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9/7/07: Alright, still no full update for Part 12 yet, however I am now introducing the Links section of the site. This will be a gateway to other sites in someway linked to the aspects and media forms included in the Misfits, or other friends of mine or other fanfiction stories of interest. Within this section we also now have a linking banner for anyone who wants to link to us on their own site (please, do... :P).

The first banner I have made... some possible allusions to what is to come for our heroes may be seen on this one. <_<

9/5/07: Another bit of filler for Part 12 :P

9/2/07: A little bit of filler somewhat related to the latter-half of Part 12 [which is still in progress]...

8/29/07: It's now the 6th anniversary of Misfits. Yeah, SIX years and I've made not a huge amount of progress. Yes it's embarrassing indeed. >_<

However, I will let you all know that I have been working on getting Part 12 done since the 20th and I have also done some revising to the earlier parts of Misfits. In other words, although progress is going slow, at least I am TRYING again to get somewhere. If you want to read what I've written so far of Part 12, go to the Series 1 section and find the hidden link for Part 12, and you'll be able to keep up with what I've been doing. I've also been listing the dates of changes to a part, or new additions, so they will indicate when something has updated.

Yeah, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY Devin will finally have a computer again soon, and it might somewhat help speed things up. It'd be nice of Alex also pitched in more, but he's a little more busy with work nowadays and stuff, so I won't pressure him right now. :P

5/11/07: Sadly no major story notes to point out. However:


I have made a Misfits' desktop, featuring Nina, aka "The Prime Misfit", as is indicated in her bio. This background/desktop is in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x960 sizes. Enjoy. :P

Disclaimer: I did not make the pictures in this desktop[except the Misfits symbol]. The pictures are by an artist named Mysterious Tree who allowed me to put these up after I showed the original version to him. >.> Thank him, not me for the Nina pictures. I just put them together into the desktop. <.<

5/4/07: Part 12 is moving along slowly, but it's still not done yet. However, I have added a "Credits" section to the sidebar. :P

2/12/07: Sadly, STILL there is no update to the actual story as of yet. >.< You can blame Alex, Devin and their insistence on my getting back into WoW for a small amount of it, and the rest of it on other miscellaneous crap, like Naferia's Reign's RETURN. However, I have recently done a total word count on Misfits[the stuff I have rewritten in the recent year or two], totalling over 215,000 words for 11 and a half parts worth of work. In all honesty, this is considered to be a novel-sized story when stacked up against a lot of the complete fanfictions I have read, which usually top out at 60k to 110k words for 30+ chapters. In otherwords, when/if Series 1 of Misfits is ever completed, it will be a farggin' monster of a story to read for the viewers, but I figured I'd do it for the sake of people who want to know more actual word counts. :P

If nothing else, I hope for more bio updates, including Devin, Dusty, Dan, Goku and maybe Vegeta's bios being done up to the current point. I feel that is the true roadblock preventing me from continuing, in that I want things there to be as updated as I can get them, and yet not getting yet the will to finish the bios. :\

1/1/07: Happy New Years '07! Stay tuned for more actual updates (hopefully) soon! :P

12/16/06: Man I feel so horrible for letting things go this long without an update[nearly a freakin' year?! >:(]. I think it's time I set myself straight for the time being.

First things first: if you haven't figured it out, never shut down. Although I don't believe the petition below was ever shown to ZXD's mother, appearantly he improved enough that she rescinded her previous threat, thus the server, and the Misfits site live on. Yay. :P Second thing: the story itself. As per usual, I haven't don't an immense amout of work with the main story, but I have been trying to get back into the fold by working on a new index and bios for Series 1 as I have written so far. I have also made improvements to parts 3 and 4 here and there, and also fixing up other errors I've spotted. There is no longer a link to the older Series 1. The link in the sidebar now takes you to the current rewrite's index, as not to confuse newcomers to death. Sorry for the lack of enthusasim, but I assure you I'm not dead yet, nor is the story. :P

12/18/05: I have encounter a problem for the site, and it's not just involving me, but my friend and fellow owner of the server, Ian M. Burton, alais Zero X. Diamond. His mother has appearantly freaked out about something concerning a progress report from his school, and is threatening to pull the plug on funding the website. According to ZXD, she's even threatening to prevent him from paying for it on his own will if he manages to get the money himself, which is unfair enough. I know it sounds like a semi-suitable punishment, except that ZXD has brought home less than desirable progress reports before and has only been grounded for a time because it. This situation has cross the line in both our opinions.

