Power Types

 Power Types: There are four primary types of "Mystical" energy in the story of Misfits. Most Dragonball fans will recognize the most common of the four is "Ki", which is the primary basis of the Z warriors energy attacks. However Ki is by no means the ultimate type of power. There are other forms of energy that are not created in the same manner as ki. Babidi was infamous for using "Magic" to charm his minions, and to gain control over them, along with strengthening their own powers as a bonus. It was also "Magic" that is responsible for creating Majin Buu in the first place, and his sealing away a billion years ago. Yet even further, "PK", or psychokenetic energy, exists as well, being a much more powerful level of simple telekinesis and other mental/supernatural powers. Some Z Villains and characters knew telekenesis and telepathy. In fact, Bardock, Goku's own father, had the power to see visions of his doomed future, which are another variant of PK. Whether if all of the instances of villains lifting whole mountains were through PK or Ki, it is still confirmed psychic abilties are seperate from both ki and magic. Also, what about the oddball powers, such as Shunkan Idou, or Taiyoken, which do not manipulate Ki, or Magic and PK as well? It is believed a FOURTH type of mystical power, Sugemo, exists. Sugemo is considered to be the most mysterious of the four types of mystic power, and few know how to use it. Also, these mystical power types ignore attacks of the other types, and they have their own seperate powerlevels: BPL for Ki, PPL for PK, MPL for Magic, and SPL for Sugemo, thus adding more variety to the Misfits, making it that the common Z Warrior of great power may not necessarily have all of his or her battles in the bag, if they would face a user of opposite power types. More about the power types are below.

Power Type Information
Type: Body/Soul
Other Names: Spiritual Energy, Chi
Usual Form: A Field of Energy Surrounds the User
Alternate Forms: Can be used in many of the Z/Misfit fighters attacks, can be used to sense other living beings

Ki is the basic form of attack most characters in Misfits use. It is also known as chi or 'spiritual energy' emitted from a lifeform. Due to this, it somewhat serves as a life force. The stronger a ki, the stronger a person's inner soul is told to be. It can be noticed with a field of energy[it also depends on the person's strength, as most humans/Namekians have white energy, whereas super-saiyans have golden ki. Some characters even have their own unique Ki field colors depending on the situations.

Ki Attacks
A ki attack is an energy beam, or ball, which is made by the attacker. The different attacks require different techniques to do. Most of them require great concentration, and arm movements which are very complicated. Different warriors tend to have their own signature attacks, such as the Kamehameha, Kaioken, Genki Dama, Masenko, etc. The attacks can be used in battle, or be used to boost yourself up as you fall to the ground, should that scenario ever arise. ki can be used to dry off clothes, light fires, emit heat, and other things along those lines. To use a ki attack, you first must gather energy, and the more powerful you are, the faster you can do it. There are some downsides of ki usage: you cannot usually form elemental attacks with Ki alone, and most ki attacks are of the 'Typeless' element, which is non-elemental. Ki attacks cannot block or interact with PK, Magic or Sugemo attacks unless the attacker's move has Ki in it as well. This also works in reverse[in other words, a Kamehameha cannot block or interact with a PK Starstorm attack, or an Blizzara spell, for instance, unless those latter attacks have ki in them].

Sensing Ki
Some people can sense ki without the use of any high-tech equipment. They close their eyes, look in the general direction of the power that they hope to sense, and try their best to feel it out. To sense the power, they must be searching for the approximate range that the power would go in, because if they search too high for example, they wouldn't be able to sense people with low power levels, such as people near to death.  This is the primary requisite of many warriors, as they can sense how strong their opponents are. The problem with this is that you can't get the exact power, but can usually tell whether it is stronger, or weaker than your own though. The advantage is that it doesn't cost anything, unlike the expensive scouters. Using this method, they can dodge enemy attacks by sensing for their ki. Most humans, and Earthlings can use this skill, as can Vegeta, as he learned it from them. Most of the evil people are unable to use this ability though, because no one has taught it them, or they haven't picked up on it. Other downsides to sensing ki are that if the target moves at such speeds, their energy trail thins out to the point of being undetectable, even with sensing.

