Misfits, Series 2 - Space Cases


Part 1 - Space is the Place

The Misfits, composing of: Clint, Alex, Jason, Vern, Devin, Virgil, Dan, Dusty, Nina, Goku, Vegeta, #17, Piccolo, Fat Buu, The Rock, Stone Cold, Heero Yuy[who took the Wing Zero with him], Raditz, Gohan, Paula, Virgil, #18, Shenlong[now contained within a set of Dragonballs with them], Trunks, Goten, F. Trunks, Chi Chi, Bulma, Videl, Pan, Bra, Ness, Duo[who took the Death Scythe with him], had decided to take a vacation in space. They had brought along one other ally, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, who also needed the vacation. They chose a space station type ship called “Marcus Vegetis”. The ship with over 5 miles long, and 6 miles wide. The ship was huge. Everyone was in awe. Alex and Vegeta tried to weasel out of it.

“I am not going with the rest of you low class weaklings.” Alex said defiantly.
“You’re as much a weakling as the rest of us, and Vegeta’s staying, so have a good time alone.” Bulma spat back.

“Bulma, woman, why do I have to be in this pathetic ship?!” Vegeta asked.

“Your space pod isn’t even a whole yard long or wide. This ship is much more useful, although if you really want, we’ll load your pods onboard.”

“Fine, just don’t feel too good about yourself. I won’t be around you people a lot, especially Kakarrott.” Vegeta said and went in. Alex decided to follow, and the journey began.

Part 2 - In Space

The space station was in space for 5 hours now. It was also a saiyan’s biggest dream. It had a time chamber much like Bulma’s, which Vegeta was training in, not allowing anyone else in. While he was in there, he managed to go up to SSJ86. Goku was chowing down in the mess hall of the ship, not caring about Vegeta’s training. Alex was growling, because he was stuck on a ship with these imcompetent fools. Spiderman hanging around on the walls and ceilings was a bit nerve-wracking for him.

“Insect, quit climbing the walls! You’re making me uneasy!” Alex demanded.

“*Sigh* Well, I see who woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.” Spiderman said and left.

Alex got mad, went to the time chamber and began to pound on it.

“Saiyan, get out of there!!” Alex yelled at Vegeta.

“Screw you.” Vegeta replied, training in the room.

“Fag.” Alex growled and left. He then saw a room: “Control Deck.” He went in a saw a crew of people, among them was a small Namek child.

“No!! No!! Dende!! What is he doing here?!” Alex screamed.

“Be quiet you. Without me here, this ship wouldn’t even be flying.” Dende retorted. “NOOO!! You’re the captain?!” Alex asked. “Duh, stupid.” Dende replied. “ARRRRGGGHH!!!!” Alex ran out screaming to his room, sat down in his bed and began slamming his head into a wall.

Part 3 - Diet

Virgil and Devin were being forced by Dende to go on a diet. They usually consumed 4500 calories a day. Dende wanted that lowered to 1500. He had a hard time with Virgil, but Devin was beginning to trim down, so much, that one time, he made fun of Alex, and Alex crushed him under his big fat. Virgil was getting to Dende. He kept sneaking food to his room, and he had to do something about it.

“Vern.” Dende spoke to him through a visual link, “Make sure Virgil doesn’t take much food. I put him on a diet.”

“Like that’ll really work.” Vern replied. “Well, beat him up or something if he sneaks food into his quarters.”

Virgil snuck out that night, and grabbed a giant cheese ball from the food area. Vern jumped in front of him and warned him to stop, but Virgil jumped up and crushed him under his enormous fat. “Mot... mgain...” Vern said. Dende came in and beat the stuffing out of Virgil for stealing, and then put Vern through the rolling press for failing to do his duty. He was hanged out to dry for about 2 hours.

Part 4 - Girls

Paula, Nina, Bulma, Chi Chi, Videl, #18, Pan and Bra had gathered in a special room for a meeting.

“Okay girls.” Chi Chi started, “First off, how do you all like the ship.”

“Haven’t seen much of it.” Nina answered.
“I love it!” Bulma replied.
“It’s okay.” Pan replied, having been in space before.
“Um, I love it if there’s anywhere to shop in space.” Bra said. Everyone else sweatdropped.
“Well, I feel like I’m abandoning Earth this way. I mean, why did I have to come?” asked Paula.

“Why are you so worried?” asked Videl.

“Well, because of what happened with Alexmus, Frieza, Cell, Taldes and Minion. I mean, ALL of the world’s best fighters are floating in the middle of space. Earth is vulnerable.” Paula explained.

“Girl, you gotta relax. There are some people on Earth that are still strong.” Bra said. Paula just sighed.

“In other news, Alex is getting more arrogant by the minute. You’d think almost losing his soul would make him think twice.” Pan growled, “I mean, he acts like we’re all inferior.”

“Just like dad, Pan.” Bra answered.

“But he even thinks that way of your dad, from what I’ve seen lately. They’ve been cursing at each over your mom’s time chamber.” Pan replied.

“I know. I need to whip both those delinquent saiyans into shape.” Bulma said, “I have a switch which can shut off the time chamber.”

“DO IT! DO IT!” Pan and Bra urged.

“I will too.” Bulma pulled out a small remote and pressed a button.

Outside, the time chamber door bursted open, sending Alex and Vegeta flying out. “What the he##?!” The door than closed and locked itself. Alex started to laugh hysterically, until Vegeta belted him into the wall behind him and knocked him out. “Annoying little runt. Who gave him the right to pose as me, anyways?!”

Part 5 - The Exercise Games

The ship also had a deluxe weight room and pool. Vern did a triple cannonball into the water. “Vern, you fag!” Alex growled. Virgil got on the high dive and jumped in, sending a tidal wave and drenching Bulma. “VIRGIL, YOU BAKA!!” Bulma went SSJ18 and beat the snot out of Virgil and sent him into the pool. “Hah hah hah!” Alex laughed. #18 walked onto the pool deck in a two piece bikini. Alex’s eyes sprang from his head in delight. “So... hot...” “Ooooh... Alex likes #18.... ooooh.”

“Vern, fag. Shut up. No one asked you.” Alex said. “She’s so hot...” Vern mocked. Alex got mad, went SSJ106 and went and pounded Vern into the concrete. Vern got up, went SSJ64, and threw Alex into the pool. A fight occurred until Paula came, went PAJ4 and jumped in, beating the snot out of Alex and Vern. They woke up in the infirmary. “Be good you two.” she said.

When she left, Vern pulled out a board and slapped Alex’s foot with it. “AAAAAHHHHH!!! FAAAAGGG!!!” Alex screamed.

Part 6 - The Distress Call

Dende was in the captains room, drinking Bud flavored water and eating watermelon, when a signal came in. Dende traced it to a galaxy called “Daleius”.

“ALL PEOPLE, GET YOUR BUTTS UP HERE NOW!!!” Dende called to the other Misfits. In minutes, the whole platoon was here.

“What do you want, Namek?” asked Vegeta, “I was trying to get my handsome rest.”

“We have a distress signal from Daleius, and we have to check it out.” Dende said.

“HAVE to?” Alex asked.

“Yes, as if you don’t, you’ll be going through the money printer like a piece of paper. I and Shenlong can assure it.”

Alex scowled to himself and shut up. Everyone got aboard their saiyan space pod prototypes, and launched off to the distress signal.

After 2 hours, a small planet was in the distance.

“Why does this planet seem so familiar to me?” Vegeta asked.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s ur mom?” Alex joked.

“Why do I put up with you, Alex?!” Vegeta scowled.

“Why do WE put up with you TWO?!” Pan screamed to the other two.

They set down on the planet, ready for any problems.

Part 7 - Neo Planet Vegeta

The Space Pods finally opened, and all the saiyans, including Alex and Vegeta stepped out.

“What is this place?” asked Goten, noticing the red sands they were on.

“More importantly, where’s the trouble here?” Vegeta asked impatiently.

Suddenly, a group of people with spiky hair marched up to them. “Is it...?”

One of them looked Vegeta over closely. “It is! It’s Prince Vegeta!”

“Prince?! This is the Saiyans’ new planet?!” Alex said in astonishment.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise...” Vegeta said, then looked over at another saiyan, “Bring me a glass of pepsi!” “Yes, my prince.” the saiyan said. “Or better yet, bring us to the royal castle.” Vegeta changed his demand. “As you wish.” the saiyans brought out hammocks, and set the group in them and carried them to their castle, which was small but very majestic.

The saiyans and others were astonished by the look of the castle. Someone had real good taste in design. “Where’s the kitchen?” asked Goten. “Must you act like your baka father so much?” asked Vegeta. “I’m hungry, Uncle Veggie.” Goten replied. “DON’T CALL ME VEGGIE!” Vegeta growled. “Veggie.” Alex said. “ARGH!!!” Vegeta began beating the snot out of Alex for that remark. The following fight made the other saiyans sweatdrop. “They do it ALL the time.” Clint said, looking annoyed at the fighting pair of saiyans.

Later, Vegeta was looking through some family albums. He saw his father and mother, the king and queen, himself, and suprisingly, another boy. “Who is that other boy?” Vegeta was puzzled, “If I did’t know any better, I’d assume he was a prince like me.” A servant overheard his question. “That’s Prince Alex, second child to King Vegeta, and your little brother, my prince.” Vegeta’s eyes bulged out of his head. 5 seconds later, even the people on the Marcus Vegetis could hear Vegeta scream “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone within a 100,000 mile radius came running, even Alex. “What happened?!” Goku asked, “Kakarott, where is Alex?!” “I’m right here. Why?” asked Alex. “... YOU.... YOU DONKEY PUNCHING LITTLE SNOTBALL!!” Vegeta went SSJ105 in anger, “You never told me we were brothers!?” “BROTHERS?! WHAT are you talking about?!” Alex asked. “Yes, you are the second Prince of the Saiyans.” There was silence, then... “Oh yeah!! Who da saiyan now?!?! I am a true royal saiyan, not some wished, low class saiyan like Vern or Dan!” Alex was cheering.

Vegeta growled. He was determined to get down to the bottom of this.

Part 8 - Brotherly Love/Hate

Vegeta and Alex were called to discuss on whether to stay on Neo Vegeta, or if they should return to the Marcus Vegetis. Alex wanted to stay, but Vegeta wanted to be in the opposite place of where his newly found brother was, even if he was the dominant prince.

“The council must be said.” said a saiyan to the two princes a few peasant saiyans, “The two princes of the planet have returned to us, but in order to claim their rightful places as Kings, they must have a mate as the rightful Queens.”

Vegeta smirked. He had a mate: Bulma. He also smirked since Alex hadn’t had a mate of his own. Maybe he could rule his planet without Alex’s presence.

“Hmmm... a mate...” Alex thought. His mind thought of #18. He remembered seeing her in the two piece bikini, and Vern mocking him about it. He never told #18 his feelings, but she was his best chance of being a king of the planet.