Now, here's where anyone who comes here can help. If you want to keep and especially Misfits afloat(well, Misfits could live on anyways, but I REALLY REALLY don't feel like going back to some crappy server like Angelfire, etc anytime soon and dealing with visible ads), please go to the link below and sign the "Save Petition."

I know you might say "Petitions never work!", but we're not doing this to send into a company, this is going to be shown to ZXD's mother to try to prove how much people actually give a crap about the server. And neither of us are really in the mood to go down without a fight, so help out and do something please! >.>

11/11/05: Okay, here's the deal. In the many years Misfits has been around(4 anyways?) I have found fans in both local and non-local communities, and Devin, Alex and even Vernon at some point or another have gathered each at least 1 or 2 fans(Devin has the record of the three though, if any of you three are keeping count :P) The counter at the top left of the main page has gone over 5,000 hits to the site(and probably more, since the counter first came up around November 2003 and the site started in mid-late 2001). I have also tried to show Misfits around in other places, with varying degrees of success, but there has been one thing I have not been happy about, although in some ways I might be a bit responsible for not providing the site-viewers much of a means to do this: I NEED FREAKIN' REVIEWS. I cannot seem to for the life of me get WRITTEN reviews from the people on the other sites I have posted Misfits on, this includes for one. As I mentioned yesterday, I started putting Misfits on DeviantArt. This is out of some hope I might get more people and maybe a stray review or two.

Now you site viewers might be wondering "Where do WE come into this? You said you haven't been focused on giving us a way." Well, now you have a way(although possibly a primitive one) to give reviews. However I also want questions for the future "FAQ" section, or for something along the lines of the "Foamy Fanmail" series from Yes, I am a fan of Foamy and Neurotically Yours. Although it's more of a recent thing, Alex and Devin got me into it. Now you'll notice the NEWS page has guestbook logos. Why the NEWS page? Because I begin to wonder how many people look through the sidebar lately. Also, it's because Bravenet is the provider of the guestbook(they also provide the counter, for those who don't really pay attention. Because of this, I made my own custom buttons for accessing the guestbook.

Just so you know what all is on these buttons: Piccolo "going nuts" and a Misfits symbol on the main button, and Pilz-e from Neurotically Yours with the Misfits symbol on the second button. Mind you, for the last one, this doesn't say anything to the extent of that we might use the NY characters in Misfits. It's more out of advertising of IWP than Misfits related. The logo is just there to identify the logo as being made by me. :P

Finally: I'm gonna advertise for someone else: Seijimei, a fellow alt-universe fic writer at In my opinion, his best story at the moment is "The 18th", an alternate DB-reality where Juuhachigou[#18] is the main hero instead of Goku(although Goku does still exist, but in a different way), among many changes. It might sound strange or 'dopey' to some of you, but I will say to give it a chance before you skip it fully. :P

Oh and finally, if you didn't see it on the resolution-selection page, you might want to go back to see the crazy Vegeta dance gif. Somehow when I first saw this, it reminded me of Misfits, so I put it over there as a teaser. XD

11/10/05: New Logo at last! I also got a logo like this set for my posts of Misfits on DeviantArt. Yes you heard right, I'm actually gonna try to put it up on there for them to look at. Any means of expanding the empire of the Misfits is well needed on all fronts. :P

11/09/05: I have started the rewrite of Saga 3. Part 11 is ready, along with the format change and footnotes. :P

Part 11: Experiments, Discoveries and Artifacts (WARNING: this is the longest part so far, so be prepared for some reading)

10/28/05: All of the rewritten stuff has gone through a format change. In other words, no more semi-large blocks of text. Also, there are now footnotes in each saga at the bottom, along with links to the previous/next saga.

