Last News Update: 04/09/2014, 18:15 (EST)
Current 'Stable' Release Version: v5.22.12242012 (Released on: 12/24/2012)
Current 'Unstable/Git' Release Version: (check sidebar and go to the github site to pick it up :P)
Planned Release Date of Next Version: ? [keep in touch at the github site for updates]

04/09/14: So it feels like forever and a day since the last update, but fear not, there have techincally been updates to NR, just not 'official' or 'stable' ones. I've moved my work to, so updates to NR and the HRP are going to be more close together and not clustered in massive groups like previously. Thanks to Kyle873 for getting me on the GitHub bandwagon. :P

To get to the sites, click the darker blue links in the sidebar off to the right, or if you want to directly download the current master folder, just click the green links next to them. Going to the respective github repositories will however allow you to see more clearly into what's been changed lately. <.<

Also, just so I give Kyle some street cred here, go check out his 'DoomRPG' mod for ZDoom if you're into that kind of thing. Also to give his companion cube Yholl some attention, go check out his 'DoomRL Arsenal' mod for ZDoom a look, as both mods can be combined into an interesting experience. :P (also because DoomRPG started off as a sort of 'NR-Lite' for ZDoom before it grew out it's beard and wings to take off on it's own tangents XD)

12/24/12: Yes, you can gasp in utter horror again. NR has once again risen from it's 'grave' 15 more months later. Sadly this isn't a huge ground-breaking update. Again, life and other projects and games have stolen my time modding this. However there are some critical bug fixes and some readjustments to how characters jump and whatnot, and also some changes for people who like the Chaingun shooting it's usual boring-arse bullets again. :P

Hopefully, [but not very likely] I'll have another update ready in less than 15 months this time... maybe... x.x

Also, Merry Christmas :P

9/26/11: 5.21 is finally available for download. I am horrifically sorry about the long-arse delay this has compassed, but for nearly 15 months I have had various things in real life and other projects taking up so much of my time. Also, for those who don't somehow already know, I bought a new laptop in March, allowing my gaming horizons to expand a lot, another contribution to all the delays. There's not nearly as many serious changes in this version as I'd like to have, but the UI has had a revamp of sorts, there is now a lowercase font in the game a la Shadow Warrior, and some other surprises and a few minor to moderate changes in balance. I also need to thank Cacodemon, Ryan and newcomer Kyle873 for in their own ways getting me off my ass at last to do this. o.o

6/11/10: 5.20 is now available for download. Sorry for the longer than usual wait, but real life has been beyond hectic for me since 5.19 was released, and this version is not as changelog heavy compared to 5.19 either. I'm not sure when 5.21 will come out either yet. With things as they are and a downgraded internet provider [took 2 hours to upload 5.20 compared to about 30 minutes in the past], who knows what will happen. @_@

3/1/10: 5.19 is updated now folks. New features are best checked in the changelog.

1/7/10: - If you have had past experiences with 'sprites freezing in midair at random', please download these fixed cons. With help from Plagman and DeeperThought, I have sought out and [hopefully] eliminated the cause of the problem at last, but I need more than just my own playtesting input to be 100% sure. Besides, there's a few other minor fixes to in-menu stuff in this copy.

1/1/10: The NR-HRP is now uploaded at 203MB large. >.>

12/30/09: 5.18 is ready folks. The final release of the current year and decade. Let's hope 2010 will go to help NR further with development and that we'll get over the stumbling blocks that are keeping it's progression slowed down.

Also, as for the "HRP" I'm making for NR. I'll update the page later when I get it uploaded somewhere. I'm not putting it up here on for now, since it's nearly 210MB and still not too far done yet. Unless the big wigs at D4N gave me permission, I won't be putting the NRHRP up on here. Sorry. :(

11/8/09: 5.17 is released at last. However if you've read only my news posts below, you need to know that a lot of what I mentioned about working on the "The Misfits" more than NR for a while hasn't been done as I had hoped, nor has NR been done much either.