This is another way of reading ki levels. The scouter can measure the exact power level of anyone. All you have to do is focus it onto someone, and press a few buttons. It gives you a read out of the power level, and any special skills that this species of creature may have. The scouters fit like an earpiece, and go over the eye. Most have a type of green glass display screen. If it reads a power level that is either increasing faster than it can handle, or is too large for it to handle, then it makes a small explosion, causing the wearer to have to take it off, suffering no harm. Scouters are expensive though, and there is a fairly limited supply, meaning that once they get destroyed, it can be hard to get hold of another one immediately. Another function of the scouter is as a communication device. People can talk into them, transmitting their voice to others, even if they are on the other side of the galaxy. Scouters are probably better than using your senses, however the earlier models cannot tell you how much power a target hides, which is a big contribuation to Radditz's fall to Goku and Piccolo in early Z: he didn't realize they could put their energy all onto a single point, and that they could hide it.

Hiding ki
A select group of people are able to hide their ki, so it seems that they are a lot less powerful than they really are. This is a skill that Earthlings really excel in, and can be useful for throwing enemies off, and making them underestimate you. Vegeta has managed to master this, along with the Earthlings, as he has been a witness of them doing this, and managed to pick up on it. This technique has been utilized many times, and has fooled even the most intelligent of enemies.

Type: Brain/Mind
Other Names: Psychokenesis, Psionic Energy
Usual Form: Use for Telepathy, Telekinesis, Telesynthesis and Teleforming
Alternate Forms: Can be used in the form of actual PK, or Psychokinetic Energy, which Ness, Paula and Poo constantly toss around.

Some people are extremely well adept with their minds, having the ability to use more than 10% of it, which is said to be the common amount for smarter humans to have. These types of prodigies have the ability to sometimes move objects, sense thoughts and feelings[empathy], read thoughts more directly[mind reading], others can also communicate to others through the mind, without verbally speaking out in public, and other unique and supernatural and unseen abilities.

However only the truly adept with this have the ability to manipulate full blown PK, or "Psychokenesis", also known sometimes as "PSI", or "Psionic Energy". The art of PK is to be able to go beyond simple manipulation of objects, but the ability to form energy with the pure mind[and it is not the same as ki, as ki requires focus from the soul and body, not the mind]. Such examples of this power at this point lie primary in Paula's ability to summon her PK Fire and PK Freeze abilities[in the Techinques section], as well as her PK Shield, and other various moves she has that she has not yet revealed[PK Thunder, PK Magnet]. Yet further, it is said extremely powerful PK users may even be able to create pure matter from out of nowhere to use against their enemies, or take control over the bodies or minds of their foes. There are many various PK/psychic abilities mentioned below:


Telekinesis is the art of moving and manipulating objects, entities and such through use of the mind. Telekinesis usually requires the subject to be able to effectively use 20% of their brain at once, usually twice the level of the average human. Some powerful saiya-jin have slight control over this as well, and Frieza is fluent in it, as he is able to lift as much as a mountain on Namek to toss at Goku, and in the original DBZ, life Kurilin into the air and then make him explode. Paula and Nina are skilled at this as well, using their powers once to throw both Dusty and Vernon into trees in Part 19 by just looking at them.


Telepathy is communication of two or more minds through brainwaves. One person with the skill can send messages to any living entity, regardless of rather they can send back or not[since anything can receive, but not always send back]. Paula and Nina are also known to possess this ability, as they used it a great deal during the battle with Frieza, Alexmus and Cell. Also, Paula has talked to Alex with this ability once or twice during Deltaquest.