10/23/05: Bleh, sorry if the casual viewers might have been lately left with the impression that I haven't done anything for about 3 and a half months, but I'm here to finally prove you wrong :P

Prologue: Destiny Meet The Misfits
Part 1: Enter the Mantra
Part 2: A Rouge Cell of Problems
Part 3: A Long Road Begins at Last
Part 4: Training Until Our Heads Fall Off
Part 5: The War of the Pranksters
Part 6: We Will Never Forget (WARNING: 9-11 Material/Retelling, etc >_>)
Part 7: Pissing the Depression Away
Part 8: Piccolo's New Hobby
Part 9: Weighted Clothing, and Chicken McNuggets
Part 10: Weak of Will, Strong of Mind

The original reason I never updated the news with mention of this is because these parts are obviously much-needed rewrites of series 1's earlier sagas, stuff that comes BEFORE Alexmus and the Deltaquest saga. Sadly, with all the new crap established in these rewritten chapters, there's probably going to be rewrites of stuff Alexmus and later, but it will all be written in perfect order, so hopefully we'll never have the rewrite blues plaguing us again after all of this is finally said and done. -_-; Further, be advised, Part 6 is very important to read now, as it now describes an event I'm sure we don't want to have to remember, but one we will never forget.

WARNING for Younger-viewers/School-surfers: The new rewrite is completely uncensored, and there are many times characters will curse, especially in parts 6 and 10. Sorry, but I don't have the time to make an censored version right now. :P

7/2/05: Added support for multiple resolutions for the site at last. These are all based off the resolutions of my own monitor, so anything higher than 1280x1024 is not supported. Hopefully I will have actually content for the story to put up soon.... yeah... um... >_> <_< *runs*

5/14/04: Another new section, the "Power Types/Elements" section, has been added. This gives some better insight on the mystical power types used in Misfits, along with all the elements various attacks use. Also, there are some more additions and improvements to the Techniques section. Hopefully soon I'll be back on writing again, but I wanted to make sure I got all this other stuff ready so I don't clog myself with it later on when I got so much more done.

1/13/04: My 20th birthday was yesterday, and Vernon's first day of college as well. Also, on Friday I will be over to see Alex again for the first time in almost a full year. Hopefully he won't be too crazy about things. I heard DBZ Budokai 2 is good, so I plan to have some time with it over there. Later for now.

1/5/04: Moved several year old or more entries to the archive. Also some old updates were revised. I'm taking down a few of the Misfit Radio thingies, especially mine because they are both too large, and out of date now. There's really not much point to them being here. Alex's interviews with Dr. Evil, and the skit with him and Jason are still here though. Refer to the archives to find the links to those.

1/4/04: I am back on Cable again, so any future updates will be easy to add, etc. My NEW e-mail is

10/6/03: Sorry for lack of updates for almost 5 months. Summer's been a bit on the hectic side. Still trying to find a job, blah blah blah. Anyways, there's not much changes in this update. However I will mention that I've changed the location of the hotspot in the title picture to activate the old-school Sidebar[the one with spoilers galore], and I have also changed some other little things. I did get rid of some music, since the webmaster of the server[Zero X. Diamond] told me resources were low. I recently added 3 more music tracks, but they are gothic-based ambient musics from an FPS we either love or hate[not Doom, Alex :P]. Anyways, I will try my best to get some other stuff up here, maybe even update the current character bio section. See you later all.

5/28/03: Bah, it's almost the end of May. Anyways, I have news to give to you all: 

First order of business[and so he doesn't keep asking me to do it]: Alex is pretty much all finished up at CSHS now. He's actually feeling the way I did, a little weary that he's finally about to finish school once and for all. Jason ended his year early apparently according to Alex, James left early in the year to I believe Timken or McKinley. Richie's fate is totally unknown. However according to Alex, Virgil is still at CSHS and kicking. He's still being made fun of like last year, but he's apparently got one more year at CSHS. Ahem... anyways Virgil, if you are reading this: you are the last of us Real Misfits left in CSHS. Carry on the tradition of us, my brother in arms, and don't fret... your time to shine will likely come. Anyways, Alex is out... he's planning a get together party in July and I'm considering going to it, so I may remeet with him, Vernon, Jason, and maybe Devin as well. As for Dan, he's okay as far as I can tell. I'd go far to say out of all safe places to be in the war, I'd rather be in the Navy and on the carriers, like he is, so chances are that he himself has seen little action.