Vegeta suddenly thought of a big problem: Bulma had to be willing to go with him for him to become a King, but Bulma preferred being on Earth. She was from Earth after all. Vegeta sighed. He felt cursed.

“Tomataus, do you have a mate yet?” he decided to try and annoy him. “Of course I do!” Alex lied. “Who is she then?” Vegeta smirked. “Um... #18.”
“The android?!” Vegeta growled, “What’s so good about her?!” “She’s hot, Vegetable head.” “I hate being called Veggie, and I hate being called Vegetable head!” Vegeta growled. “Okay, Vegeetable Butt.” “ARRRRGHHH!! You’re on my last nerve, Tomato Donkey!” “Tomato Donkey?! Why you little...” Alex began to flare, but then said, “Why do I care, I’m still stronger than you.” That was the last straw. Vegeta’s eyes went a glowing red, he flared to SSJ115, and punched Alex into a nearby lightpost. “FAG!!” Alex went SSJ115, and sent Vegeta face first into a group of saiyans. They went all out shooting and kicking and punching at each other. Everyone else came running. “NOT AGAIN!!” Clint said. Goku was at the end of his patience. Alex and Vegeta had been at it the whole trip. “THAT’S ENOUGH FROM YOU TWO!!” he went SSJ130, and his hair was glowing Red and his fur was a glowing green. He charged in, and separated both the fighting princes. “Kakarott, get out my way!! He’s dead meat.” “You’re dead meat, fag!” Alex said. “SHUT UP!!” Goku yelled, “Is that the way for a pair of princes to act?! Do you have no manners for our own people!?”

Vegeta and Alex’s heads slumped, and they turned from each other. “He started it.” Alex said. “Did not.” Vegeta replied. “I don’t care who started it. He$$ with it, I’d make a better prince than you at this rate.” Goku spat.

Vegeta turned to Alex, who was turned to him. “Alex, forgive me for being so annoyed with you as a brother. You just act so immature at times.”

“Forgive me for being more arrogant than you at times, but I just like to enjoy myself. We’re not ready... yet... People of Neo Vegeta... we... need more time to think about it. I give you our word: we will return with a decision, but we can’t become your kings... not now... we need to develop a bit more maturity first.” Alex replied. The saiyans merely bowed in acceptance. The next day, everyone returned to their space pods, and returned to the Marcus Vegetis.

Part 9 - Merger

Clint had for some reason asked Shenlong to revoke his saiyan powers, but until now he had no idea why. Now he was about to find out.

“Clint...” a voice in his mind said. “Huh?” Clint mumbled in his sleep. “I am a spirit of your ancient linage. I have come to speak a shocking truth to you.” “Truth... yay...” Clint said, half asleep. “Clint, you are a descendant of the Merger Warriors, battle hardened combat warriors.” “Warriors...” Clint said sleepily. “Our race was dominant for 100,000 of years, but many race, especially the saiyans, contributed to our decline. Very few full blooded Merger Warriors remain, and you are one of a new generation.”
“New generation...” Clint mumbled in his sleep. “I must ask you... you must kill any saiyan and Earthling in your path. Avenge our kind, please.” “Kill saiyans... kill Earthlings... avenge...” Clint was now hypnotized. He woke up, his eyes glowing red. He was ready to kill.

Part 10 - Rampage

Clint stormed out of his room. Devin came by. Clint took out a 2x4 and knocked Devin senseless and threw his body into the store room. “I’ll kill him later.” he said, searching the ship for other people. He found the captain’s deck, but no one there matched the qualities of who he was looking for. “What’s up with him?” Dende wondered. He followed Clint out quietly, and heard muffling from the store room. He found Devin, dazed and stupefied. “Devin, what happened?” “Clint... berserk...” Devin passed out. “CRAP!” Dende rushed to the control room, and spoke into the intercom, “Alert... we have a beseeched passenger on the ship. Stay clear of him if possible!”

At that very time, #17 and Pan were walking in the weight room. Clint snuck in, took out a 5 pound weight and hit #17 across the head and knocked him out. Pan screamed and tried to run away, but Clint picked her up and threw her into the wall head first, knocking her out on contact. “That’s one saiyan, one android, and one earth person.” he drug #17 and Pan’s bodies into the storage room with Devin. He was getting better by the minute, but Dende had blown his cover, so he decided to go after him next. He broke into the captain’s room, but Piccolo and Alex jumped down in front of him. “SAIYAN!!” Clint screamed, took a hammer out of nowhere and bashed Alex unconscious, and failed trying to do the same to Piccolo. Piccolo drop-kicked Clint and sent him into the wall. He grabbed Alex’s body and ran off with it to the storage room. He came back, and pulled out a 9 iron and tried to bash Piccolo silly, but Goku appeared behind him and swung his foot into his head, knocking Clint into the ceiling. Clint appeared behind Goku and smashed him into a wall with the 9 iron. He transported Goku’s body to the store room. Piccolo stretched his arm out, grabbed Clint, and sent him flying into the storage door. Clint got up, took out Virgil and crushed Piccolo under his tremendous fat. He then took out a brick and knocked out Virgil and drug them into the storage room. “I will... AVENGE PEOPLE!” Clint said like a caveman.

Part 11 - More Carnage

Clint stormed down the halls, and found the time chamber door. He grabbed the door and ripped it from its hinges. F. Trunks and little Trunks looked over, “Hey, what are you do... *clunk*” F. Trunks was knocked out by a 6 iron. Little Trunks took off like lightning and got Vegeta’s help. Vegeta saw Clint. “Come on boy, fight!” Clint took of his shoe and threw it in Vegeta’s face, sending him flying into the wall behind him. Little Trunks threw a Finish Buster and blasted Clint into a column in the time chamber. He got up and kamehameha’ed Trunks into unconsciousness. He drug them all to the storage room, but Ness ambushed him from behind. “Enough is enough, Clint.” he said, pulling out a bat. Clint pulled out a lead pipe and tried to hit Ness, but he ducked and smacked him in the stomach with the bat. Ness then double kicked him in the stomach. At that point, Dan and Dusty came running. Clint took the pipe and threw it, hitting Dusty in the head and knocking him out. He took out another pipe and hit Dan in the leg, knocking him down. He took out a 2x4 cheese stick and smacked Ness into Dan. Ness retaliated by picking up Dan and using him as a bat. Clint was sent flying into the storage room. Clint got up, picked up a Dragonball and conked Ness in the head with it. Shenlong came out, got mad and yelled, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU IDIOT!? I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!!” “WILL KILL DRAGON!! WILL KILL HUMANS!!” Clint droned. “He’s hypnotized... just great.” Shenlong said sarcastically. Ness got to his senses and tackled Clint, and did a bicycle kick to is chest, knocking him to the ground. Clint laid on the ground for about a minute, but then got up, and said in a dark voice, “You people are giving my descendant a hard time. I shall now take his place.” “Wait, he’s been possessed!!” Ness exclaimed. Clint roared in agony, and began to mutate, brown fur growing on his skin, his face turning into a bull’s, his feet becoming hooves. When he was done, he looked like a Minotaur. “I am Sacrifice, spirit of the Merger Warriors. Now I shall kill you all. Prepare to die.” his hand formed a massive hammer, and he prepared for battle.

Part 11 - The Mega Saiya-Jin is Born

Ness was sent flying into a wall by Sacrifice’s massive hammer. Shenlong roared and headbutted the beast into a control panel. Sacrifice got up and whacked Shenlong across the face with the hammer several times. Shenlong knocked him away again. Just then Vern came running it. “Holy crap! Who the he$$ is that guy!?” Vern was then sighted by Sacrifice, “I will kill you too.” Heero then came in and bashed him in the head, “Get your own lines, poser!” “Shut up, human. You will die too.” Sacrifice whacked Heero into a wall with his hammer. Vern got mad, and a red aura surrounded him, and he went into SSJ mode, but with a flashing neon aura around him. “The Mega Saiya-Jin is born. DIE!!!” Vern rushed in and uppercutted Sacrifice through the ceiling. Bulma was on the upper floor and suddenly screamed at the sight of the bull. “You die too!” He charged at her, but she did a Final Flash, knocking Sacrifice right into Vern’s Dragon Uppercut, knocking him into Shenlong’s headbutt. “Argh. You people are on my last nerves.” Sacrifice powered up and began to channel his energy in his hammer into his own body. His muscles bulged and grew, and his evil face became more twisted. He suddenly punched behind him. His hand came out from behind Bulma and sent her flying head first into the wall, unconscious. Vern jumped in with a kamehameha, but a hand appeared in front of him and grabbed him, and slammed him into the ground head first. Shenlong’s eyes glowed, and a shield of ki surrounded him. He opened his mouth and called “Shin-Tao-Akuma-San!” and a kamehameha type beam shot out and exploded in Sacrifice’s face. Vern got to his feet. Sacrifice looked at them. “You have reached the end of your rope, mortals. We merger warriors will regain our power in the universe, and we have Clint to thank for it!” “Clint’s one of them?!” Vern asked. “No, this guy’s possessed him. I have no idea why, but he’s under Sacrifice’s power.”

Part 12 - The True Fusion

Ness awoke painfully to a voice, “Ness, wake up! What happened!?” It was Paula’s voice. “Ugh... Pa.. Paula? Is that you? Clint’s been possessed by something, and the others are being attacked. We’ve got to do something... wait! I got an idea. Stand beside me!”

Sacrifice glared at MSJ1 Vern and Shenlong. Sacrifice suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Shenlong shot a green blast of energy. Shenlong was unable to hold out. “Dragon Venom...” he muttered as he fell to the ground, out like a light. “Now for you, Vern.” Vern charged up a Finish Buster and blasted Sacrifice back, but he came in too close and grabbed Vern by the throat. “Now die!” Suddenly a Fire/Light shot sent Sacrifice flying into the port windows, almost shattering them. He looked over to see what looked like Ness, but with blonde hair, and a Blue Baseball Cap instead of a red one. “Who are you?!” Sacrifice demanded. “I am Nesua, you worst nightmare. Pick on someone with your own power, weakling.” two familar voices seemed to echo at once from the person. “Nesua? Never heard of you. You’re netherless a human, so you must die.” “I am not a human, I am a fusion.” “WHAT?!?!” Sacrifice’s eyes bulged. ‘I thought only Saiyans could fuse!’ “You thought wrong!” a girl’s voice came from the person. “What?!” “I can read your mind you know.” the female voice replied. “How dare you!” Sacrifice charged at the fusion, but it phased away and reappeared behind him, and sent it’s foot into the creature’s spine. It roared and fell to the ground in pain. “Backstabbing wretch!” “Vern, prepare the Vernon Death-Blast!” Nesua called to Vern. Vern did so, and began charging the inner energy of his soul into one shot. Nesua began charging a shot made of Holy and Rage power into their hands. “On my mark, shoot him.” Nesua said, “3... 2... 1... FIRE!!!” Vern and Nesua shot their blasts at the same time. Sacrifice was hit and roared in pain as a spectral spirit arose from the bull’s body and disintergrated. The creature fell to the ground out like a light, and reverted to Clint. “Man, what a rush.” Vern said. Nesua revived Shenlong, Bulma and everyone else Sacrifice attacked in both forms. They then defused into Ness and Paula. “You two?! You two fused and beat him?! You FAGS!!!” Alex screamed. Clint woke up later, and found out what happened. “No wondered I felt that I needed to revoke that SSJ wish. I guess I already had hidden powers.” Everyone sweatdropped.