I've had a family member going to the hospital in early September, and although they're out of there for now, they are still recovering from the original affliction, but in order to speed said first affliction's recovery along, the family member had to get a bypass-type surgery, so they will have to have it removed and recover from THAT after their original affliction is completely gone, so it will be a long road. Due to this, we've been less focused on our usual day-to-day activities, and for me, that means most of what I said I was going to do in my 8/28/09 update didn't get done yet.

However I have decided to update NR to a degree over these last 2 weeks. There's 9 new Equippable Items, two new Character Skills, 1 new Status Buff, some bugfixes, and a brand new "Energy Points" system that works like MP/Mana/TP in most RPGs, which means character skills can no longer be used infinitely in-game and "EP" must be replenished with items or recover gradually on its' own. More details are under their respective sections for items, etc.

P.S. Yay for the House passing their Health Care bill. Now let's hope the Senate keeps their act together too. >_>; [this is in regards to my situation with one of my family having been in the hospital last month, sorry to suddenly tack it on, but oh well. :P]

8/28/09: In light of the developments from 3 days ago, I wanted to let you know 5.16 is released. It's a bit early compared to the pattern of the last 3 or 4 releases [about a 2 month period], but there's a bunch of stuff in my opinion that need to be uploaded.

HOWEVER, there's a second reason for my early release. There's a small to moderate chance I might take a break from NR for a while. Tomorrow [the 29th] marks the EIGHTH anniversary of my "The Misfits" series, and I've sadly spent over 2.5 years of working to good level of success with NR, but sadly at the sacrifice of neglecting the aforementioned story/fanfiction above. I am linking it because in the case I do go back to writing on it again, I wanted you to all know where I am focusing some of my work.

I do not know how long I'll be at work on it. Knowing me, even if I do actually get back to it, it'll only be a matter of time before I stop working on it again in favor of working on NR, which has been a lot more enjoyable from a "testing" stand point. I do want to give my other projects a chance to get somewhere though. I have so many projects on the back burner, and you might notice the "MisfitTech Studios" logo on the page leads to the new website I made in light of my possible leaving of, and how it has several project buttons, including Naferia's Reign and The Misfits.

So yeah, don't take it personally if I stop working some on NR and 5.17+ take a while for release. I felt that releasing 5.16 early can help make up for this, and the fact I need to get my mind off NR as much as possible if I do decide I'm gonna go back to The Misfits for a while. In the meantime, check it out PLEASE, especially if you have any interest in reading crossover stories [a pattern in almost ANY project of mine involves crossing over things, if you haven't noticed. :P]. And if you can sit through the 270,000 or more words it covers so far, please review it on the guest book on the page, or even send me personal messages or IMs about it. I'm serious, because I have so little critique and comments about it, and that's part of the reason I've neglected it so much. I've seen way too many good fanfiction[yes, there is GOOD fanfiction, a big request to "do your research better" to those who think all fanfiction is bad by association] that have been stopped or put on the backburner indefinately due to various problems. :\

8/25/09: Sadly, this is not a mod update, but a site update, an important one. You might already have seen the below message if you've come here from the page, but for those of you who haven't:

"Sorry guys, but there's been some server issues concerning various things, and I have to move a lot of my stuff off server, so the server, as I had someday predicted it would, is going to now be NR main site, so it's back down to having one site again. :P However, there's no problems between me and Zero X. Diamond, the webmaster. It's just the economy sucks, and we'll leave it at that. He's still allowing me to have a redirect page here for those of you who I assume are so used to this site being the central place."

Yeah, so now the server IS the main site. I'll admit that when TerminX was offering around, I almost considered NOT taking up his offer, but then I had always been worried might run out of funding and one day suddenly vanish. It hasn't, but the prices there for hosting have DOUBLED according to ZXD, and that means I can't have my stuff on there for nothing/free now, so I have to find places to move my stuff unless I can get income to help pay off the [yearly?] bills. I'm still sorta with them, it's just I have to move my stuff, so this is part of the result of that. Hopefully aside from that, you guy won't be affected too much, but remember from here on out for now the main site is now "" and NOT "" >.>

7/15/09: Fourth release of 2009 [5.15]. As always, main updates and changes can be seen in the changelog inside the readme in the 7z. And as mentioned last update, from here on out, there are no longer any "zip" versions of the download, just "7z", so sorry, but you'll have to deal with it now. Besides, the "" mirror more then counteracts the download time I spend for updates, since I have to still upload two files between the two sites. And yes, there is a mirror site now for NR on

