WARNING: As of the 5.x versions, this page no longer has specific updates on features from those versions. Refer to the changelog in the NR-Readme.txt file for the rest of the information.


Fire actors[FIRE, FIRE2, BURNING, BURNING2] attempting to spawn underwater will fissile out and leave a small trail of bubbles behind.

Using the Jetpack while underwater will spawn bubbles at a steady, though constant rate.

Using Night-Vision Goggles entirely lights up the areas you're viewing by setting the player's visibility to 0[full light].

AIR meter shows a visual gauge of how much air the player has left in their lungs while underwater.

Resurfacing from water does not instantly restore air to full. A full AIR bar takes at least 5 seconds to refill from empty. The AIR Meter will be transparent when it is refilling and you are above water.

Numeric Keypads can now be used for accessing doors, spawning items or other uses. The password can be up to five digits currently, and a backspace key is supported. To use a keypad, walk up to it and press space while looking at it. To use, the hitag [up to 65535] is the password, and the lotag is for the activator/masterswitch/respawns to operate with the correct password.

Hand scanners can be used to provide unique security, requiring that a specific character be selected when using it. To use, the hitag [up to 32767] is the bitfield to determine the character usage, and the lotag is for the activator/masterswitch/respawns to operate with the correct character[s]'s access.

Four new keycard colors, Green[PAL22], Silver[PAL12], Brown[PAL15], Blood[PAL24] can be found.

A new set of Access Switches[ACCESSSWITCH3 & ACCESSSWITCH4] are available to allow support for the above keycard colors. To set these up, they work very similar to the original ACCESSWITCH sprites, lotag for activation, hitag for it's access 'sound'. UPDATE: Up to 128 ACCESSSWITCH3/4 sets [lotag 10001-10128] can be synched across a single level now.

Handscanners and Keypads can now deactivate/reactivate forcefields in addition to their original functions above.

Shops can now be made and used. Shops are ID_based and can be made for both buying and selling items. Shops can also be linked to a wall texture[for making a realistic vending machine], or to actors/sprites to emulate shopkeeper NPCS. Any shop-owner will also have their health monitored, so do not let them die if you want to keep getting stuff from them.

New air-bubble generators[AIRBUBBLEGENERATOR] can be placed underwater that will generate air-bubbles[AIRBUBBLE] that will help refill a character's lungs[airtime] or help refill their scuba tank if they have one at the time. These generators now also replace the old WATERBUBBLEMAKERs scattered in the original levels and other usermaps.

NEWFLOORSLIME, NEWHURTRAIL, NEWFLOORPLASMA, NEWPURPLELAVA textures have been created to emulate the original FLOORSLIME, HURTRAIL, FLOORPLASMA & PURPLELAVA and to allow extended effects that the hardcoded versions cannot allow. Additionally an INITIALIZER sprite[tile #17] can be inserted in any map which will automatically change the hardcoded floors to the emulated ones at level-start for quick use.

Many of the Duke-specific sounds in the classic game are now set up to play only if Duke is the current character. In some cases if you have a specific other character selected, you'll hear one of their sounds instead.

HOTLAVA[#3780] and AMOEBAACID[#3796] damagefloors added. AMOEBAACID is a stronger(4-20 damage) and more frequently damaging version of FLOORSLIME/NEWFLOORSLIME, and HOTLAVA is a super-powerful lava that will eat through boots and HP(9-45 damage) quickly for all parties in frequent and strong increments.

Players and Monsters' boots will break into shrapnel fragments when they are exhausted from use on damagefloors to indicate they are completely depleted.

MEGALAVA[#4091] and ULTRALAVA[#5401] damagefloors added. MEGALAVA is a extremely strong(75-450+[0.25% to 0.50%] damage) damagefloor that has a 3/8 chance of damaging something per interval and eats up boots even faster than HOTLAVA. ULTRALAVA is an insanely powerful(240-1440+[1% to 2%] damage) damagefloor with 1/2 chance of damaging something per interval and will kill boots within 3-4 seconds.