Part 13 - More Antics

Alex was training in the room of spirit and time. He created a holographic clone of Lord Minion and began fighting with it on the high difficulty level. He was prompty defeated within seconds. “Da## I must get stronger!” Alex pressured himself. There was a knock. “Go away!” “No. I need to talk to you, Alex.” said Dende. “Dende? What do YOU want from me?” Dende came in and said, “Do you really want to get stronger?” he asked. “Yes, I want to be the strongest in the universe!” “Well, there IS a place where anyone can get very strong. I heard an old legend about a moon near Old Namek which is like a training planet. It’s like a planet of spirit and time, and 4 years for every day out here.” “Really? Where is it?” “I’ll take us there, but you must do me one favor.” “What?” “Not now. I’ll tell you when we get there.” Dende went and flew the ship over into the old Namekian part of the universe. Dende pointed out a small yellow moon. “That’s Demina, the planet of training.” “Okay, now what favor do I have to do?” “You have to take Virgil with you.” “WHAT?! That fatty?! Why?” “He’s eating too much food, and he just won’t go on a diet and he’s driving me nuts!” “Welcome to the club.” “Still, you said you’d do anything to go down there, so you have to take him with you.” “Fine, fine.” Alex said. He went, grabbed Virgil, drug him into his space pod, and flew down to Demina.

Part 14 - Terror around Every Corner

Alex and Virgil landed on Demina, but then then saw many space pods following. “Geez, those fags are always following me.” he complained. Soon, many of the Misfits landed on the moon of Demina. They included, Vegeta, Clint, Vern, Jason, Ness, Paula, Goku, Piccolo, #17 and #18. “God, you people never leave me alone. I take it you came to train too.” “No duh, Alex.” Vegeta said, “If you think I’m going to let you train on your own, your crazy!” “Butthead.” Alex replied.

Training commenced on the planet as usual, but something was watching them, something evil. “Hmmm... I have intruders...” said a ghastly voice.

A while later, Alex and Jason where training, Jason at the SSJ92 level, when everyone saw a strange looking beast walk up in front of them. “Welcome to my moon of no return.” he raised out a hand and a light flared out at all of them, “Alex, look out!!” Vegeta jumped in Alex’s way. The area was blinded with a deafening boom. When Alex could see again, everyone else was gone, except him. “What the?! Where are they?!” he demanded. “I sent them to their dooms. If you wish to save them,” it revealed itself to be a creature much like Janemba’s second form, “Destroy me.” “You fag, I will.” Alex looked at him.

Part 15 - The Demon is Fulfilled

Somewhere else, Vegeta, Goku, Vern, Jason, Virgil and Clint were stranded, able to see Alex through a mystic type of cloud. “Alex...” Vegeta whispered, “You must stop him...”

Meanwhile, the creature jumped at Alex. Alex blocked his assault of kicks and punches, but it then jumped behind him and kicked him into the ground. Alex went SSJ115 and started his own attack. The monster dodged or deflected every blow with prefect grace, and retailiated with a kick to Alex’s face, sending him into the ground hard. Alex got up, but just stood still as the monster appeared in front of his face and laid a series of blows on Alex, some quite brutal.

“Why does he just stand there and do nothing? Alex you blockhead, FIGHT!!! FIGHT for all of us!!” Vegeta growled.

Alex kept getting the snot beat out of him, and then the monster kicked him from the side and sent him into a mountain. He lifted up Alex and prepared to break his neck, but was taken off guard with a kick to his head, sending him to the ground. He looked to see Ness and Paula, appearantly not hit by his light earlier. When he realized who they were, his eyes widened. ‘No, not those two! Why are they here?’ He then spoke, “Franklin, Polestar, so you two seem to follow me wherever I go.” it said. “Ho... how did you know our last names?!” Paula demanded. “Why, I figured you’d both remember your old pal Giygas.” “WHAT?! GIYGAS?! Your alive?! But we killed you!” Ness was unaccepting. “You did, but Bibidi did a good job of bringing me back before Majin Buu killed him. I took over the body of one of his older minions, and attained the form you see before you. Now that we’re aqquainted again, it’s time to send you two to Hell.” Giygas pulled out a sword and charged at them, attempting to cleave them in half. They both dodge and shot their powers at him, but he dodge and dropkicked Paula into a mountain, severely doing some damage, and crashed into Ness with the handle of his sword, grinding him into the ground. He lifted his sword and prepared to decapitate Ness, when Alex suddenly screamed, “NO! YOU WILL NOT KILL THEM WHILE I EXIST! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Alex’s body flared a reddish ki, his skin began to turn red, his hair stood up on end, a glowing green, and his eyes went yellow. Giygas gaped at him in shock. ‘Such power. I may actually lose to this piece of trash. If so, my backup plan will go into effect.’ Giygas smirked, “Come on, mistar strongman.” he mocked. “FAG!!!” Alex charged in, and sent his foot into Giygas’s head. With that one blow, Giygas was sent flying backwards, ramming his head against a stone, and a sickening crack was heard. “Well done... mister strongman.” he still mocked Alex, despite the mortal injury just delivered to him, “You have struck me down, but can you contain me??” “AAAAAHHHH!!!” Alex struck his fist into Giygas’s face, crushing his skull in and killing him. Ness and Paula painfully got to their feet. “Good job... Alex. You got rid of him yourself.” Ness congradulated. Suddenly, everyone else returned to their plane of existance. Vegeta was wide eyed. “What... what did he just become.” Alex didn’t even look like a child anymore. he looked mature and somewhat half-evil. “Such a pity...” everyone heard Giygas speak from the void. “You may have killed my body, but “Tomataus” just proved who has the better body, so I’ll just use him! MWAHAHAHA!!!” Tomataus suddenly doubled over in a roar of agony, much like a demon’s his ki went from a light red, to a flaring dark red, his screams of rage began to die down as an “M” shaped symbol appeared on his forhead. “No... he’s gone Majin....” Vegeta backed away. When Tomataus finished screaming, he looked up. His hair was a darker green, and his eye glowed like a god’s. “Hear me, pathetic mortals. I have been granted the powers of a near immortal. If you wish to save your pathetic universe from being my slaves, you will fight me in a match called the Tomataus games. It will be like the Tenkenchi Budokai on Earth. You will all fight each other to decide who faces me. If I win, I will become eternal and take over the universe, if you win, which will not happen, I will leave Tomataus’s body, and you’ll never hear from me again. Until then, so long, losers. Majin Tomataus at that point put his fingers to his forehead and disappeard, much like Goku and Devin’s intant transmission. “We better get back to the Vegetis now!” Vegeta said, and everyone loaded on their space pods and returned to the ship.

Part 15 - The Tomataus Games

The Tomataus Games had been issued. Alex had been taken over by Giygas and changed into Majin Tomataus, and the rest of the Misfits were in panic, shock and fear, waiting to hear about where to find Tomataus.

“Dear me, dear me. Why did I let him go down to that planet!? This is my fault!” Dende mentally screamed at himself. “I guess we should be lucky we followed, or Alex probably wouldn’t even be alive today.” Vegeta said.

Just then, a visual message came in. It was Tomataus. “To anyone willing to fight in the Tomataus Games to decide the fate of the universe, I am here to give you directions. Do not come unless you are serious. The rules are: There are 3 sets of 6 matches. Each winner of a match goes on to the next round. When the finals for the winning side came around, the winner from each set will fight in a 3 way fight to determine the winner. All those who have lost their first round matches then fight a group of wildcards picked by the sponser. Anyone who wins over their wildcard advances to the next round. If they lose, neither moves on, and that loser loses his chance to fight the winner of the winners. The finals are the same 3 way match as with the winnig bracket. The winner of that will face a special wildcard. If they win this match, they will fight the winner of the winner’s division. The winner of THAT match goes on to face me, Tomataus. If I win, I rule over your universe. If you win, you get the wishes, and I dispel from Tomataus’s body. The games will be fought on Deimos, a moon near Mars. The games will began in 1 day. No training ahead of time. I recommend you just come now if you wish to participate. So long, future slaves. BWAHAHAHA!!!” The message came off the air.

Everyone looked with panic. “We can’t even train?!” Vegeta roared. Grwaagh!”

“Don’t worry. Use the time chamber, I’ll pilot us to Deimos.” Dende told them. Everyone then went to the time chamber to train, while Dende piloted the ship towards Deimos.

Part 16 - The Games Begin

The group arrived on Deimos about a day later. At the battlegrounds for the Tomataus games, he saw the Misfits’ ship fly over. “Today... is the day of GLORY!!”

At the signups. Everyone signed in for the participants. They saw a couple of people they never saw before, but mostly people stayed out of the event. A while later, the announcer, who happened to be Mr. Satan, came out and read off the battles:

“ North Division:
Battle 1: Dan vs Dusty
Battle 2: #17 vs #18
Battle 3: Goku vs Radditz
Battle 4: Bra vs Pan

West Division:
Battle 1: Jason vs Vern
Battle 2: Nina vs Chi-Chi
Battle 3: F. Trunks vs Vegeta
Battle 4: Frieza vs Cell

East Division:
Battle 1: Gohan vs Heero
Battle 2: Clint vs Ness
Battle 3: Devin vs Virgil
Battle 4: #16 vs Nappa”

“Frieza? Cell? Nappa? Where did they come from?!” Vegeta growled.

“The other people have been chosen for wildcards. I will list them after the first bracket is done fighting and a winner is decided. Now, North Division, prepare for Battle 1: Dusty vs. Dan!”

Part 17: Battle 1: Dusty Vs Dan

Dusty and Dan walked into the ring, bowed their heads. Mr. Satan gave the signal, and the fight began. Dusty charged into Dan and uppercutted him into the air. Dan fell down on Dusty, got up, picked him up, and threw him into a column. Dusty got mad and yelled at his loudest volume, almost deafening Dan. Dusty charged in and gave Dan an uppercut combo. Dan got up and dropkicked Dusty to the end of the ring. Dan picked up Dusty and dropped him outside the ring. “Dan wins. Dusty must face wildcard #1.”

Part 18 - Battle 2: #17 vs #18

The two android twins entered the ring, bowed heads, and Mr. Satan nervously gave the signal. #17 rushed at #18 and tried to swing, but #18 caught his fist and threw him to the side. #18 shot a couple of ki blasts at #17, but he knocked most of them away. #17 charged a her and drove her into the ground. #18 kicked him off, jumped off, and appeared above #17 and slammed him down right outside the ring. “#18 wins. #17 must face wildcard #2.”