Mind Reading/Empathy:

Mind Reading is the power for one person to scan the thoughts of another person within their general area. This allows them to discover vital information that they may not be able to get out of said person normally. It can also be used to help assess the true intentions of the person being scanned. Depending on the target, they may or may not know that someone is probing into their mind, and if powerful enough in PK themselves, they can erect a mind block to prevent them from reading their mind. However, some cases of mind reading[like Paula's own] are more unique, and are more or less uncontrollable. Paula's version allows her to hear adjecent people's thoughts without even having to focus her power on someone, and because of this, it's harder for others to tell she is reading their thoughts, plus it tends to give her trouble when she doesn't want to hear these thoughts, and is hard to shut off, but not impossible. Empathy is more or less much like Paula's form of mind reading, except the person also has the ability to directly sense the FEELINGS of the person, and not necessarily thoughts. Paula is also rumored to have quasi-empathy along with her Mind reading, but if she does have it, it doesn't always work for her.

Type: Arcane/Manatic
Other Names: Witchcraft, Wicca
Usual Form: Various spells and Enchantments that are not of the mind, body or soul.

Magic is not like Ki or PK, as it can normally be drawn from the environment, as opposed to being from the soul of the user. Magic can also be used in the form of incantations and other attribute altering powers. Usually these types of spells are limited in time, but are nonetheless useful. One such major example of this is Frieza's Golden Hyper Armor, which allows him to block 3/4s of the damage from the Misfits' attacks when he uses it. The Buus are also said to be created from pure Magic, thus they are highly resistant to most forms of it themselves.

Other characters at this point able to wield magic are Nina, and even to an extent, Devin and Piccolo. Magic is still very mysterious to this day, and only Sugemo is more mysterious, and not by a large amount.

Type: Heart/Soul
Usual Form: Similar to PK.

Sugemo is a more sketchy type of power, and FEW people, Clint and Dan being two of them, are able to use it properly. Sugemo is a rare type of power, and usually is formed in non-energy type attacks. Most Sugemo used by the characters can stun enemies, blind them, or poison them, but most don't do direct damage, but end up having a big effect on the enemy later on, or can have unique effects, such as Sagitta Halt, Centaurus Flare and Hollywood Pegasus. Clint's newest ability, Meku Claw, is believed to be also a Sugemo move. It is also highly believed that Shunkan Idou and Taiyoken are of the Sugemo variant as well, neither of the two using Ki, Magic or PK to utilize.


Element Information
Source: Any weapon or attack that has a thin edge, or cuts into its' target. [i.e. Swords, Axes, Kienzans, etc]
Techniques that use this: Kienzan, Demon's Cage

Any weapon or attack with a blade that is meant to cut into/through it's enemies is of the Edged element. Now, this element isn't truly considered an "element" in the same ways as energy elementals[fire, ice, thunder, water, earth, holy, dark, water, wind and poison], but some beings are heavily resistant or weak to edged attacks, and can have a large effect on the workings of an edged attack.

Source: Any weapon with a pointed end, such as a spear, or any weapon that creates an entry and/or exit wound, like bullets, or attacks that can burrow or drill through solid matter
Techniques that use this: Daichiretsuzan, Makankosoppo

Any weapon/attack with a pointed end, that can make entry and.or exit wounds, or burrowing attacks are classified to the Piercing element. Like Edged, Piercing is not a an element in the same way as energy elements, but some beings have weak or strong armor that makes the affects of Piercing attacks more or less effective on them.

Source: Any attack that makes a strong impact against the target[a punch, kick, gloves, etc], and does shock damage
Techniques that use this: Body Press, Changet Chump, Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, Stone Cold Stunner, Aisuryuken

Most martial arts moves, and other normal forms of fight involve the Blunt resistance, which goes to most, if not all impactive attacks that do shock damage, but don't crush a target up against something on the other side of them. It is not an energy element, but like with the above physical elements, some people have more or less durability from these types of attacks and are effected differently according to such.