5/16/09: Third release of 2009 [5.14]. As always, main updates and changes can be seen in the changelog inside the readme in the 7z. One more note: this is the final version which will have a "zip" version of the download. Sorry to those of you who are weary about 7zip as a program, but lately I heard more and more that other archive uncompressing programs are starting to support the 7z format[including WinRAR], and having two downloads is unnecessary for both this server's filespace and for uploading times. >.> So as of 5.15 and up, do not expect any more "zip" versions and prepare to get used to downloading the more effective "7z" version more often. <.<

3/13/09: Second Release of 2009 [5.13]. Main updates vary and are mostly seen in the changelog inside the readme in the 7z. There are also some undocumented changes [i.e. Cheats :P] as well.

1/3/09: 5.12 is the first release of 2009. This version has one primary update: the existence of a few drivable combat vehicles. Mainly the Pig Cop Riot Tanks. There are also some updates to some of the sprites of the playable characters, but only 3 or 4 of them. Other changes are in the changelog. Enjoy. :P

12/19/08: 5.11 is now released, and with a bunch of new changes, including more environmental support for various interactive objects, and support for over 20 new items that can be stored into your inventory. As always, it is recommended to look at the changelog in the readme file for the full details.

10/26/08: 5.10 is released. As per normal, it is best to check the readme file's changelog for all the new stuff. Also, the items page, monsters page, and characters' pages are updated as well.

9/19/08: 5.09 is released. Remember when I said we might get a new feature or two? I wasn't lying for once. XD We now have a fully supported Equipment Menu where you can find and equip almost 10 different items to this point for varying effects. There's also partial support for the "Support System", which is going to be a Fire Emblem style conversation system that will help characters grow stronger still. A lot more code has been added in light of this though. Be prepared. >.>

9/9/08: 5.08 is released. This release actually has a decent amount of semi-important changes, to balance for characters/monsters, to bugfixes, to even new menu-related graphics and such. Maybe 5.09 will actually introduce a new feature when it comes out[we can hope >.>].

8/28/08: New download update. This is necessary for those using any snapshot of EDuke32 that is dated 8/21/08 or later as there are many new changes to the system that make 5.06 and below give errors and act up. There are also some small changes and bugfixes but nothing too significant yet in terms of new features. :P

8/14/08: Minor update to the characters section. More portraits for NPC/enemy characters, and a few character pages now list some of the character's skills. :P

8/7/08: Another update, and the last one for a while. Real-life is currently taking a lot more priority lately among other things, so the next update will probably be a good while off. NR's not done or out though, but delayed again. :P

Also, the files are smaller again due to some voice-file optimizing. <.<

6/1/08: Some moderate updates in news. Bubsy has a voice actor now. John "Denten" Aponte is the voice of Bubsy, and 23 lines have already been done for him as of now, including all of his one-liners, so 5.06 will be including these and possibly more. There will also be a size reduction for most of the other voice files to make the download size a bit more manageable in the future[unless the amount of voices I get past now offsets that >_>]. Also, the characters' pages now have the full names of the voice actors playing each person who has a voice. :P

5/29/08: Well, I have had enough procrastinating on this, so I am releasing 5.05.05292008 of NR now. New features include full one-liner sets for Jack, Lisa, Cybanis, ESSence & Maken, 15 One-liners for Christina and 2 One-Liners for Nethra[I was hoping to have both sets complete, which is part of the reason for the massive delay, the other being other RL stuff getting in the way :\]. Oh, and yes, the size increased a good amount. Sorry, but that's how it goes with the new voices added on. >_>

As for 5.06. I do know know what's in store for it aside from probably more voices and other minor features. I'm still not at full steam on progression right now, but I will see about trying not to take nearly two months to release a new version again. We'll see. <_<

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I did some mods on the characters page. A lot of their information[sans their backstories, which I have yet to finish due to laziness] are now listed on there. :P