Part 19 - Battle 3: Goku vs. Radditz

The two saiyans walked into the ring, bowed and all that stuff, and Mr. Satan started the right. Radditz began with a bicycle kick, knocking Goku near the edge of the ring. Goku got up, did a Kamehameha. Raditz tried to block, but it slowly pushed him back, and he was unalbe to keep from being pushed out of the ring. “Goku wins. Radditz must face wildcard #3.”

Part 20 - Battle 4: Bra vs Pan

The two part saiyans entered the ring and bowed and stuff. The fight begin, and Pan jumped into the air, then teleported behind Bra and kicked her towards the column behind her, but Bra kept her balance and managed to stop moving back. She jumped up, charged up ki, and charge Pan into the ground. Pan went SSJ and Masenko’ed Bra into the air, appeared above her, and slammed her fist into Bra’s back. She went plumetting to the ground. She got up, went SSJ, jumped up, charged her Chi-No-Ha, and shot it into Pan. She caught it, trying to repell it, but Bra shot a ki blast into the Chi blast, making it explode, and send Pan falling to Earth. She landed outside of the ring. “Bra wins. Pan must fight wildcard #4.” “West Division now begins. Jason vs. Vern!”

Part 21 - Battle 5: Jason vs Vern

The battle started. Vern went SSJ10. Jason went SSJ10. Both rushed at each other and engaged in a fist duel. After 10 seconds, Vern won out and slammed Jason to the ground. He then went MSJ and prepared a Final Flash and shot it. Jason quickly got up and did a kamehameha, and a beam duel began, but Vern’s shot overpowered Jason’s, and he was droven into the ground more. Jason then got mad, went SSJ45, and fired off A Masenko. Vern fired another Final Flash. The two shots collided, and stayed even for a while, but MSJ put a lot of energy strain on Vern, and Jason’s shot overpowered his, and Vern was hit, and blasted into a nearby mountain, obviously out of the ring. “Jason wins. Vern must fight wildcard #5.”

Part 22 - Battle 6: Chi Chi vs Nina

The two women entered the ring, and stuff. The fight began and Chi Chi went SSJ2. Nina went PAJ4. Nina shot her thunder beam at Chi Chi, who countered with a Kamehameha. Both shots hit their opponents, and sent them flying back a little. Chi Chi went on the offensive, trying to whack Nina with punches and kicks. Nina blocked the majority, and generated a ki shield, knocking Chi Chi away. Nina lifted up, charged energy around her, and flew into Chi Chi, blasting her backwards and out of the ring on her back. “Nina wins. Chi Chi must face wildcard #6.”

Part 23 - Battle 7: F. Trunks Vs Vegeta

The two saiyans walked into the ring. “Don’t expect me to go easy on you.” Vegeta warned. “Don’t worry, I won’t either.” F. Trunks assured. The battle began. Trunks charged a Burning Attack, and Vegeta knocked it away. Vegeta went SSJ115, and charged at F. Trunks. F. Trunks teleported out of his way and behind him. Vegeta saw him and did a Big Ka-Bang Attack. Trunks blocked it with a ki shield. Vegeta charged at F. Trunks again, but Trunks teleported out of the way again, and Vegeta went too fast and flew out of the ring. “AAAARRRGGGHH!!!” he screamed, “I’m such a baka!!” “Trunks wins. Vegeta must fight wildcard #7.”

Part 26 - Battle 8: Frieza vs. Cell

Frieza and Cell enter the ring. The fight begins with Frieza whipping Cell in the face with his tail. Cell gets up and smacks Frieza into a column. Frieza charges a kiezan and cuts off Cell’s arm. Cell regenerates his arm and uppercuts Frieza into the air, appears above him, and slams him outside the ring. “Cell wins. Frieza must face wildcard #8.” “East Division Begins: Battle 1: Gohan Vs. Heero.”

Part 27 - Battle 9: Gohan Vs. Heero.

The two enter the ring. The fight starts with Heero belting on Gohan with his fists. They have no effect, and Gohan smacks Heero into the mountain behind him. “Weak.” Gohan said. “Gohan wins. Heero must fight wildcard #9.”

Part 28 - Battle 10: Clint vs. Ness

Clint and Ness enter the ring. Ness begins with a PK Special attack, blasting Clint to the edge of the ring. Clint got up, transformed into his bull form and slammed Ness into the air, appeared above him and knocked him down, and repeated the cycle several times, until he finally dropped Ness to the ground, Ness got up, growled and aimed his hands at Clint in a triangle. PK Exa!!!” he screamed, unleash a huge blast of rage energy. The pull of the energy blew Clint near the edge of the ring. Ness then jumped up and bicycle kicked Clint out of the ring. “Ness wins. Clint must fight wildcard #10.”

Part 29 - Battle 11: Devin vs. Virgil

Both fighters enter the ring. Virgil starts the fight by charging at Devin in rage. Devin uses magic to make himself super-fat, and Virgil bounces off of his fat and is knocked out of the ring, “Devin wins. Virgil must fight wildcard #11.”

Part 30 - Battle 12: #16 vs. Nappa

The two fighters enter the ring. Nappa rushes at #16 and pelts him with punches, but #16 kicks him into the air and he goes flying out of view. 15 seconds later he crashes to the ground outside the ring. “#16 wins. Nappa must face wildcard #12. The First Round is over. We are now in the second round of the winner’s bracket. Prepare yourself! First battle: Dan vs. #18.”

Part 31: 2nd Round, Battle 1: Dan vs. #18

Dan and #18 stepped into the ring. #18 began with shooting a volley of ki blasts. Dan deflected each shot. Dan jumped at #18 and kicked her into the air and then slammed her down to earth. #18 got up, looked at Dan and then realized who he was. “YOU!! You’re the one who scared me off when I came to Canton the first time.” #18’s hair glowed, and her eyes went red. She jumped up and started punching the snot out of Dan, and ended it with a large ki blast, sending Dan out of the ring, unconscious. “#18 wins. Dan is out of the tortunment.”

Part 32 - 2nd Round, Battle 2: Goku vs. Bra

Goku and Bra entered the ring, and both started out with ki blasts. Most of them cancelled each other out, until Bra did a final flash and Goku did a Kamehameha. The two got into a beam dual. Both were channeling a ton of energy, when the beams suddenly split. Goku and Bra were both hit with the other’s beams, and the blast was so strong both were knocked out of the ring. “The match is a stand still. Neither Goku or Bra will advance to the semi-finals.” “ARGH!” Bra growled. Goku just went back to eat something.

Part 33 - 2nd Round, Battle 3: Jason vs Nina:

Both entered the ring, and stared at each other for a while. Jason shot a Kamehameha. Nina caught it and threw it away. Nina then focused her Sei Kamehameha. Jason fired his as well. Nina’s Kamehameha blasted through Jason’s, and knocked him near the edge of the ring. Jason got up, and charged with Nina with all of his might, but Nina grabbed him, shrunk him down, and threw him out the ring. “OH NO!!!” Jason squeaked. “Nina wins. Jason is out of the tourtanment.”

Part 34 - 2nd Round, Battle 4: F. Trunks vs. Cell

The two stepped into the ring. Cell began with a Taikoyen, blinding Trunks. Cell took the opportunity to beat the stuffing out of Trunks, until he regained his vision, and used a quick Finish Buster, to blast Cell away. Trunks went SSJ10 and charged at Cell. He then swung up his foot and sent Cell flyin into a mountain. “F. Trunks wins. Cell is out of the tortuanment.”

Part 35 - 2nd Round, Battle 5: Gohan vs. Ness

The two combatants entered the ring. Ness begins with PK Rockin. Gohan blocks it with his arms. Ness then uses PK Flash, blinding Gohan. Ness rushes in and beats the crap out of Gohan for a while. Gohan makes a blind swing, and sends Ness flying into a column. Ness got up, prepared PK Exa and flung it at Gohan. Gohan regained his vision, saw his coming, and repelled it back at Ness. Ness was sent flying out of the ring. “Gohan wins. Ness is out of the tortunment.”

Part 36 - 2nd Round, Battle 6: Devin vs. #16

The two challengers got in the ring. #16 charged Hell’s Flash and slammed Devin with it, almost knocking him out of the ring, but he regained his balance, magicially made himself really fat and jumped on #16, crushing him under his tremendous fat. #16’s system’s shut down after about 20 seconds. “Devin wins. #16 is out of the tortunment. The Semi Finals are next. 3 battles here. Then the Finals begin.” Mr. Satan then read one more thing. “Since Goku and Bra’s fight ended up in a double loss, #18 automatically is the winner for the North Division. We only have semis for West and East. Good luck all.”

Part 37 - Semi Finals: West Division: Nina Vs. F. Trunks

Both fighters stepped into the ring. F. Trunks began with a Burning Attack. Nina went PAJ4, blocked it and swung her foot into F. Trunk’s stomach. F. Trunks was blasted THROUGH a column and out of the ring. “Nina goes on to the finals! F. Trunks is out of the tortunment.”

Part 38 - Semi-Finals: East Division: Gohan vs. Devin

Gohan and Devin stepped into the ring. Gohan shot a Kamehameha, but Devin made himself fat and bounced the shot off of his tremendous fat, and Gohan was blasted back to the edge of the ring. Devin ran up, and jumped on Gohan, crushing him under his tremendous fat. Gohan kicked him off, and slammed him against a column. Devin then farted from hitting the column. Gohan passed out. “Devin wins. Gohan is out of the tortument. The finals are next. It’s #18 vs. Nina vs. Devin.”

Part 39 - Finals: #18 vs Nina vs Devin

The 3 stepped into the ring. This type of battle had never been done before, so this would be a good test. #18 jumped at Devin and kicked him in his tremendously fat gut, causing a shockwave through his body. Nina dashed at #18 and tried to kick her, but #18 dodged and Nina kicked Devin out of the ring. “Devin is out. Too bad, that fat loser.” Tomataus said.

#18 and Nina were dead even now. Neither one was giving in to the other. Nina shot her energy beam, and #18 shot her Kiezean. Both repelled each other, but Nina’s shot knocked her back more than #18’s. #18 charged in, picked up Nina and threw her out the ring. “#18 wins the finals. Next up, the loser’s backet.”

Part 40 - The Loser’s Bracket.

Mr. Satan spoke off the list of Losers from the first round matches through the intercom:

“Battle 1: Dusty vs. Majin Buu
Battle 2: #17 vs. Bulma
Battle 3: Radditz vs. Goten
Battle 4: Pan vs. Claw
Battle 5: Vern vs. Cloud
Battle 6: Chi Chi vs. Shenlong
Battle 7: Vegeta vs. Chibi Trunks
Battle 8: Frieza vs. Duo
Battle 9: Heero vs. Broli
Battle 10: Clint vs. Paula
Battle 11: Virgil vs. Master Barf
Battle 12: Nappa vs. Piccolo"

“What?! I have to fight Paula?! I’m dead.” Clint said, and fainted.