PLUG is now replaced by NEWPLUG, which has more interactivity and damage functions.

BLOODPOOL is replaced by NEWBLOODPOOL, which has more interactivity and damage functions.

Lightning[Atomic-style] is enhanced and has more interactivity and damage formulas.

Keypads and Handscanners can now have security-damage given to them to inflict on a player who does not use them in the right way[wrong code# or wrong handprint]. The types of damage can be elemental and some types can even poison you.

It is now possible to create "instant-death" pitfalls where the entire team of your characters dies instantaneously if they should fall past the vertical height of the special "INSTANTDEATH" sprite, or jumping above it, or entering its sector. (see readme file to use)

Vending machines now default to a limit of 64 uses[drinks/snacks] unless the hitag of the wall texture is set to something other than 0 or 64.

"Emulated Damagefloors/Damagesectors" can now be done. Giving a sector a hitag of 5385[NEWFLOORSLIME], 5388[NEWHURTRAIL], 5389[NEWFLOORPLASMA], 5395[NEWPURPLELAVA], 3796[AMOEBAACID], 3780[HOTLAVA], 4091[MEGALAVA] or 5401[ULTRALAVA] will set a sector/floor to emulate a specific type of damagehazard, from NEWFLOORSLIME to ULTRAMAGMA. This can be done on normal abovewater sectors to disguise floors, or to make things like "electrified" water. If done in an underwater sector, this makes being in the sector capable of damaging you no matter where you are vertically.

REACTOR and REACTOR2 actors will now deal proper damage to the player's HP, and they will now also deal damage to most enemies around them[healing NEWBEAST and BOSS4 type monsters however].

NATURALLIGHTNING does bonus damage to players and monsters/actors that are in the water in a bolt's striking range. The same bonus damage will work with REACTOR and REACTOR2 as well.


Quad Damage powerup. As if we really need to explain what this does.

HP-Regeneration powerup. Will regenerate HP up to 200%.

AP-Regeneration powerup. Will regenerate AP up to 200%.

Icon of the Defender. Renders the holder invulnerable[even to drowning and damage from lava/slime/acid]. They will also be able to kill enemies in a Mario-style fashion by touching them in close range, causing them to explode. However the player/monster holding it can still get crushed to death. This item will now emit a 1.5sec pulse from the user to give a audio indication of it's existence.

HP Bonus will increase your Maximum HP slightly[depends on your current Maximum HP with a random variance].

AP Bonus will increase your Maximum AP slightly[depends on your current Maximum AP with a random variance].

HP/AP Combo Bonus will increase your Maximum HP and Maximum AP slightly both at once[depends on your current Maximum HP and Maximum AP with random variances].

Attack Bonus will increase your Attack Stat slightly[depends on your current Attack with a random variance].

Defense Bonus will increase your Defense Stat slightly[depends on your current Defense with a random variance].

ATK/DEF Combo Bonus will increase your Attack and Defense slightly both at once[depends on your current Attack and Defense with random variances].

Money can be found and picked up, in the form of American Coins and American Paper Money. Pickups range anywhere from Pennies to One Billion Dollar Bills. Money does not have a central use yet, but in the future of NR:IotM, it will be used to buy ammo, weapons, powerups and other special items, sometimes even mission-specific items, or even forms of transportation or temporary allies. As of the moment, money is used with Teleporter Coils[below] for the "Ryan's Hope" rescue system.

Rank Points. Rank Points are obtained by killing all monsters[except normal Sharks], picking up memorabilia and posters, and rescuing civilians, strippers, podded women and innocents via the "Ryan's Hope" rescue system. Killing these people[accidentally or intentionally] will decrease rank points in large amounts. Killing normal Sharks will also slightly lessen your Rank Points, despite the fact they're hostile to you. Rank Points do not have a specific use yet, but one will be eventually found as newer versions come out.