As for the final order of business: my family's cable is out for an indefinite time. My e-mail is down due to this too, and I can't view it. I CAN connect to the net, like I am this second, but only through dial-up, and I have only one phone line. So if you know me through AIM, just be told that I won't be on it as constantly in the day anymore, and that I can't view any mail you send. However in all of this, it may actually get be back into my writing routine in general. WOTO... Misfits... and now TMOG[The Magic of Green]... At least EB Doom's updated to 6.55 as of recently, so I won't be working on it for a good while, especially since my lack of cable cripples both my DL and UL speeds[and EB Doom is 18-23 MB zipped and takes too long on a 33.6 :P]

Anyways, thanks for viewing and being patient. Anyways... later and peace out. - Lord Misfit

4/4/03: One month later, things have gone a bit nutty. The War in Iraq started late on the 19th of March, and I just got word from Alex days ago that one of our very own is involved in the fighting. Yes, a fellow Misfit, Dan Laubacher is involved in the action. He's down on one of the aircraft carriers in the Gulf, working for the Navy. Hopefully he comes back in one piece, but he really should just use a curse on Saddam that makes his head shrink little by little when he tells a lie or releases a pre-recorded tape from times before the war. :P

Unfortunately, I've had little time to work on Misfits itself at this time, and I will try to find spurts in my work schedule to do so. :\


Okay everyone. Now, Misfits isn't going down or anything, it's not necessarily 'bad' news I got, but more of a change to the site: If you're looking around the sidebar and noticing the lack of many of the links, look no more: I'm reducing public access to any information that's beyond the current point in Misfits[Series 1, Part 28], and am going to try it this way so hopefully it'll motivate me more to write Misfits faster, and also so the newbies don't learn ahead of the future. Alex is aware of this already, and I told him I'm simply taking links down to these places of the older info, not deleting them off the server, so if you want to see the old information, I'll tell you that there is a link hidden on this news page that will reopen the old sidebar, but you must find it yourself, and you must NOT tell newbies of it: :P

1/27/03: Not a great amount of updating in the last weeks since my BDay passed and I got other games to test out[yes, Misfits is far from my only project in life and is not truthfully top priority either], but I have recently did some small updating. Virgil's Phone # was recently given to me by Alex and added to the FAQ section, almost 20 more techniques added between the two pages, an "Other Characters" Bio page has been added for special but non-Misfit characters that are essential to the story[or there for the sake of completion]. Also, small updates on various bios added[no backstorys].

Also, finally... a fair warning to people who are not easy around Java[Alex seems to be included since the page doesn't always load sometimes for him], if you look right above the main window you may see a new little vertical news ticker I recently added in. This will be used when I needed to make littler updates and to also allow quicker linking to the updated sections. I may consider adding even more Java stuff[like the clock you may or may not have noticed, and of course, the counter which somewhat runs on Java for an odd reason], so if you aren't supportative of Java, too bad... you'll be missing out on a few things. Nothing serious, but I'm considering making a Java version of the sidebar for easier traveling around the site.

1/3/03, Update 1: The Archives Section Is Up Now. It now has all news over a year old[as in this case, anything older than 1/4/02], so I can trim down the main news page but still keep the old updates for you all that are new or care enough to look at. Laterz. :P

1/2/03: Happy New Year All!

BTW, There Will Be an Archive Section Soon, so some of these old news bits will be moved there.

12/24/02: Quick Update With Some New Radios Things From Alex, Of Him 'Interviewing' Dr. Evil and Scott Evil:
No 1.
No 2.