Part 41 - Loser’s Match 1: Dusty vs. Majin Buu

Dusty and Majin Buu stepped into the ring. Majin Buu shoots his heat seeking chocolate beam. Dusty runs in sheer terror and accidentally jumps in front of Buu. The beam shoots towards Dusty, and at the last second, Dusty jumps out of the way, and Buu was hit with his own beam, turning into a chocolate cookie. Dusty ate the chocolate cookie. “Dusty wins and advances to the second round.”

Part 42 - Loser’s Match 1: #17 vs. Bulma

The two combatants enter the ring. #17 starts by charging at Bulma. Bulma goes SSJ2, grabs #17 by the arm, swung him around and threw him out of the ring, dizzy. “#17 does not advance to the next round, therefore, Dusty automatically advances to the semi-finals.”

Part 43 - Loser’s Match 3: Radditz vs. Goten

The two enter the ring and that crap. Radditz laughs and runs at Goten. Goten goes SSJ4 and charges at Radditz’s foot, tripping him and sending him flying out the ring. “Radditz does not advance to the next round.”

Part 44 - Loser’s Match 4: Pan vs. Claw

The two combatants enter the ring. Pan looks at claw. He is an armor-clad giant about 6 feet tall with glowing red eyes. Pan jumps up and kicks Claw in the face, but Claw smacks her down into the ground. Pan gets up, but Claw’s arm extends out and hits Pan in the stomach. Pan jumps up and does a Masenko and but Claw’s arm morphs into a gun, which blast the Masenko back into Pan, knocking her near the edge of the ring. Pan could barely stand as Claw stomped towards her. She got an idea. She flipped up, and went SS3. She flew towards Claw and slammed him backwards and he fell out of the ring. “Pan advances on to the semi finals to meet Dusty.”

Part 45 - Loser’s Match 5: Vern vs. Cloud.

The combatants entered the ring. Vern’s eyes went wide as he realized the person he was fighting. “TONY?!” “Vern, I finally get the chance to beat you up.”

Tony flew out and proceeded to beat the crap out of Vern. Vern retailatied with a kamehameha, and blasted Tony back into a column. Tony cupped his hands together and yelled “THUNDERSTORM!!!” A massive gust of wind picked up Vern and blew him out of the ring. Tony followed him out and beat him up more. “Vern does not go on to the next round.”

Part 46 - Loser’s Match 6: Chi Chi vs. Shenlong.

The fighters floated into the ring. Shenlong started by dropping a Goku plushie into the arena. A fan of Goku jumped into the ring and took it. Chi Chi stared at him confused, but that allowed Shenlong to headbutt her out of the ring. “Chi Chi does not go to the next round.” “Stupid plushie.” Chi Chi growled. Shenlong chuckled.

Part 47 - Loser’s Match 7: Vegeta vs. Little Trunks

The two fighters entered the ring. Little Trunks started out with a burning attack. Vegeta countered it with a Big Ka-Bang Attack. The two got into a massive beam duel. The duel lasted almost 5 minutes, until both Vegeta and Little Trunks wore out and their attacks faded away. Vegeta used the last of his strength to summon a ki wave which flung the weakened Little Trunks from the ring. “Vegeta moves on to the next round.”

Part 48 - Loser’s Match 8: Frieza vs. Duo

The battle began with a swipe in Duo’s face with Frieza’s tail. Frieza appeared behind Duo, and kicked him straight into the air. Duo, however, reverse it into a drop kick which sent Frieza flying out of the ring and into a mountain. “Frieza does not advance to the next round, meaning Vegeta goes to the finals automatically.”

Part 49 - Loser’s Match 9: Heero vs. Broli

The two combantants stepped into the ring. Broli growled at Heero and went USSJ, his hair turning a light green. Heero jumped at him with a kick. Broli blocked it and and smacked Heero out of the ring into a mountain. “Man, those mountains will be rubble by the time this is done.” #18 said, watching. “Heero will not advance to the next round.

Part 50 - Loser’s Match 10: Clint vs. Paula

Clint nervously stepped into the ring. He feared Paula’s maximum strength, especially since she knew the right times to use it. ‘He’s too scared...’ Paula thought, ‘I might as well let him win.’ Clint gulped and took a blind charge at her, but his aim was off and he ran out of the ring. Paula noticed this. “Maybe not.” she sighed. “Clint will not move on to the next match.”

Part 51 - Loser’s Match 11: Virgil vs. Master Barf

Both contestants enter the ring. Virgil almost gags at the site of Barf. He is a red pile of stinky barf with a living face. “*Gwork!* Come on, big baby!” he glurped. Virgil punched Barf, but his hand got puke all over it. Virgil barfed all over Master Barf. Virgil got sick and fell over and crushed Master Barf under his tremendous fat, resulting in a double KO. “Virgil will not move on to the next round.”

Part 52 - Loser’s Match 12: Nappa vs. Piccolo

The two fighters enter the ring. “You again? I’ll have an easy time with... OOOFF!!” Nappa blurted before being pounded into a mountain with Piccolo’s beam cannon. “Nappa will not go on to the next round. Now it is time for the next... rounds...”

Part 53 - Loser’s Match 13- Dusty Vs. Pan

The two fighters entered the ring. Pan charged in and belted Dusty across the face, and then kicked him into the ground. Dusty jumped at her, but Pan grabbed him from around the leg and threw him out of the ring. “Pan goes on to the finals.”

Part 54 - Loser’s Final Round: Pan vs. Vegeta

Pan just let Vegeta reenter the ring. She was determined to defeat him. Vegeta did a final flash. Pan slapped it out of her way, disappeared behind him, and kicked him in the back. Vegeta roundhouse kicked Pan into a column. Pan got up and uppercutted Vegeta into the air, and pelted him with blows. Vegeta managed to break free and use a strong wave of ki to blow Pan into a mountain, knocking it down. “Vegeta win the final round. Now, he must go up against our champion wildcard, Simax.” “What?! I won!” Vegeta growled.

Part 55 - Loser’s TRUE Final: Vegeta vs Simax

Vegeta saw “Simax”. He was large. Almost 10 feet tall to be precise. He looked human, but Vegeta felt a familar aura emit from him. Simax quickly jumped up and landed on Vegeta with a series of devastating kicks and punches. Vegeta barely managed to shurg them off and blast him back with a final flash. Simax flew at Vegeta and headbutted him backwards. Vegeta got mad and went SSJ125, and yell “HAI-NI-CHOU-DAMA!!!” and shot a swirling gold beam of energy at Simax. Simax felt the raw energy slam into him, blasting him near the edge of the ring, where a kick by Vegeta sent him out. “Very good, Vegeta. You are much strong than in our last meeting.” “LAST meeting?! We never met, or fought!” Vegeta growled. “Oh, but you have.” Simax’s human form melted away and Vegeta gasped in shock. “L...Lo... Lord Minion?! No way!? I thought you went back to Hell?!” “I did, but with Giygas inside of Tomataus’s body, I have requested from my brother a special power to stop him. Giygas is one of few evils in the universe that is almost as strong as me. I must stop him from finding one as strong as me. And your brother, Tomataus, is as immortal as I am in his form.” “WHAT?! NO WAY!! That’s... that’s impossible...” “No... Giygas is really that powerful... I’m sorry, but even if you get to fight Tomataus, you probably won’t be able to beat him.” “We’ll see about that.” Vegeta said, waiting to challenge #18, who was the overall winner of the winner’s bracket.

Part 56 - Final Match: Vegeta vs #18

Vegeta watched #18 enter the ring. She looked much stronger than when he fought her on Earth. He began to understand WHY Alex liked her for a queen. “Alex... I... I understand now... I’m sorry I mocked your android mate.”

#18 rushed in at Vegeta, and the two engaged in a physical duel. #18 grabbed Vegeta by the ankle, and slammed him again one of the damaged columns 2 or 3 times. Vegeta flipped out of it with a double kick to her stomach. #18 reeled back, but barely hurt. She swung her fist, and blasted Vegeta across the floor. #18 walked up to him, but then said, “Vegeta, I... I can’t fight him... he’s YOUR brother, and my best friend. You must be the one to battle him. I give in...” “You’re.... you’re giving up?!” Vegeta scowled, “You have the chance to win, and yet you...?!” “I wouldn’t stand a chance. I don’t have power of his caliber, plus.,. he’s YOUR brother.” she turned her head and put her foot on the ground outside the ring. “Do it for us all.” Vegeta’s mind ringed. Now it was up to him. Tomataus would step up next. “#18, has elimiated herself from the tortunment for an unknown reason, so Vegeta will move on to face Tomataus.”

Mean while, Tomataus laughed, “So she let my brother step up to fight me, did she?” Giygas’s voice rung up from inside of him. “Interesting... brother against brother, to settle it... one and for all... once... and... for all....”

Part 57 - The Greatest Battle Known to Man.

Vegeta got up, and Goku gave him a sensu bean, healing him. “Vegeta, good luck.” “Kakarott... why are you bid ME good luck?” “He’s your brother... you have to realize he’s very important to you, no matter how much you deny it in public.” “Kaka... Goku... I... you’re right. I love him as a brother, no matter how much of an annoying immature brat he can be. Now.. if you excuse me... I must fulfill my destiny, or die trying...” Vegeta said, as Tomataus finally made himself known to everyone watching. He set down on the platform. “Ah... dear big brother... I see we’re prepared to fight. Well, you’re in for...” Giygas’s voice contiued with “One he%% of a fight. For this round, the rules are different.” Tomataus aimed at the ring and with one hand, he blew the ring into pieces. “There is no ring. We fight until one of us falls.” “I understand... brother...” Vegeta said.

Part 58 - It Begins...

Tomataus cupped his hands at Vegeta. A red energy began to collect in them. “TO-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!!” and a massive energy wave flew at Vegeta. Vegeta countered it with a Final Flash, but Vegeta’s shot was far overwhelmed and he was knocked to the ground. Tomataus flew down, grabbed Vegeta by his shirt and began pelting his face, chest and arms with fast, painful blows, which went on about 30 seconds, until Vegeta went SSJ150, summoned a ki shield and inflicted a heavy burn on the palms of Tomataus’s fists. “Not bad, brother. I expected much less resistance from even you, but I guess you really are as prideful as you say.” Tomataus then shot a shining yellow beam from his glowing eyes, and it began to burn Vegeta severely, Vegeta did his Chou-Blast and sent Tomataus skyrocketing into a mountain. Tomataus disappeared, reappeared behind Vegeta and embedded his fist into Vegeta’s back, and appeared below him and jabbed him in the stomach hard. Vegeta fell to earth, exhausted. Tomataus landed, walked up to him, and stepped on his throat. “Any last words?” “I... I... give up...” Vegeta replied. “WHAT?!” #18 madly roared. “Give up?” Tomataus said, removing his foot from Vegeta’s neck. “Brother, there’s no dening it, you’ve finally become the strongest one of us. You’ve finally been opened up to your dream. You deserve to be the real King of Vegeta. I can never win. Kakarott always surpassed me, and I could never top him, and I couldn’t top you either... I’m sorry...”

