.


He then calmed down, and spoke under his breath, his last words a tone of haunting, "For even YOU will be next..."


1 Hokaku - Basically means "shrink" or "reduce" in Japanese. :o

2 I kinda look at Dante's Inferno for inspiration of the center of Hell, and the whole "nine rings" thing. :P

3 "Durante degli Alighieri" is "Dante" of "Dante's Inferno" for those people who have poor biblical history or just didn't know. >.>

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