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9/25/14 Update 1:

Fixed the appearance of the old Series 2 link, being enough of a derp to have not checked it originally when I linked it in the previous update below. It now runs along a similar format of text and background as the actual written parts. Also that weird white box is removed, probably an anti-advertising artifact from when the site was on Angelfire a long time ago to cover their ads. >_>;

8/29/14 Update 1:

Happy 13th Anniversary to "The Misfits", despite the lack of real updates lately. However I did do something kinda interesting for the anniversary this morning. Go here for an unique surprise. :P

Bascially, I used the camera on my tablet to take pictures of the ORIGINAL version of Series 1. As in the one that was first written on Alex's AlphaSmart device he used back in 2001. These were never saved in data form, and only as a printed document. I tried years back to muster up the will to type these out to data form, but I got bored with it fast. If you remember the old Series 2 link from the other sidebar, this was typed before it and in the same really derpy/crappy writing format as it was, so don't expect much but same chuckles and facepalms. Also yeah, for some reason, I marked certain things, as a means to guage just how much I had some characters do or say certain things, which is a big time reoccuring theme in the really old versions I typed. x.x

12/7/13 Update 1: ....

My crapping lord... how to write this? x.x

Obviously I'm sure most of you who still go to THIS particular part of the website, be it because it's the main means you know of to get to the Series 1 stuff, or just to check in once in a while... bet you didn't expect me to have another news update did you? You probably thought I was either dead... or worse, I cancelled this altogether due to some reason or another.

Truth is, most of my projects in general have taken a pretty significant hit in terms of effort and attention given to them. "The Misfits" is far from the only one. Hell, "Naferia's Reign" ["NR"], the game modification I mentioned in previous updates as having been taking up a lot of my time, is also without an update, but maybe once or twice a year as well for the last 3 years.

Why is it I've been barely able to do crap on this site or anywhere else as far as my projects themselves are concerned? Obviously I'm not dead as I'm typing this to you right now, but I've definitely been a busy little beaver.

Besides the fact NR had a lot of my focus during '06-'10, there were other much more prominent issues. First off, I need to make an admission of sorts. Part of the reason I focused so much on NR back then once it got off the ground is simply because all the coding requires a lot of playtesting to confirm things work and all that junk. Playtesting a game modification is easily much more... fun to do... perhaps satisfying to do, than just typing words out on a keyboard and wearing your damn hands and fingers out. In fact as I type, that is happening to me where it feels like a bit of a chore just to type this out. I have a ton of ideas for stuff, but my will to type is just not as strong as my imagination and therefore I think it makes me burn out for long long periods of time, where as game design at least it feels like I'm getting more for my buck and while I do have to type the coding, it feels like more people get use from it.

Obviously "The Misfits" also has had an issue where I get almost NO CRITIQUE whatsoever from anyone who's not a close friend or a real-life friend. The lack of reviews equals a lack of motivation. I didn't want to admit it, seeing how other fanfiction writers sometimes ransom the next parts of their stories for reviews, but I definitely start to understand WHY they did stuff like that. x.x

I want to make clear, I DON'T want to be like those people. I don't feel I should hold parts for ransom for reviews [since that also would require me to MAKE the actual parts in advance before doing so :P].

However, that's only part of the problem, and possibly a lesser one...

Starting in September 2009, my daily flow of life changed when my Dad... essentially got sick for a while and had to go into the hospital for a couple of weeks. However that was only the start of the issues. Although Dad recovered alright over time and left the hospital, before he did, he and my Mom got into a huge fight over things that had been building up in their relationship... dare I say probably since we all moved out of the first house back in Canton. They slowly fell out of love and became more focused on their own things. Ultimately in March of 2010, Dad left and went somewhere out west. He does keep in contact with us on occasion, but with him gone, it was up to me to take his place in various aspects.

However it was less than a few weeks before the next problem came up: Mom had been slowly getting sick the last few years due to all of us in general not having gone to a doctor's appointment in nearly 10 friggin years [so yeah, lack of healthcare for people is a HUGE problem in this country, regardless of what you people might think of certain things related to healthcare as of late >_>]. It came to a head one night near the end of April 2010 when her legs had badly swollen because of what we later learned at the hospital was a blood clot in the leg, but her extended stay revealed her leg wasn't the biggest problem. My parents were both frequent smokers, and I never truly approved of that kind of lifestyle and tried to avoid taking in 2nd-hand smoke most of my life, but it caught up with my mom alongside the taskmaster-equse work she had been constantly saddled with by her less-than-classy boss at her job, and it culminated into COPD/Empezma, to the point I was told my Mom's lungs are only at about ~30% capacity and strength and gradually going down. Oxygen was inevitable as a treatment for the symptoms and she had to leave her job, but not before other drama from her workplace almost made her explode at them.

Luckily since then, things have improved in that Mom's still around, being able to walk and do various things, although she wears out quick from a lot of them, at least she's far from bedridden. She also now gets her disability benefits [since there's no way in hell she can work anymore], and all that stuff has helped matters for her work out better. Me on the other hand, I quickly got thrust into things I only barely had experience with. I had never dealt with things like paying bills, and we both got individual bank accounts and stuff, but I do the bill payments since Dad's left.