“Tomataus is sorry himself.” Giygas said, “But I could care less. This means I win!!” he said in victory. “NO!” Cloud suddenly yelled out. “WHAT?!” “The game rules state any Wildcards not defeated in the losers matches can also fight you if the overall winner should lose.” Cloud replied. “So, more toys to play with.” Giygas mentally smirked. “I shall take you down myself, ‘old friend’.” Cloud stepped up. “Don’t waste my time.” Tomataus said. Cloud rushed in and kicked Tomataus in his head, but Tomataus smacked Cloud into a mountain, almost killing him. “Fool. Did I not say it was useless to fight me?” Giygas boasted, “The fight is over.” “The fight is NOT over, ‘old friend’.” Tomataus was suddenly slammed by a pinkish blur and knocked to the ground below. He looked up to see Paula, floating above him. “You?” Giygas began to laugh. “I almost killed you earlier. How can YOU beat me?!” “The same way I defeated Lord Minion on Earth.” Paula said, clasping her hands together in prayer, letting the Megami powers embrace her. Giygas mentally gasped at the sight of pure wings on her back. “You... you’re as immortal as Tomataus is now! This can’t be happening!!” “Giygas, say bye bye... PREMENANTLY!”

Part 59 - Paula vs. Tomataus... or is it really Giygas?

Paula rushed in and swung her fist in Tomataus’s face, just as he swung his foot in her face. Both were sent rocketing into the nearest solid objects around them. Both recovered and engaged in a serious fist dual. They both were actually hitting each other in the face, chest and shoulders, but they were so powerful they took them as little pebbly hits. Both jumped back from each other and caught their breath. “Giygas, you’ve done some evil things in your existance, but taking over my best friend there was the biggest mistake ever made!” “Best friend?” Alex’s voice could be hear from Tomataus. “Yes. Despite how you can be around us, I still consider you my best friend, and Giygas will be dispelled from your body, I will make sure of it!” “Shut up, stupid little girl!!” Giygas said as Tomataus appeared behind Paula and smashed his fist into her back, sending her to earth. Paula quickly jumped up and retailiated with a sharp kick to Tomataus’s stomach. “ARGH... you... fool...” Giygas said, taking a serious charge at her. Paula jumped up, and wrapped her legs around the incoming Tomataus’s neck, and wrestled him to the ground, and locking her legs around him, ready to twist his neck. “Giygas, do you want to lose THIS body as well?!” “I am immortal, you cannot kill this body.” “No...” she let him free. “But I can do this...” she held out her left fist, and acculmated a brillant green glow around it, and swung it into the mid section of Tomataus’s chest. Tomataus gasped in pain, and Giygas roared, and Tomataus fell to the ground, unconscious. Giygas roared, “NOOOOO!!!” and ripped himself from Tomataus’s body, the M symbol on his forehead disappearing. “Giygas, you’ve lost. Face it.” “NEVER!!! I’ll find another as strong as me!! I will get you back in spades you little #@%@#!” Giygas said, and in a flash of light zoomed off into the distance. “ARGH! We have to stop him before he finds another body!” Paula said, grabbing Alex’s unconscious form. The others gathered up the other unconscious fighters, and Minion, once again disquised as Simax, also asked to join. They agreed, and everyone went back to the Marcus Vegetis, and decided to take a small breather and find where Giygas was heading.

Part 60 - Evil Never Dies

Alex awoke later. “What happened?!” Then he remembered it ALL. “Giygas, that fag!! How dare he take over my body!” “I know. I had to bear the pain of watching you all beat each other up just to have a chance to face you when you were Tomataus.” Paula said. “God, Giygas will pay, I’ll make sure of that! Where is he going?!” Alex asked. Dende answered, “He’s headed way back past Charon, a moon on Pluto, so we’re basically going to be moving into serious uncharted territory.” “We have very little choice. If Giygas finds another body, we may not be able to stop him this time.” Ness said with panic in his voice. “Okay, then we’re off to... wherever...” Goku said with a goofy grin on his face. Everyone sweatdropped.

Part 61 - The Chase Begins

The Marcus Vegetis zoomed from Deimos and began zooming towards the outer limits of our solar system, but a distress call came in as they were passing a moon. “Mayday! Mayday! Assistance is heavily required! Something is attacking the Tiberus Outpost here. If anyone with experien...” it was cut off by a monotonous static. “Just perfect... maybe Giygas struck here.” Dende pondered, “I’d better dispatch some of us to check it out.”

So in that desicion, Jason, Dan, Ness and Paula agreed to settle down on the Tiberus Outpost and check it out. The crawled into the ventilation shafts and found themselves in the station. It looked like a bomb had ripped through the station. Walls were torn apart, exposing wires. Consoles were sparking and on fire, pieces of the ceiling were falling. A piece fell off the ceiling and almost hit Dan on the head. “Dan to Dende: We see lots of structural damage, but nothing ‘alive’ yet.” “Keep looking.” Dende urged. The 4 of them found an intact switch. It flipped to open a door in front and below them. They walked through the door, and found similar damage to the area, including cracked mirrors, broken lights and fallen beams. As they crept through, Jason swore he could hear something. They found another operational door. As they stepped through, a wall bursted open, spraying the group with small showers of rock. When they could see again, they saw a massive alien towering over them, almost 11 feet tall. “Urp...” Jason gulped, “Jason to Dende: WE FOUND IT!!!” “Great. Now kill it or something!” Dende replied. “Small problem, it’s HUGE.” Jason replied. “YOU’RE A SAIYAN, JUST KI BLAST IT!!” Dende grew annoyed. Jason charged a ki blast in fear and shot it, but the creautre shot some kind of missle from his arm which blocked the ki blast. Both exploded in mid-air, and the force of the explosion blew the group back into a wall. Dan jumped at it and tried to kick it, but the creature grabbed Dan with its claw-like appendages and made a dent in the wall in the shape of Dan’s body, with Dan in it! Ness ran up to it and smacked it in the foot with his bat. It growled and kicked at him, but he grabbed the foot and threw it into the ceiling. Paula charged her PK Fire, and sent it blasting at the creature, turning it into a blackened heap of flesh. “Ick... Ness to Dende: Problem is... hopefully solved...” “Good... return to the ship. Job well done, all of you.” Jason pried Dan from the wall and they returned to the ship and blasted off after Giygas.

Part 62 - More Distress Calls

The Marcus Vegetis continued in its mission to stop Giygas. Meanwhile, Giygas himself had stopped for a short while to survey the area he had found. It looked like a moon, much like our own, and he noticed a small base hovering outside of it. He flew towards it...

On the ship, some new recruits had just arrived in space pods. They were both friends of Ness and Paula, and had appearently fought against Giygas as well. Their names were Jeff and Poo. The Misfits welcomed their new additions, rather be it geniunly or just acting like it.
Jeff revealed himself to be one of the greatest child minds on Earth, and he warned that he often talked in very techincal language. Alex moaned. Clint did this to him enough, and now he had two people that did it to deal with. Poo was actually a powerful psychic prince from a country called Dalaam. He wasn’t as good with his powers as Ness and Paula, but his upper body strength surpassed their’s by far, and he knew martial arts. Most of the saiyans had mixed opinions on him.
Goku’s: “He looks disturbed by something.” 
Vegeta’s: “He’s nothing to me.”
F. Trunks: “Hmmm... he reminds me so much of Gohan.”
Gohan: “He reminds me of Trunks.”
Bra: “He’s cute! :D”
Pan: “He looks majestic.”
Goten: “He looks... constipated.”
L. Trunks: “Ummm... he looks cool.”
Chi Chi: “He reminds me of Yarjoribe, except he’s actually not fat.”
Etc, etc, etc... you get the point.

Alex went out to the pool deck. He noticed Shenlong was the lifeguard. “That dragon is everywhere!” he stated. He saw Vern push Virgil into the water. Alex laughed, “Hah hah hah hah!” Then Devin pushed him into the water. “Devin! Fag!” Vern then jumped in and started hassling Alex, flicking him, doing the hole and punching him. Virgil jumped from the deck and washed Alex away with a tremendous tidal wave. Poo came in, picked up Devin and Virgil, smashed them against each other, and kicked them into the water. He pulled out Vern, and and rung him out like a towel, and towelslapped Virgil and Devin with him. “Hah hah hah hah!!” Alex laughed, “Now who’s the idiots?!” Poo looked at him and said, “Don’t push me. I did that to help you. Your pitiful laughing doesn’t help anyone, and you making me wonder if I should beat you up too.” Alex shut up quickly and Poo left.

Meanwhile, Dende got ANOTHER distress call, this time from a base over a moon a lot like ours. He sent Alex, Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, and Vern to examine and explore this station.

Part 63 - Terror, Coca-Cola, Pop Corn, and Corniness

The 6 explorers arrived in a green, alien like room. The walls seemed to pulsate. “Ick.” Alex cringed. They proceeded, and noticed green plant like moss on the ground. “What is this junk?” asked Vern. Suddenly he felt a pull on his foot as something pulled him under. “AAAAHHH!!” “Vern!!” Alex turned around, went SSJ10, and aimed a blast toward’s Vern’s location. Vern was a bit roasted, but whatever grabbed him had been vaporized. Vern passed out. “Alex to Dende: Get Mr. Eninem wannabe a doctor. He had a slight encouter with some hot digs.” “Alex, I know Vern annoys you, but geez. Sending him back...” Dende instant transmissioned in, picked up Vern and left with him the same way. The other 5 walked along further, and found a strange looking door. Alex flipped a switch and it opened. As Alex walked through Devin appeared in front of his face. “AAAAHHHH!! Devin, you fat, bloated idiot!! WHY?!?!” he said, Kenan style. “Alex, with all due respect, SHUT UP.” Poo said calmly. The six walked into the room, only to find themselves on a small ledge. They looked down, and saw a lavaish substance on the bottom. “This is getting strange.” Jeff commented. “Really. Why is there lava in a moon base floating in space?” Paula asked. “Better yet, WHY are we here?” asked Alex. “Dende said a signal came from here.” Ness reminded him. “How do we get across then?” asked Alex. Paula smacked him upside the head, “Duh. We fly, doofus.” Alex hit his head against the wall. “Stupid, stupid!” They all the flew to the other side and found an elevator. The took it and found themselves in a reactor chamber. They saw malfunctioning pistons. “Oh crap, I’d better fix this. This explains the lava.” Jeff said. “Explain.” asked Devin. Jeff explained a long spech about how the reactor was allowing the waste in the one room to get so hot it resembled lava. By the time it was done, Alex was snoring on the ground. Devin kicked Alex awake, “Let’s go sleepyhead.” Jeff stayed behind to fix the reactor, while the other 5 went to another elevator, finding themselves back in the center, lava filled room. the flew across to a different side of the room, and found a room with machinary. Alex and Poo examined the machines. “Hmm, incubation chamber?” Alex said. “Incubation? For what?!” asked Ness, confused. “T... those...” Paula stammered, pointing to a large group of greenish, alien type eggs, which were now just hatching. Out of them came slimy things with circular teeth. One jumped on and latched onto Devin’s arm. “AAAAHHH!!!” Devin shook it off and stepped on it. Everyone screamed and ran out of the room. Paula lost her footing at the edge of fell over and landed on a platform rotating below. “Paula, you okay?!?!” asked Ness. She looked around, noticing she was a few feet above the lava. “Yeah... just fine...” She then noticed an opening in the center wall and made a risky jump into it. She found a strange control room, and a huge egg in it. “This is not my day...” she sighed, as the egg hatched, and a platoon of slimy things poured out. Paula aimed a fire blast into the egg, and it exploded into a mess, and killed all the slimy annoyances. Paula had to duck behind a machine to avoid being pelted by burning material. She saw a switch and flipped it. She felt the ground shake, and quickly flew out and rejoined everyone else. “I think we got the prbolem solved.” she said, seeing the lava turn ice cold. The room began to freeze. “Who turned off the heat valve?” asked Jeff. “Oops...” Paula realized what she turned off. “Well, I think we handled the problem anyways, so let’s get the heck outta here.” Jeff said. They ran back to the pulsating room, and the Vegetis picked them all up, and they got the heck out of there.