Teleporter Coils can be infused into money to give to others in the form of $100 bills. When given to an innocent, stripper, podded woman, dogs, or other civilian, the "Ryan's Hope" rescue system of the EDF will teleport them out to safety, leaving money and sometimes items like artifacts or stat-bonus items behind as a reward for saving them. All monsters can drop coils, although Commander-class enemies are most likely to drop them.

Steroids have a far more substantial effect on the player, increasing their damage resistance, increasing their Critical Hit chances[below], multiplying existing damage by 10x, and allowing the player to regenerate health quicker.

Armor now can have a specific absorbsion rate against attacks[for players and monsters]. Even armor providing full absorbsion can be found or used.

"SuperAtom" item gives 200% HP, 200% AP and 200% FirstAid[FA] to the player/monster who picks it up.

Shadow-Warrior style Fortune Cookies[+50% HP] with up to 40+ possible fortunes. Some are actual hints, others are based on internet memes, and others are[or will be] important to the future plot of the game. (Note: Atomic Health has a 50% chance of coming a fortune cookie as of the current version)

"Continue Item" allows your group of characters an overall extra chance to live on if all of them should die while holding one. Up to five continues can be held at once. [Atomic Health/Fortune Cookie/SuperAtom have a 0.39% chance of becoming a Continue item as of the current version]

Eyedrop, Antidote, Foghorn items. Eyedrops are used to heal "Dimness", Antidotes heal "Poison" and Foghorn heals "Confusion".

Resurrection Chalice item. This will resurrect dead characters when used on them.

Various posters can now be grabbed for RANK points, including most of the posters in Episodes 1 and 3. More of these posters can be picked up ("Lunar Apocalypse", etc).

Small & Large Satchels can be picked up to extend your ammo limits without having to level up now.

"Hacker Vision" powerup item. See below for more info.

"HyperAtom" item works identically to the SuperAtom, but affects all of your current group instead of just the current character.

Airtime Bonus can extend your current character's maximum underwater air time by a small amount each.

Mantle Bonus can extend your current character's maximum mantling[edge-grappling] strength-time by a small amount each.

Rare Air Jump Bonus will give your current character an additional airjump to their maximum amount.

Items can now be given "Pickup Flags" in Mapster32/Build by setting their z-velocity as a bitfield. Effects including increasing the object's pickup value, making them booby-trapped to explode in your face, among other things.


Monsters can pickup various items and powerups. These include Health items, Armor items, Boots, Scuba Gear, Invuln-Items, Regen-Items, Quad Damage, APRegen-Items, HP/AP/Combo Bonuses, ATK/DEF/Combo Bonuses. Atomic Health and even Portable Medikits! Additionally, the enemies will run to these items if they get close enough and are capable of reaching them. Bosses will move towards items with even greater speed than other monsters do.

Monsters can be damaged/killed by damaging floors/sectors, such as FLOORSLIME, FLOORPLASMA, HURTRAIL or PURPLELAVA. If they grab boots before walking into these areas, they will be safe from damage for the duration of the boots. Invulnerability will also protect monsters from these sectors. The "Octanine" monster is the ONLY monster currently completely immune from these floors/sectors.

Monsters can also take drown damage underwater and all monsters have their own set of airtimes. Aquatic enemies like Sharks, Octabrains, Octanines, Protector Drones, Lesser Naferiates, Greater Naferiates, Alien Princesses and Alien Queens have an infinite amount of airtime to simulate their aquatic nature. However despite this, they will grab any scuba gear in their vicinity just to spite you and keep you from using it. Mechanical enemies [Turrets, Sentry Drones, Riot Tanks, Scorpion Tanks] are also immune to drown damage, but they will also pick up Scuba Gear to spite you if they can reach it.

Monsters also have a Attack stat to give them a natural boost in damage against the player.

Monsters also have a Defense stat to give them a natural resistance against player attacks.

Monsters can also use Portable Medikits to heal damage taken from attacks. They will automatically use it whenever they lose health until it runs out.