Source: Any man made rocket or energy weapons
Techniques that use this: None yet

The Missile element is one of the oddball physical elements in Misfits. Rockets, Missiles, and other explosive man-made weapons are one part of this category. However the other part is that man-made plasma and other energy weapons also fall under this category. This is an important elemental, as some creatures are fit to resist Missile weapons, while other beings are weaker to them more than others.

Source: Any attack that makes a strong, continuous impact against the target, while also pinning them between two places with pressure
Techniques that use this: Body Press

The Crushing element works much in tandem with the Blunt element. It indicates attacks and weapons that do impactive, and shock damage to their foes. However the primary difference in Crushing attacks is that they are meant to either pin the foe between the attack itself, and crush them up against another solid surface, or they are composed of two attacks that attempt to crush the enemy between them. Few attacks in Misfits, Virgil's well known Body Press being one of them, are of the crushing element, but there are bound to be others that will pop up over time.

Source: Any attack that makes an extremely loud noise, usually capable of shattering glass and damaging sensitive characters.
Techniques that use this: Loud Yell

The Noise Element is one of the more rare types of attacks used in Misfits. This is because Noise utilizes sounds to damage a foe's hearing, sometimes making their ears bleed. Saiya-jin and especially Nameksei-jin are vulnerable to these kinds of sounds, as both of these races have an enhanced sense of hearing. Dusty's yells have the ability to reach a loud enough caliber that they can do this kind of damage.

Source: Extreme heat and supercharged oxygen in the form of matter or energy
Techniques that use this: Demon's Cage, PK Fire

Fire is basically heated up oxygen that is supercharged into energy and matter. Fire easily burns off and feeds on air, and combining it with wind can make a devastating storm of flames that can incinerate fire-weak, or ice based targets. Fire has two opposite elements: Ice and Water. Ice is general more effective on all forms of fire than Water, while Water is better for dealing with weaker level fire creatures. Fire can also do constant damage to flammable enemies, as the flames will feed on their clothing longer and do more damage. Fire is also one of the prime "Four Elements", thus it's ability should never be under underestimated.

Source: Extreme cold in the form of matter or energy
Techniques that use this: PK Freeze

Ice is the element of extreme cold. In truth, real ice is frozen water, but when we talk of the Ice element in Misfits, we more or less refer to the element of extreme cold itself, and not physical ice. It's just the attacks this element is well known for are normally in the form of solid ice. Ice is good for fighting fire weak enemies, or solidifying weaker water-elemental enemies, or for countering water-elemental and fire-elemental attacks. However, ice can be counter by a good blast of fire-elemental energy, or sometimes even Earth elemental attacks.

Source: Electrified particles in the air manipulated as energy
Techniques that use this: None Yet

Thunder elemental attacks are actually in truth any kind of electrical attack that is formed through charged particles in the air, and used as energy. Also, thunder is the closest of the elements to being Typeless, but some of it's natures give it it's own unique element. This can be used to severely damage water-based enemies, as the water amplifies as a conductor for the thunder attacks. Also, thunder attacks are the only known attack that can destroy weaker level PK Shields in a single hit, as the older levels of the Shield have a weakness to the electrical charge of the element. Thunder also works well with both water and wind, and all three combined can be devastating, as it is considered to be the equivalent of being hammered by a powerful thunderstorm.

Source: Rocks and Stones, or other matter formed into this state
Techniques that use this: None yet

Earth elemental attacks are usually based from ground, rock and stone matter, and are said to be somewhat another variant of the Blunt and Crushing elements, except as an actual 'true' element, being one of the "Four Elements" described in religious texts. Earth attacks tend to work well against air based targets, or thin-boned targets that are somewhat fragile. However, ironically, Earth and Wind can be combined into quite a nasty combo attack that can devastate some enemies.

