Alex Binder - For some of the ideas, and helping me to stay writing in Misfits. Yes, I will do some more soon enough. Hold your horses Alex.. >.> (also to one of the "unofficial idea makers of the Misfits")

Vernon Tyler - For providing me in a way, to write a challenge. Characters with your personality are good in Misfits to use.

Jason Changet - You and Alex are the "Retard Dynamic Duo", and you two can come up with good ideas when together. You also have shown some support, even if it hasn't been a lot.

Mr. Summers - For giving me the idea for the "Wake Up Stick" attack. Not many have a goofy idea as good as "I hit them with the wake up stick, grab them by the head, and squeeze their brains out through their eyes."

Virgil Jones - For being a complete goof-off most of the time. I know Alex and them like to make fun of you a lot, but at least it also provides some comedy.

Dusty Fausnight - Prehaps you'll see this eventually, but even if not, you are also quite a good character. I mean, who else can cook a good Tuna Cassarole, or a Bacon Sandwich, as good as you can? By the way, good luck in life[Dusty graduated last year from CSHS].

Dan Laubacher- For reviewing my Misfits cards[back when I was still making them at full speed anyways], and for taking occasional ganders at the stories themselves.

Mr. Bergert - No, I have not forgotten you. Your role so far might be minor, but it wasn't possible for the events to happen in part without your lessons. o.o

Devin Morris - For also reviewing my Misfits cards. (also to the other of the "unofficial idea makers of the Misfits")

Mrs. Stryker - For keeping me in high spirits during the early morning, when sometimes I feel that I can just drop dead on the desk and sleep for 4 periods.

James, Richie, Bobby - For... well... being in Mr. Summers room. I might find a way to put you three in Misfits, but I will have to figure out a decent way to insert you. Also, do not anger the "God of the Wake Up Stick", or he might come for you. ;)

Mr. Blike - Manager of CSHS's Hertiage Room, a very good place that I go to every 9th[final] period in the day to have a coffee break. Thank you for putting with me being in there. Those coffee breaks have helped me a lot when writing the old and original versions of Series 1, 2 and 3.

Mr. Nagle, Mrs. Offredo - To really good counselors that have also reviewed loads of my stuff. Mrs. Offredo, thanks for the cardstock I used to make my cards my in those days, and to Mr. Nagle, for getting me a color cartridge once, and 2 sets of contact paper during the mass card making days.

Shigesto Itoi - I know your Japanese, and I know you probably will never see this, but thanks for creating the Mother series in Japan. I know it is one of the most popular RPGs over there, even if the series is over 7 years old. I have almost 700 Mother/Mother2 fanarts as of now. You are one of the Japanese geniuses in my book.

Akira Toriyama - You are also a genius for making Dragonball and Dragonball Z. You are also a Japanese genius in my book.

Mr. Miller - For pushing me to my limit all the time in Exercise and Conditioning. I complain a lot, but I'm just that way sometimes. Also for mentioning me in your speech at graduation commencement.

Canton South High School in General - Specfically to the teachers I never mentioned as well as various students I knew from my 2001-2002 years.

Updated: 6/6/02:

The Canton South Class of 2002: For being a great class and for harboring me within it. Graduation just passed for us 2 days ago, so I am now completely out of High School. Alex, Jason and Virgil will have to hold down the fort and make sure James and Richie don't screw up royally now. Oh boy... I feel sorry for those three[Alex, Jason and Virgil I mean] :D

Updated: 5/5/04:

Bobby[aka CharmMorphleade]: To a friend of a Misfit[Devin's friend], and a supporter of the story. We thanketh thee for hosting an old forum for us on your own forum, and for the other forms of support around the story. Sorry I can't think of much else right now, but until the next time...

[other thanks will likely come later]