MONSTERS NOW HAVE THEIR OWN 'LEVELS' LIKE THE CHARACTERS DO. The formula for determining a monsters level is complicated, but depends on your group's average level, the number of characters in your group, and the Difficulty, Episode and Level upon their 'initialization'. Usermap makers can also 'force' a monster's level to a certain value by setting their "Extra" to the intended level.

Monsters with higher level are stronger and tougher, and give more EXP than a lower level monster of the same species. It is recommended to use Ami and her VR Visor to get a monster's exact level. However if you do not have Ami available, you can tell the monster's general level range by reference the color of the star that will now appear next to their lifebars.

NPC characters, including the FEM actors and such now glow when Night Vision/VR Vision is turned on.

NPC characters also now have their own lifebars so you can track their health in case they're caught in the crossfire.

DEALER actor can be spawned and linked to a shop in this version. See more on shops above.

If the Mercury Mini-Computer[ACTOR: MERCURYCOMPUTER] is found, all active actors will appear on the overhead maps as arrows. The arrow color will reflect their level range in the same manner as the Rank Stars above their heads/ For actors without levels[ex: NPCs], their arrows will show as brown.

Protector Drone class monsters will heal from NEWHURTRAIL instead of receiving damage.

Rescuing NPCs now has a slight risk: there is a 25% chance that you'll either get a Mortar round teleported to you, or an low-medium level enemy will be teleported instead of any awards. This makes rescuing people a bit more interesting and risky.

The BOOTS actor will now suffer damage to it's pickup value when laying in or on a damagefloor/damagesector, to the point they can even be destroyed by the damagefloor/damagesector if they remain there too long.

All actors can now exceed 32767 HP, AP and other stats, up to 524288 in most cases[1048576 for HP/AP/FA with Atomic Health and friends].

Monsters that walk on the ground[LIZTROOP, PIGCOP, LIZMAN, NEWBEAST, BOSS1, BOSS2, BOSS3, BOSS4] make footstep sounds when they move around.

Monsters can now be given "ELITE" status. ELITE monsters have many extra abilities that make them challenging to kill, including 25-50% damage resistance, inflicting 25-50% more damage on players, 4x their usual stats and powerup timers and many other unlisted changes. ELITE monsters user a nuke-symbol instead of a star for their level icon.

SHARKs have better attack AI which allows them to adjust their vertical position to the player's when swimming in for their bites. Bloodtooth Sharks are now faster than other Sharks and react to damage more often by attacking, and will dodge incoming missiles often.

Atomic-Edition lightning bolts[NATURALLIGHTNING] can now damage/kill monsters and other NPC actors in and around their striking points, like they do the player/characters.

When actors suffer damage to their Armor[AP], pieces of scrap will fly from their bodies to represent loss of armor. Larger armor-damage hits will cause more scrap to fly off of the actor in a single hit.

Assault Captains[LIZTROOP, Pal 21] now shoot two laser shots per attack, or a double pistol shot at longer ranges.

Shrink Troopers[LIZTROOP, Pal 14] & Ravager Captains[LIZTROOP, Pal 19] will teleport more often than they used to.

Sentry Drones suffer extra damage from electrical attacks now.

Monsters and actors now suffer damage from Fire and Steam near them.

Monsters suffer extra damage on damagefloors/sectors when shrunk.

Bonus items can now have "Large" and "Extra-Large" variants. Setting a bonus item's palette to 3 makes it "Large", giving 4 times it's normal awards. Setting the palette to 9 makes it "Extra-Large" giving it 9 times it's normal awards.

Octabrains take additional damage from explosives now.


The player utilizes many RPG elements, such as a non-% amount of Hit Points[HP] and Armor Points[AP]. The player can also gain EXP from killing enemies and can Level up, from 1 to 100 as of this current version. Leveling up also increases your "Attack", "Defense" and "Speed" stats. Attack increases damage done from all of your attacks, Defense reduces enemy damage, and Speed makes you move gradually faster, and is scaled from 1 to 100. Leveling up also increases your Maximum HP and Maximum AP totals, allowing you to improve your fighting and survival ability.