12/23/02: Sigh... Christmas rapidly approaching... Anyways... for the last two nights, I've been doing some major updating on the Powerlevels section. Now I have added some descriptions for each powerlevel snippet, explaining the fights and why certain powerlevels are the way they are. Also, I've deleted all Powerlevels after the beginning of Series 1, because now I feel that I will only reveal those powerlevels as time goes by and more of the story itself is offically rewriten, as to not give bogus levels for later and not so planned sagas. Anyways, there are a lot of new descriptions, and even some EB powerlevels that are based on my speculation in there. See ya later. ;D

11/18/02, Update 2: Alex asked me to put up an old MP3 piece of media that he and Jason made 2 years ago. It is both of them, acting like they're on the radio. BE WARNED: LOTS of explict and suggestive themes. It was said Alex and Jason were high during its making: Very Very Funny

11/18/02, Update 1: Got a major content update, most of it courtesy of Alex and his position in Mr. Bergert's photography class this year. Alex has sent me an abundance of both photos AND small 15 second movies from school. I've decided to put a lot of these up since CSHS is a central Earth location of Misfits, and is the main place we all met. Oh, and because Mr. Bergert and Alex themselves are seen in a few. In the movies, ALEX is the one documenting, and there's even one where he has the camera pointed on himself, blabbing something about lunch. :P

Pic 1: Mr. Bergert looking back and laughing at someone off screen.
Pic 2: Picture of part of the Art room and Mr. Bergert's assistant teacher
Pic 3: Another picture of the art room with a friend of Alex's in the front, Rob
Pic 4: A picture of CSHS's wood tech room. :P
Pic 5: Mr. Bergert helping two of his students on something. I don't know what because I'm not there this year. :P
Pic 6: Another Picture of the Wood Tech
Pic 7: Another Art Room Picture. Mr. Bergert is in the back too and a little hard to see.
Pic 8: A final Wood Tech pic. Don't ask why. Alex took these. I'm just putting them here for all to see :P
Pic 9: A picture of Alex's friend Drew Kent in CSHS's lunch room.
Pic 10: Eric, another friend of Alex's that we both knew from last year. Still in Lunch.
Pic 11: Random Picture of one of the lunchroom exits. No one Alex said was worth mentioning in this :P
Pic 12: Another random pic of the other exit of the lunchroom. No one particular is in this, although the guy on the right most part of the pic with his arms over his mouth reminds me of Vernon. :P
Pic 13: Another lunchroom picture of Drew with who Alex says is his girlfriend, Jackie, on the right.
Pic 14: Another Random pic of our Coca-Cola machines in the Lunchroom
Pic 15: Marcus, Alex's friend, at his computer, the psychology room
Pic 16: Nicole Tinlin at her computer in the psychology room.

Movies[.MPG format in Media Player only]
Movie 1: Alex looking into his psychology class again, blabbing about craziness. :D (00:15)
Movie 2: Alex at very close zoom... um, too close... sorta a goofed up movie not meant to happen, as I really don't wanna look inside his nose. :P (00:15)
Movie 3: Alex again, doing that skit again with better zoom out, blabbing about not getting his lunch, ;P (00:15)
Movie 4: Alex talking to Mr. Bergert and talking about the "three laziest guys in the school" :D (00:15)
Movie 5: Movie with Drew and Jackie and shots of the Lunch Room (00:15)
Movie 6: More Lunch Room Stuff. Some suggestive crap in this :Todd Patternson does some of the commentary here. P (00:15)
Movie 7: Even more stuff, and a friend who's name Alex doesn't even know :P (00:15)
Movie 8: Continuation of Movie 7. Dragonball is mentioned, as well as a "fat kid" in the lunchroom. (00:15)
Movie 9: A accquintance of Alex being crazy. Some obsene gestures are within, so be warned :P (00:12) 
(WARNING: if anyone is viewing the site from school, Movie 9 is not to be clicked on in the middle of class, as it has scenes of flipping the bird, etc. I don't want anyone getting into trouble with this because I lacked to put a warning here :P)

10/6/02, Update 1: Done ever more upgrades to the layout of the front page, including a new "Jukebox" section in celebration of the move to, as it allows MP3s. There are 5 MP3s in the Jukebox bar. Be warned, it might take many minutes for a theme to play, or it may not even want to load some songs. It depends on the mood of the site, I guess. :P

