(1) Make a fresh copy of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition on your hard-drive.

(2) Unzip the contents of NR-Normal.7z to the folder you put the fresh copy of Duke Nukem 3D in.

(3) Go under OPTIONS -> KEYBOARD SETUP (or MOUSE SETUP) to Assign keys for the “GLIDING MODE” command when you enter the game.

 ! IMPORTANT: For first time users of 5.x and up, you will need to manually set options in the "SYSTEM" section of the in-game menu. If you do not, you will not be able to see your HUD or any of the displays. This is because the "SYSTEM" configurations are now saved to you duke3d.cfg file for future use, and default to starting at 0(OFF) instead of 1(ON).

 ! NOTICE: This game can be used with the High-Res Pack, however NR has it's own separate HRP located here.

 ! WARNING: This modification is not intended for Multiplayer use. The game will likely have several horrible out-of-sync problems in Multiplayer mode.