The player can also inflict "Critical Hits" at times when attacking enemies. There are 4 types of Critical hits: Normal[2x], Super[4x], Mega[8x] and Giga[16x]. The higher the type, the more rarely they appear. Killing enemies and level ups will increase your overall critical hit rates slightly. Using steroids also doubles the multiplication factor of all four types of Critical Hits. When you inflict a critical hit, the damage values will use a larger font than usual.

Stat increase curves from level ups are now completely affected by your Difficulty level. You will find your Level 100 stats will be much different on Skill 0 from on Skill 9.

The player can now use Cola and Snack machines when under 100% HP to recover some HP at a small cost to your money... as long as they haven't been broken.

Falling into a Critical level of HP (when your HP parameters turn Dark-Red) will vastly multiply your chances at getting critical hits.

The game's fall-damage system has been revamped. Now falling hurts characters by HP % once again, similar to classic Duke. However, instant-death will only occur now after a far-longer fall than in classic Duke.

EXP rewards are now divided by the number of characters in your group at the time of the kill.

All living but inactive characters in your group now receive a small amount of the EXP you get for killing an enemy. They will receive between 30% to 70% depending on the difficulty level, while you get a 130% to 170% bonus to the character who killed the monster, again the bonus depending on difficulty level. EXP awards for inactive characters also now factor in any EXP bonuses for characters like Jack, Cybanis and Lori as they would for these characters when they kill monsters as active characters.

All living and inactive characters can now also level up even if they are not selected as well. Now the level up messages for inactive characters actually indicate which character leveled up instead of being confusing.

All characters can now exceed 32767 HP, AP and other stats, up to 524288 in most cases[1048576 for HP/AP/FA with Atomic Health and friends].

The player can now climb up walls and ladders if they allow it. The character's current speed effects how fast/slow they climb up/down walls/ladders.

The player can now grab the edge of ledges and mantle along them for a limited time depending on their Mantling-Strength. Mantling can also be done to push your character up to the top of the wall/ledge you're hanging off of, at a slightly accelerated loss of Mantling-Strength.

The player can now do air-jumps when various characters have exceeded specific level ranges. Multi-jumping in the air resets your fall counter and can help save you from fall damage.

The player will now many various sounds when walking and landing on certain surfaces. The current character and their weight will also effect the tone of the footsteps and landings.

Players now receive rank points when they enter secret areas/sectors.

When players/characters suffer damage to their Armor[AP], pieces of scrap will fly from their bodies to represent loss of armor. Larger armor-damage hits will cause more scrap to fly off of the player/character in a single hit.

Mindblasts from any enemy will now only attempt to confuse a character/player when they deal more than 5-10% to the character's HP. This means you will no longer be confused by a mindblast that your armor absorbs all/most of the damage from.

Spit Loogies from any enemy will now only attempt to poison a character/player when they deal more than 5-10% to the character's HP. This means you will no longer be poisoned by a spit loogie that your armor absorbs all/most of the damage from.

Shrunken Players/Characters will now take 4 or 5 times more damage from damagefloors/sectors.

Mantle-strength doesn't decline when invulnerable anymore.


Lifebars appear over the head of all monsters, a red/white bar on top for HP, and a second, green/white bar below it for AP. These allow you to see the Health/Armor status of a visible enemy. This is available for all characters, not just one in particular, unlike the 'detailed targeting stats' that Ami can utilize with her VR Visor.

When a monster or player is holding the Invuln, HPRegen, APRegen or Quad powerups, an icon representing each of those powerups will show to either the left or right sides of the holder, allowing others around them to know they are holding these powerups. This is available for all characters, not just one in particular, unlike the 'detailed targeting stats' [below].