Part 64 - The Big Bang

The Vegetis roared on in search of Giygas. Dende was in the lounge playing cards with Piccolo. “You got an 8?” asked Dende. “Go fish.” “Dang!”

Suddenly, they felt a presense, and a large creature appeared in front of them. He was huge, blue skinned, and had orange hair. “B... Bojack?!” “Ah... the Namek called Piccolo. So this is were you and all your pathetic friends went to.” A girl in blue skin and orange hair appeared next to him. “Zangya, find the other saiyans and friends of Piccolo.” Zangya teleported from their view.

In the weight room, Alex and Vegeta were lifting weights when Zangya popped in in front of them. “Well, I found Vegeta.” she said with a smirk. “You’re one of Bojack’s minions!” Vegeta recognized her. “Zangya, yes...” she mused, “And your days are numbered, saiyan.” Zangya charged a huge sized Ki blast and aimed it at Vegeta. “You b#%@#! Vegeta is my brother, you fight me!” Zangya laughed, “Brother? You? Fight me? Ha hah hah hah!! If you wish so!” Zangya disappeared and Alex felt his stomach being punched in. “OOOF!! Dooo.....nnnnnk....kkkeee...yyyy... punc...hing coooow....” Alex fell unconscious. “Hah hah hah!” Zangya kept laughing. Bulma came running into the room. “Hey, what are you doing to my little brother-in-law?!” Bulma dove on Zangya and they got into a cat fight. Bulma seemed to be good with catfights, and forced Zangya out of the room.

Piccolo and Bojack were fighting it out, but Piccolo was getting his butt kicked badly. Dende managed to run and get help... in the form of Master Barf and Devin. Master Barf jumped on Bojack’s head’s covering him in puke. Bojack gagged and ki blasted Barf into a wall. Barf burped and blew a nauseous gas at Bojack. Bojack got sick and threw up. Barf absorbed the puke and shot a gunky substance, but Bojack Ki blasted it, yet leaving him open as Devin finally crushed Bojack under his tremendous fat. “Moww... mhis... mucks...” Bojack teleported away. Zangya came in and found no sign of Bojack. “Uh... gotta run...” she vanished from the ship as well.

On the captain’s deck, Alex awoke from another unconscious slip. “ARGH!!!!!!! I HATE THIS!!!!!!!” his voice echoed through the ship.

Part 66 - Forgotten Promises

Shenlong awoke from his sleep. He suddenly remembered back to the Tomataus Games. He remembered he promised a wish or two to the winners and such. He emerged from his 4D plane and appeared in the captain’s deck. “Dende, bring me Paula and Alex...”

Alex was growling and screaming about Zangya hitting him with such a cheap attack. “Da$% that girl, I’ll...” “ALEX, GET OVER TO THE CAPTAIN’S DECK!!! SHENLONG WANTS TO SEE YOU!! I’VE CALLED FOR YOU FOUR TIMES!!!” Alex bolted to the captain’s deck. He saw a really annoyed Dende, Paula and Shenlong. “Whassup?” he said. “Alex, I owe you one wish from the Tomataus Games.” “But I lost. Paula beat me... as if...” Alex said. “Think of it as a complementary wish. You first.” “I... I WISH FOR IMMORTALITY!!!” Shenlong and Dende sweatdropped. “I can only partially grant this wish.”
“Partially?” “Since you fought in your red skinned, green haired fro-looking form, only that form will be immortal.” “WHAT?! Fro!? I had no fro! And I have to be in that form to be immortal?!” “That, or make another wish.” “Grr... f... f... f.. fine...” “Shenlong’s eyes glowed red.” “It has been granted. Now for you, Paula.”

Paula instant replied, “I wish for Vern and Dan to be humans again. They’re getting on my nerves.” “Hey, that was gonna be my other wish!” “Well blah to you. :P” Paula replied. “It has been granted.” Shenlong said.

Vern was holding up Devin and about to throw him in the pool, but something in him felt strange, and then Devin’s weight overwhelmed him and they both tipped over into the pool. “ACK! What happened?!” Vern asked.

“What is your last wish?” Shenlong asked. “Um... um... let me think for a minute... Okay... make us all remain our current age for as long we live!!” Shenlong looked at her strangely, ‘This is basically immortality, except without the vital immunities’. “It shall be done...” his eyes glowed. Everyone felt a faint glow for a split second, and then it was gone. “I bid you farewell for now. See ya again!” then hot liquid cheese spilled over on Alex, and a giant Tomataus plushie fell on Paula. “Haha hah ha hah hah hah!!” Shenlong laughed and disappeared. “AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!” Alex screamed, “HOT CHEESE!!! HOT CHEESE!!” Paula sighed from under the Tomataus plushie, ‘Wacko...’.

Part 66 - Practical Tricks

Devin was bored out of his mind. He was annoyed with certain people, so he decided to play some tricks on people. He teleported behind Alex and kicked him in the butt and knocked him into the water and disappeared. “AUGH!! FAG!!” Alex screamed.

Devin teleported behind Vern, who was sleeping with his tape recorder on. He unplugged the headphones, and got out speakers that were outside the door. He hooked hin the speakers and disappeared. Outside the room Vegeta was heading to the time chamber with little Trunks when N Sync blasted from the speakers outside Vern’s room. “AAAUUUUGGGHH!!!! FRUITY MUSIC!!!” little Trunks ran away. Vegeta stormed in and beat up Vern. Devin watched this all and laughed.

Devin teleported in behind Clint and dropped Ice down his pants. “AAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Clint jumped up and down. “Cold, cold, cold coldcoldcold!!!”

Devin teleported behind Virgil, and put a whoopie cusion under his seat. He sat down on it and *BZZT*. “AAUUUGGGHHH!!!!” Bra and Jeff heard Virgil and ran.

Devin appeared in the captain’s room, and places an Alka Seltzer in Dende’s water. He drank it and got throat irritation. “WHOEVER DID THIS WILL DIE!!!” Dende rang in on the intercom, “If anyone has had any jokes played on them, come up here now. That is all.” “Uh oh.” Devin said, “He’s on the hunt.”

Vern, Alex, Clint and Virgil came up to Dende, and explained the happenings...

In Devin’s room, he felt a strange presense behind him. He turned to see someone in a “Mask” getup who said, “SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!” “AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!” Devin ran outside, and was clothslined by Alex, crushed under Virgil’s tremendous fat, pounded by Clint’s Sledgehammer, and blasted with Vern’s backup supply of country music. “AUUUGHH!! I give up, I give up!!” Dende then put Devin on pool cleanup duty for 3 weeks. The man in the mask revealed himself to be Goku. “I was hoping to use that one someone again sometime.” he said with his goofy grin.

Part 67 - Hormones

#18 was walking by when Vern jumped out and tried to hit on her. “Hey, doll. You wanna go to the pub?” He was kicked in the crotch, and slammed in the back. “Dumb@$$, there is NO pub here.” #18 replied and left, leaving Vern there.

Virgil, not having much of a clue, saw Bulma and walked up to her. “Hi, babe. Dig these muscles.” Bulma looked at him blankly and laughed, “HA HAH HAH HAH!!!! YOU... HAVE MUSCLES?! HAHAH HAH HAHAH HAH!!!” Virgil growled and threw Bulma into the swimming pool. “BAKA!!!” Bulma yelled. “B$##^.” Virgil said and left, angered and fuming. Vegeta and Devin jumped in and pounded Virgil to a pulp and put him through the rolling press. Vegeta was put through the rolling press by Dende for unpermitted use of the rolling press, and Devin was given 2 more weeks pool cleanup.

Alex came by and noticed Vern’s hurt body. “Hey, retard. What happened to you?” “#18 happened to me.” “VERN!!! YOU ARE SUCH A FAG!!” Alex kicked Vern in his head, and stormed off.

Little Trunks and Pan were walking down the hall, when Virgil came out went “Oooh... the b#@%!’s son likes Pan, oooh...” “How dare you call my mom that!” little Trunks tried to uppercut him, but Virgil crushed him under his tremendous fat. Pan kicked him off and drug him over to Dende. “He’s acting like a total jerk. Do something!” she requested and left him there. “Virgil, geez. You’re on my nerves so much. I guess I have to do this.” Dende summoned Shenlong. “Shenlong, punish Virgil. He’s acting like a sexist pig.” Shenlong growled and said, “This will not go unattended, Virgil. I curse you for 5 days. You will be a pig for these 5 days.” Virgil suddenly turned into a pig. Alex ran in and punched Virgil in the snout for no reason. Dende then put Alex through the rolling press. “Hah hah, Alex. Got in trouble too, eh?!” he smirked. “Shut up, you.”

Part 68 - Wrestling

The space ship also had a wrestling ring. Alex was a wrestler, as were the Rock and Stone Cold. Vern and Jason were also wrestlers. Vern and Jason strutted up to Alex and said, “Hey flabby, we wish to kick your butt in wrestling, do you accept?” “You fags, I can whip both your candy @$$es anyday.” “Yes, the Rock said, take a little stroll down down Know-Your-Role Boulevrde, hang that right at Jaborni Drive, and proceed to check yourself into the Smackdown Hotel!” “Fine, tonight, at 6:00 earth time.” Jason said.

Later that night, music blared as Jason and Vern strutted down the aisle. Jason saw Bra and tried to charm her with a strange pose, but Bra took out a Rock book and slapped him across the face with it. Discouraged, Jason followed Vern down to the ring. Then more music blared as Alex and the Rock came in. Alex trotted in a skipping pose, and held out a bazooka, shooting flares upwards into the air, and then skipped down to the ring with the Rock. Then Stone Cold came out, dressed in Referee clothes. When he got into the ring, he began the match. Vern grabbed Alex and threw him into the turnbuckle and rushed at him. Alex jumped up and kicked him in the head. Alex then put Vern in a figure four leglock. Jason came in and dropped kicked Alex, and the Rock grabbed him and threw him out of the ring. He got up, dazed and saw Paula. Not knowing he was talking to her in particular, he said, “Hey, doll. Wanna come to my room later?” *PANG* Paula conked him over the head with her patented frying pan, knocking him down. “Darn.” Jason said as the Alex picked him up and threw him into the stairs, knocking him out. The Rock did the People’s Elbow on him and pinned him for a 3 count. Alex and The Rock won a starring role in a book of Dende’s about their travels, and won 60 pounds of chocolate from Shenlong.

