"Ryan's Hope" rescue system originally created by Steamchip, modified by Lord Misfit.

Displays of Duke3D inventory items and Keycards made by DeeperThought, slightly modified by Lord Misfit [I just changed their display positions. :P]

Basis of the character-switching system code was made by MBlackwell.

Reinspiration to make this mod [after three long-past HD crashes] is thanks to DeeperThought and his "Duke Nukem 3D: Weapons of Mass Destruction" modification.

A big part of the keypad code [and part of the hand scanner/new keyscanner code] was made by Dr. Kylstien.

The footsteps system originally created by James for his "Nuclear Showdown" modification with minor code alterations by DeeperThought.

Original Ladder-Climbing system created by DeeperThought.

Original Mantle system created by DeeperThought.

Website Provider of - Zero X. Diamond

Website Provider[s] of - Yatta & TerminX

Commentator and Player of the NR Talkthrough - TheSeriousCacodemon/Cacodemon Leader

Voice of Duke Nukem - John St. Jon

Voice of Jack Walker - Lord Misfit

Voice of Bubsy Bobcat - denten02

Voice of Higa "Lo Wang" Hakaisha - John Galt

Voice of ESSence Margalan - Lord Misfit

Voice of Lisa Bates - Vero-chan

Voice of Cybanis Morgandos - Davidos

Voice of Minako Aino - Trollitrade

Voice of Maken Shinkara - Vero-chan