When you are using Ami and point your crosshair at an enemy or civilian while Night-Vision is turned on, you can see their stats in very great detail. This includes their species name, HP/MaxHP, AP/MaxAP, Attack, Defense, and if they are holding Quad, Invuln, HPRegen and/or APRegen, you will see their powerup timers as well. This does not show their Scuba or Boots amounts.

You can also see your currently-selected-character's stats, your EXP, Level, Attack, Defense, HP/MaxHP, AP/MaxAP, FirstAid[FA], Armor Absorbsion rate, Money, The Ammo/MaxAmmo of your current weapon and your own Powerup timers. Teleporter Coils however are shared between all characters in your current group.

When you have a normal Duke3D inventory item, a small icon and a timer show up on the right edge of the screen for each one. Also, you can see your keys held in the upper-right corner. Each character can hold their own inventory items separate from each other and they are not shared.

Whenever you kill an enemy, you can see your EXP and RANK awards for killing them. EXP can only be given to the currently selected character in this version. RANK is a shared value between your group.

Whenever you receive damage from an enemy, you will see a display of their sprite, the palette of the monster, the HP damage and the AP damage, along with an arrow that will help you find your attacker.

When you damage an enemy, you can see the HP and AP damage dealt by the last attack to hit them. However you will only be able to view the damage done to one enemy even if several are hit by one attack, such as an area-of-effect attack.

When an enemy is invulnerable, shooting them will display "INVULNERABLE!" instead of "NO DAMAGE!"

"Old School" monsters will not show Rank-Stars or AP lifebars, and will only show a single HP Lifebar.

"Hacker Vision" allows Lisa to point at a combination button, a keypad, or a hand scanner to decipher the correct position/passcode#/character requirements for them. However this item is a separate upgrade for her Night Vision Goggles which must be found to be used and she must already have NV Goggles in her inventory to grab the item.

The standard display system has been radically changed around and all values are now at the bottom of the screen for more efficient use. Powerup timers are now represented like your inventory items, on the left edge of the screen using pictures with timers beneath them instead of words.

Inventory item keys are now synched to properly show the primary key used for that item, allowing users of non-default settings to determine the right key to use. The "Use_Medikit" key also appears next to the player's FA total [or will show <AUTO> if you have it set to auto-use the Medikit when injured].

The main menu displays have also been altered to both show the proper keys used for all of the functions in the same way as the inventory item buttons are. Additionally, the displays for the character screen are changed slightly to allow the player to view any status ailments [Slow, Poison, Dimness, Confusion, Dead] that any character has instead of having to select a character to see those status ailments[although it will not show character buffs(aka 'Positive Status Ailments')]. This allows using your healing items to be a bit easier as you'll know who to heal much sooner. Additionally, a black screen will show when you are in the status screen now, as to keep the background of the game from interrupting your concentration in the menu.

Shops also have a redone function-display in the same manner as the main menus, which show the proper keys to use for each action.

When a character or actor suffers damage from attacks, the percentage of damage[in x.x% format] will display next to their damage values.

The damage displays for the player will now also show for taking fall-damage, drowning damage, and damage from damaging hazards.

Damage from forcefields and cacti show up in the player-damage display now as well.

Damage from electrical sockets[NEWPLUG] show up in the player-damage display now.

Damage from acidpools[NEWBLOODPOOLs with certain palettes] will show up in the player-damage display now.

Damage from lightning-bolts[NATURALLIGHTNING] will show up in the player-damage display now.

Players can now use ATM machines. Each character has their own 6-digit account number, and then a 4-digit PIN number. After logging in, the character can withdraw from their account, deposit to their account, or wire funds from their account to another character/person's account. To use an ATM, go to an unbroken ATM wall texture and "use" it.

New submenu: Status Submenu. Displays an in-detail report on the status of each character on your group, including how many seconds of underwater airtime and mantling-strength they have, as well as a show of all their weapons' stats.

New submenu: Skill Submenu. Display any skills a character can use. Only Ami, Lori and Maken currently have any skills that can be used.

