Level is an overall representation of the current character's power. The higher the level, the higher their stats will be. This is between 1 to 100. Level also affects how fast a character's natural healing rate works, and conversely, how fast the "Poison" status whittles away at their HP. Additionally, this has some role in determining the Level of upcoming monsters, and the amount of damage reflected back to the enemy by Lori's "Triad Refractor".


The current/needed EXP totals. The first is what you currently have, and the other is the total amount your EXP must reach to ascend a level. EXP itself does not have any other effect on player stats. As a note, all characters have the same EXP requirements for their levels as one another.


Rank is currently the equivalent of a score count. However, next to your Rank Point value is a letter in brackets, from N to ZZ, depending on the rank. N is the lowest rank, and ZZ is the highest. In future versions of the game this will have a few effects directly on game play, and also have a slight effect on the ending you get when you beat the game. You get rank by killing enemies, finding secret places, rescuing people/animals and grabbing memorabilia like posters and other rare collectibles. However you can also lose Rank by letting innocent people/animals get killed[especially if by you], killing normal Sharks and a couple other undocumented means.

Rank Levels/Point Ranges:

N = -65,536,000 pts [Lowest]
M = -65,535,999 to -16,384,001 pts
L = -16,384,000 to -4,096,001 pts
K = -4,096,000 to -1,024,001 pts

J = -1,024,000 to -256,001 pts
I = -256,000 to -64,001 pts
H = -64,000 to -16,001 pts
G = -16,000 to -4,001 pts
F = -4,000 to -1 pts

- = 0 pts [Neutral]
E = 1 to 4,000 pts
D = 4,001 to 16,000 pts
C = 16,001 to 64,000 pts
B = 64,001 to 256,000 pts
A = 256,001 to 1024,000 pts
S = 1,024,001 to 4,096,000 pts
SS = 4,096,001 to 16,384,000 pts
Z = 16,384,001 to 65,535,999 pts
ZZ = 65,536,000 pts [Highest]


Attack directly adds extra damage onto all of your attacks. The formula for attack factoring into damage depends on if you are using a melee weapon[kick, etc] or a non-melee weapon, and if you are using Steroids or not.

For the kick(without Steroids), it is equal to [(Attack * 2) + ([-50% to +50% Attack])] damage.

For the kick(with Steroids), it is equal to [(Attack * 20) + ([-250% to +250% Attack])] damage.

For non-kick weapons(without Steroids), it is equal to [Weapon Damage + (Attack * (3 / 4))] damage.

For non-kick weapons(with Steroids), it is equal to [Weapon Damage + (Attack * (4 / 3))] damage.


Defense is the value of your resistance to attacks. Basically, when you are hit by most attacks, the amount of your defense is subtracted from the damage. If your defense is higher than the damage of the attack, but less than double the attack's normal damage, you will only take 1 HP or AP of damage from the attack[depends on whether you have Armor on or not]. If your Defense is double or more of the attack's original damage, you receive no damage to either HP or AP.


Represents the movement speed of the character. This also slightly increases every time you level up, allowing your movement speed to gradually pick up as you get stronger. This value scales from 0 to 100, 100 being the highest someone else can reach, and 0 being the lowest. Speed also effects how fast a character can climb up/down walls and ladders.


Your HP[Hit Points] are the representation of how healthy/vital your character currently is. This value can be from 0 to 200% of the maximum value. If a character's HP hits 0, they will die, and you will switch over to the next person. If all characters' HPs are at 0[and you are without a Continue Item], your mission fails. Each character in the game has a differing curve of HP and HP-gain, making some more or less durable than others.


Your FA[First Aid] is the total amount of HP currently in your Portable Medikit. This value can be from 0 to 200% of your Maximum HP, however only a SuperAtom can usually bring FA above 100%. When your health is below 100%, using the Medikit will consume as much HP from it as needed to refill you to 100%, or until all of the FA runs out. Depending on your toggle mode in the SYSTEM menu, you can set it to only heal when the "USE MEDIKIT" button is pressed, or automatically heal you when it detects your HP has fallen below it's normal Maximum levels.


Your AP[Armor Points] are the representation of how much armor strength you have on your current armor-item[if you have one]. This value can range between 0 to 200% of your Maximum AP. Only a SuperAtom or a Shield Emblem can bring AP above 100% though. Keep your AP has high as possible if you can help it. Many a time it can save your ass from total death if you get nailed with a nasty attack, especially if the AB[below] for your current Armor-item is good enough.


Your AB is the % rate of Damage Absorbsion for the current Armor-item you have. The higher it is, the more damage is transferred to AP instead of HP upon taking damage. This value can range from 0.00% to 100.00% depending on what armor items you find. White-Class armor, some SuperAtoms and Shield Emblems will set this to the full 100.00%. Keep a close eye on this value, as it is important to have a good balance of Armor Absorbsion and AP to survive nasty attacks.


This shows you the ammo of the current weapon and it's maximum amount. As you gain levels, you can sometimes extend the limit of how much ammo you can hold for each weapon by at least the equivalent of one normal pickup per increase. If the Kick is selected, this value will not usually appear.


Shows the amount of money you have in $xx.xx format. Can be as high as $2000000000.00[2 billion dollars] at the current point, but usually you will start a fresh game/life with $200.00, unless in special circumstances.


If the character has the ability to perform midair jumps, this will appear and show you the number of jumps you have in reserve. It will decrease when you make jumps in midair and will reset every time you land on the ground.


Shows the QUAD, INVULN, REGEN, APREGEN and VAMPIRE timers for their respective powerups in seconds form when you are holding these items. Powerups carry over between levels, so having a high Powerup timer can be beneficial in the long run.