Source: Manipulation of Good energy and purity in energy form
Techniques that use this: Diaris Wave, Hollywood Pegasus

The Holy elemental is good, pure, and benevolent energy manipulated into it's own form of power. This elemental, along with it's polar opposite Dark[below], are not found to be formed through scientific means, are are truly the most mystical of the 9 energy elements[aside from Typeless]. Good energy is primarily used against evil natured beings that are more favorable to the Dark element. It is said that your level of evil or good affects how much damage you take from either Holy or Dark. Also, being pure good is said to make you able to ABSORB holy energy and heal yourself with it, but make you a lot weaker to dark energy.

Source: Manipulation of evil energy and malevolence in energy form
Techniques that use this: Demon's Cage, Hollywood Pegasus

The Dark element is evil and malevolent energy manipulated into it's own form of power. This elemental, along with it's polar opposite Holy[above], are not found to be formed through scientific means, are are truly the most mystical of the 9 energy elements[aside from Typeless]. Evil energy is primarily used against good natured beings that are more favorable to the Holy element. It is said that your level of evil or good affects how much damage you take from either Dark or Holy. Also, being pure evil is said to make you able to ABSORB dark energy and heal yourself with it, but make you a lot weaker to holy energy.

Source: Air and currents manipulated in the form of direct energy or mass
Techniques that use this: PK Freeze

Wind is primarily air that is manipulated by the atmosphere in large, powerful gusts of power. Wind, while it may seem harmless to the casual traveller, can be their doom due to the types of force it can generate. Wind can also sometimes "cut" into enemies at times. Pikuhan's "Hyper Tornado" in the Anoyochi Budokai in DBZ is a wind-elemental attack that was able to cut up Goku a good deal on the surface, and cause slight burning irritation as well, lessening his endurance somewhat. Wind can also be combined with other elements easily, including it's opposite element, Earth, for devastating combo skills. Wind also strangely can do powerful amounts of damage to Earth, and sometimes Water and Thunder elemental enemies. Wind is also one of the primary "Four Elements", thus it is hard to lose respect for the type of power it can bring.

Source: Oxygen and Hydrogen combined, and manipulated into energy or matter
Techniques that use this: None yet

Water is primarily formed in two ways, combining Oxygen and Hydrogen together into water matter, or by combining a Fire and Ice spell together[the Fire melts the Ice into Water, while the Ice/Water takes out the fire, making just water]. Enemies that are made from smaller level fire, or hot temperatures can be quite victim to Water, while electrical enemies ESPECIALLY are vulnerable to a direct blast of water, as the water acts as a conductor that can shorten them out, or do heavy damage. Water can be countered by very hot types of fire, or sometimes ice, and even electrical blasts of their own. Water is also one of the primary "Four Elements", thus it is hard to lose respect for the type of power it can bring.

Source: Any noxious, or venomous substance, smoke, or other corrosive matter or energy
Techniques that use this: None yet

Poison is primary a way of describing venomous, corrosive and harmful matter that can break down the vitality of those it infects. It is a major killer of many all over the universe, and even on earth, be it through intentional attacks, or accidental ingestion. Some attacks in Misfits[although none are available yet], will be able to use the Poison elemental, and sometimes poison vulnerable enemies. However some beings may not be affected by Poison, or are perhaps even able to HEAL from it.

Source: Anything that is non-elemental in nature used as matter or energy
Techniques that use this: Big Bang Attack, Burning Attack, Centaurus Flare, Daichiretsuzan, Death Ball, Final Flash, Kamehameha, Kienzan, Makankosoppo, almost all ki attacks, etc

Typeless is one of the most common, yet most overall effective elementals, even thought it's technically NON-elemental in nature, and doesn't fall into the category of the above elements. Sometimes it can be combined with the five physical elements[Edged, Piercing, Blunt, Missile and Crushing], but not usually with the energy elementals[fire, ice, thunder, earth, holy, dark, wind, water and poison]. These attacks are among the most difficult to find adequte resistance from, due to how unique and miscellaneous the attacks formed with it are.