3/19/08: No, no new release date YET. I've actually had some moderate problems with one of my larger hard-drives which set me back about 3-4 days and knocked me down to ~25% of my original space for things, so I had to adjust. However I will update you with this:

YES. NR FANART. :) Thanks to "Vero-chan", the Voice Actress for Lisa and Maken, for making this in her spare time for me. I really appreciate it, and all of her hard work. I also appreciate the hard work of all my other voice actors, such as Sii, Davidos and even myself for a couple of roles. :P There will be other voice actors/actresses soon, and voices are a major focus of 5.05, so you'll be hearing a lot of them by then. :P

Anyways, I hope this tides you over for a while. >.>;

3/2/08: 5.04 uploaded. Main changes include a new artifact/powerup, the Vampire Artifact. Additionally, Nethra has SIX new support skills she can use to assist characters, while Ted now has 3 of his own, and Ami gets a second skill of her own to use. All are single-target support/heal/etc abilities. On a final note, a special pair of attacks is available to test SPECIFICALLY to this version only. They are used with the RPG(missile attacks), so if you want to test the weapons out, this is the only version you'll be able to for a while. :P

2/24/08: 5.03 uploaded. Newest features include support for flashing lifebars and flashing HP/AP/FA on the player's HUD when they take damage or heal. The flashing lifebars also work for monsters. Additionally, 5.03 introduces "Item-Pickup Flags" which are a bitfield that can be set on any obtainable item in the game to give them extra or different properties. The README will supply extra information on all of the flags/bits to use. The Steroids now last 50% longer, along with a new weakness for Octabrain-class monsters and more different features which can be found in the changelog.

2/9/08: 5.02 uploaded. The Readme file now has a changelog of all changes minor/major & fixes made since 5.00 at the end. Among features includes some new minor actors, some new hand-scanner switches, improved switch-detection for the custom switches, and the money radar feature.

1/24/08: I forgot a long time back to add a link to 7zip so it is now there. I also decided  to put a zip version of the main downloadable file here as well. :P

1/12/08: 5.01 uploaded. Various fixes and changes included, most of them are mentioned under "FEATURES", including support for players and monsters taking damage from energy-reactors[REACTOR/REACTOR2], and more.

1/5/08: 5.00b uploaded. This version fixes some problems with the footstep-sounds system for the LIZTROOP-class monsters[they would often move back and forth in place at times like retards or back away from the player to a ridiculous distance before trying to reapproach due to a command oversight in the footstep code]. Additionally, Atomic-Edition lightning bolts can now damage/kill monsters and NPCs around them.

1/1/08 Update #2: 5.00a uploaded. This fixes a major bug with NEWFLOORSLIME and NEWPURPLELAVA that caused the damage to be in the 100s when it poisoned you, and also adds the new bonus items to the DEALER actor and the shop in ! It also adds some new stuff to ! and a new bit of code that was given to me by James of AMC, that allows the player to control the angle and direction of some security cameras when viewing them through the viewscreen.

1/1/08 Update #1: 5.00 of Naferia's Reign is finally released and ready for download. The pages are also updated with new info and features. The new download also has a readme and a sample map that demonstrates many of NR's special effects to date.

IMPORTANT: For first time users of 5.x and up, you will need to manually set options in the "SYSTEM" section of the in-game menu. If you do not, you will not be able to see your HUD or any of the displays. This is because the "SYSTEM" configurations are now saved to you duke3d.cfg file for future use, and default to starting at 0(OFF) instead of 1(ON).

11/26/07: Thus beginneth the new format for the Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress page. I am adopting my own style now due to both wanting to use a more unique style similar to my "The Misfits" series, and so I don't seem like a clone of the original user of the style the old version of the page uses.

As the above states: there will not be a new NR release until at least January 1, 2008 due to various reasons, and no, I'm not having hard-drive or computer problems, and it's got nothing to do with real-life(tm) getting in the way. It's more of an issue of allowing other Duke Nukem 3D mods and creations a chance to get some publicity, and because I do need to take some kinda break from it soon. I'm still working on NR as we speak, but soon I will be going onto break for a while in December. Also, the long delay will help 5.00 hopefully feel a lot different from 4.99 when it does come out.