Initially shows the portrait and the name of the current character, and will show the numbers for all of the weapons he/she possesses at the current moment in time. The currently selected weapon number will be blue, the rest white. Icons will sometimes appear next to the portrait, each presenting a specific 'status' or 'ailment' a character can have. Some are negative, like "Poison", or "Dimness", others are good, like "Triad Refractor" or "Triad Ragnarok".

Dead - The Character's Portrait in the Character Menu is red and they cannot be chosen. Is only set when their Current HP is 0. Use a Resurrection Chalice or Christina's "Lesser Resurrection"/"Greater Resurrection" to resurrect the dead character. If all characters die, it's game over unless you have a Continue in your inventory.
Hasted - Movement Speed and shooting speed increases by 25%.
Slowed - Movement Speed and shooting speed decreases by 25%. Grab an Icon of the Defender or use Ami's "Mercury Quickening" or Christina's "Heal Ailment [Greatest]" to heal this.
Poison - HP decrements a small to moderate amount every second with green flashes, attack damage is cut by 50%, and damage from enemies increases by 50%. Use an Antidote or grab a Regeneration Ankh/Icon of the Defender or Christina's "Heal Ailment [Moderate]"/"Heal Ailment [Greatest]" to heal this.
Dimness - Your view dims down to almost 0 visibility and your accuracy decreases. Use an Eyedrop or grab an Icon of the Defender or Christina's "Heal Ailment [Moderate]"/"Heal Ailment [Greatest]" to heal this.

Triad Refractor - Damage to the character is cut in half and the other half plus a bonus amount [which is Level-dependant] is sent back to the attacking creature [Lori is the only one who can use this status]
Triad Ragnarok - When hit for enough damage, the Maximum HP/Maximum AP/Maximum EP/Attack/Defense[although only one type per attack] of the character will increase by a specific range depending on the % of damage inflicted. However, the character also receives 50% more damage from enemy attacks to offset this. [Lori is the only one who can use this status]
Confusion - You spin around in random directions, and your vertical angle bobs up and down, distorting your ability to move around and aim your attacks[this also makes explosive/area-of-effect attacks dangerous to use]. Very similar to "'Shroom Mode" in Rise of the Triad. Use a Foghorn or grab an Icon of the Defender or use Christina's "Heal Ailment [Moderate]"/"Heal Ailment [Greatest]" to heal this.
Mercury Aqua Protection - Damage to the character is decreased by 80%, however Damage to monsters is decreased by 80% as well to offset this. Can be stacked with Damage Shell [below] and Triad Booster [below]. [Ami is the only one who can use this status]
Damage Shell - Damage to the character is decreased by 33%. Can be stacked with the effect of Triad Booster [below] or Mercury Aqua Protection [above].
Psychic Shield - Mystical Energy Attacks[PK, Triad Magic, Octabrain/Nine mindblasts, etc] will be absorbed by the shield or deflect off of it back towards attacking enemies. The shield can take 6 hits per cast. [this is the only buff that is not time-lapsed]
Triad Blitzkrieg - The character's attacks and damage to enemies ignore 75% of their defense statistic. [Maken is the only one who can use this status]
Triad Booster - The character's attack damage and defense against damage are increased by 20% each. Can be stacked with Damage Shell [above] and Mercury Aqua Protection [above].

Bloodlusting - The character's critical hit rate is increased by 1/4 of it's base value PLUS an additional 20.25 to 95% depending on the Levels of both the affected character and Cybanis [or if Cybanis is the affected character his level is factored both times instead]. This can take someone's Critical Hit Rate OVER 100% as well since there are other, more powerful type of Critical Hits (Super, Mega, Giga) exist that are still dependant on the exact % of your normal Critical Hit Rate.


A pair of numbers above the current weapon's ammo-counter [in #/# format] shows you your # of current living party members compared to your # of total current party members, as to make sure you're aware if you need to use any resurrection Chalices on them if you have any. Both of these will go as high as 15. If you have any resurrection chalices, this will glow.


Shows all the numbers for the weapons the current character possesses. The selected weapon number will be white, the rest are blue.


Shows your current ammo for the selected weapon and the maximum. The color of this statistic changes depending on how much ammo you have compared to your maximum, from Black[0 ammo] to White [100% ammo]. This will not show up when using a melee weapon though.



The amount of time in seconds your character can grapple/mantle off of the edge of a platform of elevated area like a wall. Also doubles as a strength meter for holding various items you can grab/lift off the ground. If this runs out while you're holding onto an edge, you'll fall off, and if it runs out while holding an item, you'll drop the item where you ran out of strength. This automatically replenishes when not in use, but it takes a few seconds to recover fully. As a note: Cybanis has infinite Mantle time due to the robotic claws on the ends of his arms. This also appears as a small meter with a light-green/dark-green bar which gives you a live indicator of it's status. Steroids will greatly elongate the Mantle Timer when used. Also, "pulling up" while on a wall during mantling/grappling will drain the Mantle Timer faster. [As of 5.17, the number of seconds on your mantle meter will show up over the main meter when it is in use]


The amount of time in seconds your character can hold their breath underwater without a scuba tank before they start drowning. As a warning, drown damage in NR will increase per increment the longer you drown at a time before regaining air. Also, finding a scuba tank will automatically refill your air time. Additionally, when underwater, you will see an AIR meter with a blue/yellow/red bar giving you a different means to keep track of your remaining air. Resurfacing out of water allows the AIR bar to refill, but it can take as long as five seconds if your AIR is very depleted. [As of 5.17, the number of seconds on your AIR meter will show up over the main meter when it is in use]