Poison, Dimness and Confusion status ailments are now time-lapsed and can/will wear off on their own now.

Damage from energy-reactors [REACTOR/REACTOR2] will show up in the player-damage display now.

Protozoid Slimer-inflicted damage now shows up in the player-damage display now.

"Money Locator" is now available which works to point you in the direction of money that lays around in the game. It will seek out the highest-denominations of money within a set range and display the picture of the denomination under the pointer arrow, which grows/shrinks depending on distance from the detected money-objects.

The "stat-up" displays are smaller, moved to a different location, are fixed up and now include increases to Speed, Mantle-Time, Airtime and Airjumps.

Lifebars for both players and monsters flicker colors when damage or healing is detected. The player's HP/AP/FA on their HUD will also flicker similarly when these things happen.


Up to fifteen[yes, 15] different playable characters can be used[including Duke Nukem himself], although most of them currently have Duke's weapons, voices and player sprites due to a lack of my ability to make sounds and graphics. However they do each possess 'passive' abilities of their own to differentiate them from each other.

Also, unlike in Hexen, where you select a single character/class out of several to play through the entire game, you have an actual RPG-style party of characters, who can join or leave you as the game progresses on.

The player, when using the character Bubsy can also glide through the air as they fall by holding down a specific button[which should be bound to the same button the player uses to jump]. Gliding slows falling speed to almost half it's normal amount and prevents falling damage/death[it will also reset the falling meter every time 'glide' mode turns on]. This also allows the player to jump further over gaps than normal.

If you have multiple characters, you will switch over automatically to one of them at random when your current character 'dies'.

Duke can fall 2 more tics before he starts to suffer damage from falling. Other characters have varying 'resistance/weakness' to falls as well.

Duke will sink very slowly in the water when left idle to simulate his weight pushing him down. Other characters can also either sink or rise in the water while idle depending on their weight. Some characters don't rise/sink at all.

Each character now has a varying 'survival bonus chance' that will attempt to kick in when they take a 'fatal' hit. If successful, the character will survive, but will only have 1 HP left after the hit.

Certain characters can now be toggled into their other "forms". When you highlight a character in the menu with your cursor, a yellow message below the menu will tell you if this character can be "transformed" into a different form.  Pay attention to the name in the Quick-Status and the portrait so you know what form a character is in. Some forms have different advantages and disadvantages.

A large number of new character-specific features were added. Among which one of them is that Duke now inflicts more damage when standing in Toxic Slime or on Purple Lava. The rest will be left for you all to discover.

Energy Cells sometimes drop if the character Lisa is in your group. These cells power her "Bio-Cell Energy Shield"[below]

"Bio-Cell Energy Shield". This item is an inventory item only Lisa can utilize. The "]" key toggles this once it is found. It appears as a blue-capsule-like pendant on the field. When turned on, and Energy Cells are held by the group, the Energy Shield will absorb almost all forms of Damage directed at Lisa[except for damage from damagefloors and drowning] as long as there are Cells to spare. The amount of overall damage it can absorb is determined by how many cells you have and the "damage factor-per-cell", which is shown as a green number over the Energy Shield inventory Icon. It will default at "16" but finding additional shield capsules[or in future versions buying upgrades] increases the factor by an additional 16 per upgrade. The shield also makes your screen pulsate blue when it is active.

Lisa's Bio-Shield now blocks/deflects Shrinker bolts when it is activated and you have Energy Cells.

Nethra's default form will heal instead of receive damage when standing on the NEWHURTRAIL floor.

Bubsy's glide no longer slows you down completely all at once. It will slowly decelerate your fall to the usual speed, so you can't start gliding just before hitting the ground to avoid damage.