Part 69 - Diet 2

Alex and the Rock had gotten fat from all the chocolate and had to go into the time chamber. Alex tried to do a kamehameha, but farted. “You jaborni.” the Rock said, doing fast jumping jacks. After 5 hours, they worked off all the fat and left.

Dende was now cracking down on Vern, Jason and Dusty. He limited them to 500 calories a day. “This sucks.” Vern said. “Hah hah hah!!” Alex laughed. Vern took out a cattle prod and shocked Alex. “Vern you fag!” Alex jumped at Vern by was knocked down by Jason’s 2x4. They drug Alex onto the pool deck, where Devin jumped down and crushed Alex under his tremendous fat. “Mou mags... meave me mlone!” he blasted Devin off of him and left.

Part 70 - Evil Vapors

Dende had finally caught up to Giygas. He was on a planet called Vernonious. Alex, Goku and Vegeta decended to the planet. The atmosphere was composed of a stinky gas. “This planet stinks... literally!!” Alex said. Then they saw a red mist in front of them. “Giygas, we’ve finnaly found you, and now we’ll kill you.” Vegeta said. “I don’t think so.” he sent a wave at them. Alex began crying uncontrollably, Goku became confused, and Vegeta just fell down unconscious. Alex tried to do a kamehameha, but he aimed it at Goku on accident, who repelled it at Giygas, doing some damage. He sent another wave at them, freezing them in ice. Then he was hit by a blazing missile. He turned to see Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo with their weapons armed. He sent a wave at them, but they defended well, and with no effects. Ness used PK Rockin on him, Jeff shot a Bazooka round into him, Poo used PK Starstorm, and Paula charged some white energy into her hand and punched Giygas with it. Alex then got free and blasted Giygas with a kamehameha, freezing him in place. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo put some power into a combination attack, and sent it into Giygas. Giygas erupted in a ball of vapors and mists. “ALEX YOU FAG!!!” he roared and evoprated into nothing. “Yay!! That’ll teach him to take me over!” Alex said. They all went back to the ship, and celebrated a huge victory.

Part 71 - Final Match

Back on Earth, a battle was erupting in the mountains. A girl and boy were bouncing around and shooting spells at each other. “Charles, please! Can’t you just end this peacefully?!” the girl yelled. “I will make Earth pay, and you as well, Emily.” the boy aid, throwing another bluish spell at her.

On the Vegetis, Dende suddenly got a distress call from Earth: “Earth is in turmoil! There’s a spell fight in the Rocky Mountains!” “Oh crap!” Dende ran to the monitor and barked: “RED ALERT!! RED ALERT!! Earth is under attack!!” A few people, including Alex, Goku, Vegeta, Devin, and Vern came up tp the deck. Dende told them the news, and Goku and Devin decided to instant transmission to Earth with everyone else.

Back on Earth, Emily justed barely dodged a shot from Chalres, when the Misfits suddenly appeared. “HEY!! Enough of that, you two!!” Alex yelled. Charles looked at Alex and said, “Well, it’s my old friend, Binder.” “What?! We never met before!!” “Yes we have... remember when you fought Minion? I came up and helped him take your soul.” “WHAT?! TALDES?! You can’t be him!!” Charles morphed into Taldes, and then back to his other form. “Ha. That was only a false form you fought in the past. You Misfits will be struck down by my tremendous power. Prepare to die!!”

Part 72 - Who... What... Where... Why?

Alex charged a kamehameha and shot it at Taldes, but Taldes smacked it away. Alex went SSJ115 and did another kamehameha, which Taldes prompty smacked away. “FAG!!” Alex got all mad, and went into his Tomataus state. “Now, I will kill you. I am immortal!!” Tomataus said. “You may be immortal, but I can still kill you. You see, blood from the wing of an angel or a demon can kill immortals if used on a weapon.” Taldes took out a knife with blood on it, and threw it at Tomataus, cutting his arm open. “AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!” Tomataus screamed in pain, “IT HURTS!!!! FAAAGGG!!!” Tomataus roared in agony and passed out and reverted back to Alex. “Fat boy, get Tomataus outta here!!” Vegeta ordered. Devin took Alex and teleported to the Vegetis. Vegeta went SSJ130, charged a Final Flash, and sent it Taldes, but he teleported behind Vegeta and kicked him in the back, sending him to the ground. Simax, Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo suddenly appeared in front of Taldes. “Taldes, wait... you can’t let all of that rage from your past take the best of you!” “Who the heck are you, freak?! How do you know anything about me?” “Taldes... I remember you when I firs found you. That scar on your arm... I remember it all. You were once Emily’s friend, back in the 1690s. But one day, you two were in a mill, crawling along a beam above the ground, there was a balde below... and you... you fell... and..” “STOP!! HOW THE HE$$ DO YOU KNOW ALL OF THAT?!” Simax took off his masking revealing Lord Minion. “Lord?! You... you betrayed me?!” “N... no... I had to help them.” Minion looked down, “Giygas possessed Tomataus, and was going to use his body to try and kill me. I had to help them by particpating in the Tomataus games. I’m... I’m sorry.” “Well, I see your point, but that doesn’t excuse you. You... you helped THEM of all people.” Taldes said, “I was enraged to find you gone. The other demons feared me. I had no one to provide me a test of my powers. Sorry, but I must do this... CRYSTAL HUNTER!!” Minion was then encased in a crystal tomb. “Minion... no... release him, or this reality may collaspe on itself!” Paula yelled. “I do not care anymore... reality can die and go to eternity for all I care now.” “Then you leave US with no choice.” Ness said and looked over at Paula, and then they did the fusion dance, becoming Nesua. “Wow... a fusion... I’m soooo scared...” Taldes said in a sarcastic tone. Nesua charged in and punched Taldes in the face, but he kicked Neusa away and into a mountain. Alex reappeared, healed by Dende. “You fag, I will KILL you for that!!” “Big words, Blender Smender...” Taldes taunted, dodging a PK Fire/Flash attack from Nesua. He prepared a spell and chanted some words, sending a dragon shaped wave into Nesua, blasting him into the air. Taldes appeared above Nesua and smashed him into the ground, where they defused back into Ness and Paula. Paula got up and tended to Ness, who was in major pain since his body was the one that got beat up in the fusion. “Who’s next?!” he asked. “Charles, can’t you see!? You’re not proving anything by letting reality just... die.” Emily said with cutting words. “Maybe not, but at least my revenge will come true...”

Part 73 - The Kiss

Alex went Tomataus again and charged at Taldes, knocking him down to the ground and making a crater. Taldes growled, and did a kamehameha, sending Tomataus crashing into one of the mountains. Tomataus shot his Tomehameha into Taldes, burning into his soul. “AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! ALEX, YOU LITTLE DONKEY PUNCHING BUTTMUNCH!!” Taldes said, charged in and belted Tomataus in the middle of the chest, and he fell unconscious and reverted back to Alex again. Paula healed Ness, and told him, “I have an idea.” she went Megami, and then got on the right side of Ness, and they did the fusion dance again. The result was someone that looked like Paula, except with darker hair, greyish eyes, and two pairs of wings. “Goodie, another stupid fusion.” Taldes clapped. “I am Paulus. I will defeat you, using the true powers of a goddess times two.” she charged in and belted Taldes in the chest, almost ripping through his chest. Taldes punched Paulus in the face, but his fist bounced off her head. She then kneed him in the stomach hard, knocking the air out of him, and then uppercutted him into the air, and appeared above him and smashed him back down to earth. Embedded into the ground, Taldes was in serious pain. Emily ran up to him. “Charles... you can’t win, you’re heart is to filled with evil. Why do you have to die like this?” She kneeled down and looked at him, “I’ll always love you like we did in the past.” and with that, she kissed him. Taldes attempted to struggle at first, but his mind was quickly flooded with memories of his past as a boy. His mind flashed to the incident with his arm, and he finally realized... Emily truly was sorry about it. After the kiss was done. Taldes opened his eyes, which were no longer red, but green. He looked at Emily. “Thank you... for believing in me... I am no longer Taldes. I am Charles Miguel once again. I love you too.” he kissed her back. “I... I guess he turned good... or... or something...” Ness’s voice came from Paulus. “We’re done Ness.” and they defused back to Ness and Paula. Alex awoke and saw Emily and Charles kissing. “What happened?” “Emily... she deliuted the evil from Taldes, er.. Charles’ heart.” Paula explained. “She kissed him and turned him good? Argh!! I wanted to kill him!!” “Oh, Alex, I just remembered. #18 wishes to see you tonight. She said something about you and an incident at the pool.” Paula said. “Uh oh...” Alex knew what she meant. Charles, looked at Minion and freed him, and then looked at everybody else. “Misfits... I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused. I let my hatred for you almost destroy us all. Can you forgive me?” “Forgi..” Alex tried to word, but Paula cut him off, “Yes, we can forgive you. Emily loves you, and I think you two deserve a chance together, like Ness and I are.” she winked at a blushing Ness. “In fact,” Ness began, “Why don’t you two join us. The more the merrier!” Ness grinned Goku’s goofy smile. ‘NOOOO!!’ Alex thought to himself. “I think we should return to the ship.” said Goku, “Gather around me.” Goku said, using his instant transmission to return everyone to the Vegetis.

Part 74 - End of Transmission

Dende held a celebration for the defeats of Giygas, Bojack, as well as the additions of Charles and Emily to the group. People chowed down, sang, and talked all night. Alex suddenly saw #18 at a seperate table, gesturing for him to come over. Alex gulped, and sat down with her. “#18, what did you mean to tell me about?” “Alex, you kicked Vern in the head for hitting on me, am I right?” she asked. “Yes.” “You also fought him in the pool over something concerning me, right?” she asked again. “Well, yes.” “Is it true you have a love towards me?” ‘Ack! She knows...’ “Y...y...y..” “I’ll take that as a yes.” #18 said, “Anyways, I appricate trying to protect my honor in front of Vern. You’re real sweet. We’ll talk later.” she said, leaning over and giving him a peck on the cheek. Alex’s face went red, and he shot off like a rocket. “YAHOO!!! I’m in the money!! I’m in the money!! My days are now looking so bright and sunny!!” he cheered. #18 rolled her eyes and smiled, and left. Alex decided hanging out with the other Misfits and Vegeta was worth it with #18 around.

The Marcus Vegetis roared off back towards our galaxy, ready to respond to any distress call it recieved, but for now... it was ALLLL good...

[End of series 2. Series 3 coming soon.]