Then a story of more good news. In late 2010, things were good enough that Mom decided to pester me about maybe upgrading my computer and getting a better laptop. Initially I declined for a few months, until I realized that I was tired of always being so far behind the times and unable to play some of the games I had wanted to for a long time, so I ordered out for a new laptop in December 2010, but due to various delays and problems with the technology involved, like a faulty series of processors that had to be recalled by Intel, it wasn't until mid March 2011, almost exactly one year after Dad's departure that I got my 'Sager NP8130' system. With that, the flood gates opened and I could get involved in gaming on a level I could only dream to before. I could stream video on sites like, I could play games like Minecraft [as only one example] which had all but been impossible on my previous rig. I finally got involved in Steam as well, along with other things. Gaming became a very large deal for me in my free time.

But juggling with attempting to find my niche and a job in life, having to worry about my mom's condition and inheriting a ton of the worries she had before her sickness hit [in that she used to be the big worrywart before all of this, and now it's traded over to me instead], the new launch into gaming from my laptop, the departure from in 2009 and it's later disbandment in '10-11 [and the possible ramifications that might still have on things today [I won't go anymore into detail on that though, personal matter]], and having to be the 'new man of the house' [bleh, the term just doesn't roll off the tounge for me though], my projects like Misfits and NR have suffered from such. I do also have other projects in mind and another Doom-related project is on the table, but most of these are secrets and haven't really been disclosed in detail yet.

The point being, I owe you guys a serious update, at least news-wise if not story-wise, and aching hands/fingers be damned I'm writing it at last, nearly 6 years after the last update. I apologize deeply for not at least having more focus on updating you guys here on the news, but the fact of the matter is Misfits and NR weren't really on my mind, and while Misfits is a bit more on my mind lately, gaming in my spare time is still eating a TON of that spare time.

I have added some new segments to a few of the parts in Series 1 over the last month or two, but Part 12 still isn't finished yet. :(

I hope, and I can only say hope I can muster the energy to finish Part 12, and then possibly entertain how to move on with Misfits. No, I still won't say this is cancelled because there's just too damn much in my head for the story. I know it'll likely be one of those things it'd take half my remaining life to write, but that's how I feel about a lot of my projects. :P

Also, the site will possibly be going under some reconstruction. Certain things like access to the old sidebar are gone now. The guestbook, the web counter, and the top #100 site listings are gone now. They're WAY obsolete now. "The #18th" link in the links section is long gone, as Seijimei stopped production of it to work on one of his original series a long time back and the site went down. Dragonball Multiverse's link still exists though. The Disclaimer page is updated and revamped. Some other pages in the sidebar are temporarily missing until they can be rewritten. I also hope to figure out a way to make a more dynamically sized page instead of having 6-7 different sizes for Java/Non-Java pages. >.>

Basically to sum this all up: Watch this space for more news, and wish me luck at this. :P


12/7/13 Update 2: Continuing more from the previous update above, I suppose I should give out some information about reaching me at various places. I actually gave in to temptation about 15 months ago and got a blog [omgwut] in the form of Tumblr, and some of you might also be aware I'm also on Facebook. To also clarify, MySpace is no longer a place for me to go, so those links are no longer available in the archives.

In fact, I purged a lot of spoileriffic stuff from the archives. From here on out, I'm gonna try my best to not reference crap that comes up post Series 1 [or hell, post-whatever-part-is-the-current-point] anymore, as I don't want to ruin any surprises that might be coming. For one, I hope out of some fool's errand it might convince me to go back to writing the occasional part or 2 once a month or something. Additionally, other pointless things that don't have relevance anymore were also removed from the archives.

OH YEAH. I forgot lolz... I'm sure you don't need to be told this if you're viewing this page right now, but we are on a different server. Obviously I mentioned and the stuff that occured with it [within my limited knowledge]. Basically ZXD had to ask me to leave the server due to issues and I decided not to argue it, having thoughts of wanting my own server after the issues that occured on there [there's more to it than you realize, again personal stuff <.<], but now we're on, a Duke Nukem fanbase community server [yes, NR's site is also up on here, and in fact, the main NR site was actually ALWAYS on and not]. Much thanks to terminx and Plagman for their hospitality over the last couple of years. I need to make more use of this damn webspace I was given when I asked for it. :P

And that brings me to something else: "MisfitTech Studios". I've sure those who follow me in other endeavors have seen the logo by now. The original Misfits logo is used as the basis for that logo as well, but in a sense, I suppose if I ever started a business, that would be the ideal name for it. >.> I probably shouldn't be publicly saying that though. Some derpbag might try to take the copyright for themself, lol. <.<;


12/7/13 Update 3: Dynamic Resizing for the main page complete. No more need for 12 versions of the main page anymore, lolz. :P

Do note when I say dynamic, I mean that the main page of the site will reposition & resize its iframes properly to fit within the context of whatever size you use. It's intended so we don't have to have 6-12 page options anymore for fixed browser sizes. :P