Ami can now use "Mercury Aqua Protection" in the skills menu to give her greatly-extended protection from damage at the cost of doing much less damage to enemies. (Toggle it with the "use" button)

Lori can now use "Triad Refractor", a skill that reduces damage to her by 50% and deflecting the rest of the damage plus extra depending on her level back to the attacking enemies. (Toggle it with the "use" button)

Lori can now use "Triad Ragnarok", a skill that allows Lori to endure statistical boosts of small and random types when suffering damage over 5% in a single hit. (Toggle it with the "use" button)

Maken can now use "Triad Blitzkrieg", a skill that allows her to ignore 75% of her enemy's defense stat when any of her attacks connects with them. (Toggle it with the "use" button)

Lisa's Bio-Cellular Shield now gives her a random degree of protection from falling damage between 33.4% to 66.6%.

Lisa's Bio-Cellular Shield now protects her from Protozoid Slimers when active.

The Bio-Shield now has a different type of hum. The intensity/volume of the hum is also dependant on the Damage-Per-Cell strength of the shield.


It is no longer possible to inflict damage on 'teleporting' Assault Captains/Shrink Troopers/Ravager Captains.

It is no longer possible to inflict damage on 'shrunken' enemies.

Hiding behind a solid wall from Sentry Drones will no longer trick them into harmlessly kamikazing if they come in close. They must actually SEE you to explode now.

Dying monsters no longer take 'redundant' damage from being shot multiple times or hitting the ground from a long fall.

Monsters will move towards items slightly better than before and hang less often[aka Pigcops].

Frozen monsters will now thaw out with 1% of their Max HP instead of 0.

Artifacts will no longer countdown/operate while a monster or character is frozen by ice-based damage.

Shrinking a monster trying to reach an item will no longer bork up their AI routines.

100 Speed for characters is now a little slower than before, due to complaints of "run-n'-crush" problems. Speed will also increase in differing amounts per level-up depending on the difficulty level.

"Old School" monsters no longer drop artifacts[as it should be].

Monsters now inflict improved Melee Damage which now works in a similar formula to the Player/Character's own. This means being at a high level will no longer protect you fully from Melee attacks.

You can no longer grab items while in the menu.

Lifebars and Rank-Stars no longer 'afterimage' from the base of their owners' sprites.

Various extra lifebar-related fixes implemented.

More fixes for "lingering" lifebars after enemies die.

Fall damage is properly negated by using the Jetpack and Bubsy's gliding now.

The old-style Invulnerability deflection ability is returned to it's original glory. For those who forgot, this means any damage attempted on an invulnerable actor or character will be completely sent back to their attacker.

Monsters receive proper damage to their health and armor from other monsters again.

Characters no longer receive EXP if a monster is killed by another monster, a hazardous terrain or any attack of their origin.

RANK is only marginally penalized if a civilian or innocent character is killed by a monster or hazardous terrain now.

You can be crushed properly again by crushers.

You can be killed properly again by subway cars.

You can be killed properly again by invulnerable monsters.

Forcefields and Cacti properly damage you again.

You no longer take damage from using the "Tripbomb falling glitch".

"Stayput" monsters will no longer try to move to/grab items that are out of their home sector to reduce AI hangups.

A bug/oversight involving falling-damage transferring from a non-invulnerable character to an invulnerable character via a character switch was fixed.

A bug where melee damage sometimes did not clear and would be added to non-melee damage against the player was fixed.


New weapon concepts, like the "Deathgate Missile", "Deathstroke Missile", and "Slow-Gas Grenade" will appear as all-character-specific ammo.

Status ailments like "Stop" and "Heavy Poison" will potentially appear in future versions of the mod.

Some of the future characters will have an extra form of power: a mystical form of energy[magic, psychokenesis, etc], which they can use as a third reserve in addition to their HP and AP totals. These abilities will have some very powerful effects on the player or enemies.

An extremely complex storyline that will twist and turn in ways you might not expect. Not all that you think is happening is what it seems in this game. Some of your enemies might become friends, some of your friends might turn into your enemies. Be on the look out! Including the possible return of an old alien-race believed long dead at the hands of Duke himself.

Possibly one or two new powerups/artifacts.