8/23/02 Update 2: Fixed up some crap with the IFrame and did some touch ups for people[including Alex], who constantly griped and complained about having to scroll the window and IFrames to properly view the pages. This should be fixed now on most sections, except the story parts themselves. :P

8/23/02 Update 1: Oi, I know that it's been over 3 months. Not much has happened in Misfits because EB Doom's been my central focus of attention all summer. But IT has progressed far in comparison to last year and what it was like. Anyways, like with the EB Doom site, I have decided for the sake of getting out of the grip of the terrorfying ads, to move Misfits to as well, so for now on, go here and not to the Angelfire site[I'll be putting up a redirector on the site there soon]. Also, I am again planning to touch up the site and crap, so keep your pants on people. :P

In other news, Alex, Jason, Virgil, James, Richie and Stacey returned to CSHS yesterday. I, Vernon, Devin and Dan don't have to go back now[unless we stop by there for visits], so this year school won't get in the way, but I may be getting a job soon so I might end up with a replacement for an annoyance like school, so be warned, but I expect it'll just be more time consuming than hard if I get it.

5/4/02 Update 1: Many Updates made to various sections.

3/23/02 Update 1: Alex, James, I re-added the forums so Alex can finally stop complaining about it :P

3/22/02 Update 1: Some little things changed for the moment. I changed the BGM again to a theme that all us original Misfits believe fits the group well. I will be adding more things over time again, so keep in touch. Oh, and I forgot to put the link to the Misfits RPG last time. So go to: [missing link]. And finally a slightly sad note: is gone now due to financial troubles, so I hope the former staff the best there. In it's place is Maybe it'll become a good site in the future. PN's forums seen to have transferred to SON's are, so if you used to post there, SON is now the place to go. :P Also, I'd like you all to get a load of this pic of me, Alex and Stacey from our field trip last week >:). Me, Stacey and Alex are all on the very left. Alex is the one in the wheelchair[even though he doesn't really need it, and is just being his usual lazy self :P], and I'm the one behind him, and Stacey is to the left of us both.

3/1/02 Update 1: "Where has Misfit been?!" Asks many of you. Well, not much story wise has happened lately, but instead you might remember the 12/6/01 Update when I put up RM2K Charasets of the original Misfits and Lord Minion. Well, I'm adding the "Misfits Generation" RM2K game page, as that has been the focus of my last 6 weeks of Misfits-related work[and there is a lot to see, as you will find out when you check the page].

1/12/02 Update 1: Today is me 18th birthday. Yay! :P Anyways, you may have noticed the new background music by System of a Down. This music is in dedication to Alex and Devin[who is currently over at Alex's house as I type this], for really staying on par with Misfits(although I tend to lack at actual writing a lot), and thanks for the support, blah blah blah... :P

1/11/02 Update 1: The Front Page has undergone more facelifts, and now a scrollable frame with the sidebar is above the main window of the site.

1/9/02 Update 2: More HTML code work. You may now have noticed the ads of Angelfire are absent. Well, I won't say HOW I did it, but I will give you a clue: the ads are still on the page, but you just can't SEE them. ;) Also, I have changed the link to the powerlevels section, and you will now be taken to a pliminary new powerlevels chart, where you can compare two characters, much like the ones at, except I do not use bars, but actual numbers to display my powerlevels. Also in case you haven't noticed, the format for the tables in the various information sections came from as well, and both of the mentioned sites are to be credited for their ideas, so they don't come here and maybe try to take my head off with an axe. :P

1/9/02 Update 1: I've updated the format of the front page. Now when you click a link, it'll now open a window in the right table of the front page.

12/14/01 Update 1: Mostly just announcing the arrival of the Forums. Yes, it's EZBoard, but I've had experience with them, so if you don't like it, deal with it, or don't use it. :P Also, the sidebar now has counts of various things, like how many questions are currently in the FAQ, etc.

12/6/01 Update 1: Just putting up some sample charasets for RM2K in my Misfits game in RM2K Charasets section.

10/18/01: "FAQ" added.

10/17/01 Update 2: "What is the Misfits?", and "Thanks..." sections added.

10/17/01 Update 1: This is the first main page for the Misfits, and I'm trying a new front page format. No links are up yet, so come back later to find those.