What is the Misfits?

"The Misfits" is a story that is from the mind of me, the author, aka "Lord Misfit", to be blunt. The Misfits was an idea originally born from a huge computer list of characters me and my friend, Alex Binder of Canton South High School, had conceived in 1999-2000 school year. The list had hundreds of characters, and was originally meant to be a cast list for some kind of play.

However the play was never started... but... cut to 2000-2001. I and Alex, by coincidence, had study hall together at the beginning of the day basically the entire year. One day, he had fallen asleep, and his AlphaSmart computer[a crappy computer, but it was still something to type on] was lying there, so I got on it and typed out a bunch of goofy little 'skits', with him, and many other friends at the school, known as Vernon Tyler, Jason Changet, Devin Morris, Dusty Fausnight[who was also a 2000-2001 graduate], and Dan Laubacher. These skits were somewhat corny, and mostly had my friends fighting amongst themselves. Alex saw these, and he bursted out laughing at some of them, and over time, about 20 more skits were written. You could call this the "Beta Misfits", although I hadn't gone that far as to giving it a name. However, Alex's AlphaSmart had a history of self-wiping all the data from its memory, and "Beta Misfits" completely vanished...

Cut to 1-2 weeks later. I would not be denied my writing talent, so I restarted Misfits, with a more Dragonball-ish theme to it, and some actual plot. It retained some of the funniness and insanity, but it wasn't the same skits. This would go from one part to 59 seperate parts, starting with a curse that had interfered with the original Misfits, and merging the DBZ, Gundam, EarthBound and various other minor elements into a single world, and end on a climatic note that would change every major character's outlook of things. This version doesn't exist in electronic form though, and the writing style of this version is horribly out of date, this an attempt to make a rewrite of Series 1 is underway.

Although it is a combination of these elements, the Misfits Universe is by far an alternate one, not only because of the future of the Z-Senshi, the Chosen ones, the original Misfits[Clint, Vernon, Alex, Jason, Dan, Devin, Dusty, Virgil] and such, but because the original worlds of DBZ and the other elements had also been slightly alternate universes.

Until then, read the other things under Main to understand Misfits more.